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A 1996 graduate of The Ohio State University, Michael is a former Lantern sports editor. He was a sports writer for the Globe-News in Amarillo, Texas in the late 90s and worked for five years in the communications department of the NHL’s Florida Panthers. As a young Buckeye fan, he gasped in horror at his television when Woody Hayes struck Charlie Bauman. He then suffered through the many 9-3 seasons of Earle Bruce and the dark days of John Cooper, but somehow emerged all the stronger for it. A music fanatic with more than 1,300 compact discs ("Grandpa, what are those?"), and about three months worth of music in his iTunes library, Michael recently completed a 10-year run as host of a weekly progressive rock internet radio show. When not writing about the Buckeyes or listening to 20-minute prog rock epics, Michael spends entirely too much time on Twitter or watching television. Or both at the same time. He is also the managing editor of www.themaneland.com, a blog dedicated to Major League Soccer club Orlando City.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Beating No. 1 Iowa in 1985, rushing the field, tearing down the goal post in the north end zone and carrying the crossbar up and down High Street all night. Pro Tip: crossbars are heavy, so always go for the uprights.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Chris Spielman...the manliest of Buckeyes
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Jay Burson, Dennis Hopson, Jon Diebler & Aaron Craft (I'm fickle)
  • NFL TEAM: Miami Dolphins
  • NHL TEAM: Philadelphia Flyers
  • NBA TEAM: Boston Celtics
  • MLB TEAM: #RollTribe (AL), Philadelphia Phillies (NL)
  • SOCCER TEAM: Manchester United, Orlando City, Celtic

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Comment 30 Jan 2016

The world is broader than the 11W comment section. I see silly stuff about it on Twitter and Facebook all the time and even run into people in real life who think it's time for a change. Last time Matta had back-to-back years with fourth/fifth place finishes in conference he came back to win the B1G the next couple years. I'll give him time to whip this young team into shape.

Comment 19 Jan 2016

No mention of the first 2 drives in the first quarter against VA Tech?  They were textbook....but I can understand overlooking them as VT took our punch and took the lead at the half.

Well, no mention unless you count this as a mention:

In fact, the season started with a nice drive, covering 64 yards on eight plays in just a tick over four minutes, culminating in a 24-yard touchdown pass from Cardale Jones to Curtis Samuel. The second drive of the year was a one-play, 80-yard effort, with Ezekiel Elliott doing all the work on one rushing attempt. It took 13 seconds.

Comment 18 Jan 2016

Reality check:  Sure Oklahoma in Oklahoma will be tough, real tough.  But the other non-conf. games are against Tulsa and Bowling Green.  Whoop-tee-doo. 

If the 2016 schedule is the toughest since 2001, that says more about how weak the scheduling has been for 15 years, than about how tough 2016 will be.

This story is about the road schedule only, not the overall schedule. Moose out front shoulda told ya.

Comment 16 Jan 2016

Apologies, guys. I suck. I usually write these at the office where I have a two-screen setup and it's easier for my brain. All the toggling back and forth between multiple windows on the laptop last night obviously confused my brain. It's fixed. The broader points remain, but I still owe you a beer. Perhaps something from Land Grant.

Comment 05 Jan 2016

Speaking on behalf of the author, I think Conner is one of those hard-nosed throwback B1G linebackers who maybe won't pop on the speed chart but makes up for it by knowing what's going on before it happens. I'm thinking of guys like Spielman and Wilhelm. I may be nuts, but I think Kwon could slide out and take some snaps on the outside because he's a physical freak. Perhaps I'm putting too much credence in what I've seen from Conner so far, which is solely high school tape and a Spring Game, but I am impressed by it to this point.