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Comment 13 Jun 2014

^^ Yes.  Bnuts asked him why OSU was 7th on his list.  He said cause they "haven't talked to him in weeks".  I'd say that means we've stopped recruiting him.  


Comment 22 May 2014

If you look at Michigan States entire roster from last year, they had zero 5 star and just a handful of 4 star players.  Mostly 2 and 3 star guys.  We had mostly 4 and 5 star guys.  

Comment 01 May 2014

Agreed!!  Is that barn still on campus?  But Andy what is that breed of cow in the foreground?!?  HIghland with a haircut?

Comment 29 Mar 2014

Will allowing them to profit off of the merchandising cause them to lose their amateur status? 

Depends on what the definition of amateur status is.  To me, earning the money and receiving the money can be differentiated.  It preserves the amateur status because the money is received after they are no longer amateurs. 

Also, do you think that if the unions get involved, that they will stop at just those things you listed? I dont think so.

I agree, that's why I think it's important to make the changes now.  Once all the privatized schools go to unions, it's only a matter of time before the publics schools do.  So the onus is on the NCAA and universities to break off a better deal now, rather than wait for unions to take over.....although it might just be too late.

The union leadership and their attorneys will wring every last nickel they can out of the players and the schools. 

Yeah probably.  But this is a very interesting dynamic.  The universities have a much better argument for allocation of funds than say an NFL team owner.  We're talking about public education vs. private bank accounts.  If the students and their lawyers want to get greedy they will have to take money away from their fellow students.  Will the courts allow public schools to unionize sports?  We may not even get there.  

 College athletics will change forever. 

The only constant in life is change, my friend.




Comment 29 Mar 2014

Make no mistake, the public realization that concussions are all part of the game, shifted the public's perspective to create empathy for the college players.  This is really going to help fuel this whole college football unionization.  Doesn't matter if you think it's right or wrong.  The perception right now is that college football players are being taken advantage of.    

Cover all sports related injuries for the lifetime of the player.  Players shouldn't have to pay a dime for health insurance, ever.  Keep college an amatuer sport.  Up the stipend to whatever the NCAA or college thinks appropriate and let the player make a fair cut on the merchandise. Keep the royalties in a escrow account until the player 1)Graduates. 2) Turns 30.  

This sends the message of education first.  If they want the money, then graduate.  They turn pro instead, fine, there's a payday waiting for them after their 20's.  


Comment 17 Feb 2014

I thought Alex would have taught them how to use youtube by now.....hummm.  the Gibson video was posted last week and I'm sure others will post future video's.  Could you relay a message to Bucknuts for me Birm?  If they don't want people to post their videos on other sites, then don't post them to a public account!  Thanks.  

Comment 11 Feb 2014

Anyone else not having a new tab come up when outside links are clicked on?  

Comment 20 Jan 2014

Good answer Hovenaut;-) I'm hearing that Urbs is going to have a sink or swim attitude with Kwon.  Throw him in the Mike and see if he can swim.  When you think about it, those younger guys are going to have almost half a season to get ready.  MSU will be the first real test, and oh my it's going to be a hell of a game!

Comment 20 Jan 2014

CDUB4, totally agree about the future improvement.  It does look bright.  The 2011 link was to quote the Big 10's oversigning policy, which is more strict than anything the SEC has done past or present.  I agree it's technically not the oversigning that's the issue, it's how the team got to oversign.  Attrition occurs at a much higher rate for more frivolous things in the south than in the B1G.  I don't think anyone argues that except Bama fans.  I personally think no kid should be forced out of the program. But with roster spots being so valuable, if a coach decides a kid isn't going to play for a team then the coach has an obligation to the player to tell him.  If he decides it's best for him to move on then both parties get what they want, which I think is often the case, if the kid wants to stay......not much you can do.

The B1G's policy on oversigning will always be more strict than the SEC's and that compounded with the 9 scholly reduction puts OSU in a more weakened state for to find those 3 star guys that end up 5 star starters.  This has a tremendous determination on your depth because where you don't have 5 star behind 5 star, which is often the case,  you have the lower recruited guys who didn't start.

Comment 19 Jan 2014

Good point about how coaches put an unnecessary amount of emphasis on statistics.  Chris Borland comes to mind.  3 star.  There are so many, I mean teams like Michigan State and Wisconsin have made their living sifting through 3 stars and developing them.  I was looking at Michigan States level of recruiting and its rare that they actually get a 4 star!!  Then they go out and kick our ass!  FSU might have had 2 6 stars including Winston!

Comment 18 Jan 2014

I don't think there's anyone in college football that doesn't think blue chip athletes are the first block to winning national championships.  You can thank that line of thought for breaking the color barrier in baseball in the 40's.  The idea that superior athletes win championships is engrained in us from the first dodge ball game we play when the best kicker is chosen first.  I choose not to write about that because it's all been covered before.  

What I wanted to focus on is if all those teams have blue chip guys then what's separating the top tear teams?  I don't think because Alabama averages a 93 and OSU averages a 92, that makes them better on the field.  Sure coaching and scheme and play calling all go into it.  But I think what really puts a team over the top is the bottom third.  

More importantly how their bottom third can compete with any other team.  It's going to be very important for us in the next 5 years because we have a numbers disadvantage. 

Comment 18 Jan 2014

Remember you have to have a complete team to win.  If it was based on blue chips, then we would know who wins every year.  I think it's equally based on how good the bottom 1/3 can make the rest of the team.  You're only as good as your weakest player.