Why I Want Michigan to Get a Top 3 Recruiting Class

"As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another." Proverbs 27:17 There is some dissension among OSU fans regarding whether being a "true OSU fan" means that we should root for UM to lose in every situation: lose every game environment, lose every recruiting battle, ...
15 Apr 2013
by lljjgg

Spring Game Do's

As a resident of the city of Cincinnati I felt it my responsibility to clue some of my fellow 11Ws into Cincinnati Do's especially when it comes to the downtown area. Parking I'd surmise a vast majority will be driving and returning to their respective cities.  As such parking will...
11 Apr 2013
by toad1204

Most Essential Ohio Get?

After reading in Gene's Quick Bits thread that Marshon Lattimore plans to visit Michigan (not a huge surprise), it got me to thinking about the sort of meltdown many fans might have if we miss on Lattimore this year -- not to mention, if Michigan were to get him haha. I feel a bit spoiled in the...
11 Apr 2013
by lljjgg

End of Basketball Season - Five Thoughts

1. I would rather have an appendectomy without anesthetic than root for AACC. Thank you Louisville! Why didn't you do that last year, Kansas? 2. What I take away from the tournament as a whole is the role of three point shooting. There are many reasons why teams win or lose but what struck me t...
09 Apr 2013
by baddogmaine

Eleven Warriors is on Fire

No, really. There are flames and it's hot and OUCH. So, Derek has accepted a new position and will be taking his talents to Scout Beach. It all happened so quickly and we're very excited for him – he'll bring a fantastic skill set to his role working under Bill Greene. ...

All Eyes on Us

There are plenty of eyes outside of Columbus, Ohio that are currently pinned directly on the football and basketball programs of The Ohio State University. We know this because many are accompanied by a voice commenting on everything from our special teams coach and his ‘distaste’ for ...

Tough Outs: Perspective on Tonight's "Shocking" Loss

For many of us (and especially for the very colorfully-spoken among us on the open thread), tonight's loss to the Fighting Totos of Wichita State was probably one of the most deflating losses in a long time. Yes, the debacle and Madison was ugly, and it always hurts to lose in Ann Arbor, but the...
30 Mar 2013
by AndyVance

Top 5 College Coaches that belonged in the NFL

The NFL is known for college coaches that were bad NFL coaches, but what about the other way around? Some aren't familiar with the idea, but these people exist. Let's get with the countdown, and if there are any I missed, let me know in the comments. Okay, here we go: 5. Bill Callahan - Neb...

Playing basketball in a dome vs arena

I am not going to jinx us and predict Ohio State going to the Final Four; rather, this is about teams playing in domes in the Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight games having an advantage against teams that played their Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight games in more traditional arenas.  This year Ohio S...
29 Mar 2013
by popeurban