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Comment 26 May 2016

Jessica and Cody each fight this weekend, so it's not crazy to think they may be on the September card. Jessica fights Sara McMann, who is an Olympic wrestler, so it's safe to expect Jessica won't be too beaten up from striking. She's officially 1-3 with 1 NC in the UFC, so Jessica will need to beat McMann or risk being cut, though she's a popular fighter, so the UFC would be smart to use her to sell tickets in Cleveland. 

Comment 17 May 2016

Josh Homme is one of my favorite musicians of today. I saw QOTSA when they were touring on the anniversary of their self-titled album in 2010 or so. I also really like all of his side bands. Them Crooked Vultures are amazing and you can't dislike EODM. 

Grateful, this album may be up your alley. 

I know I'll be celebrating this TIMH. 

Comment 17 May 2016

Great article. I like some of Dio's Sabbath stuff, but it's a different band entirely without Ozzy. By all accounts, Dio was a great guy and he put out excellent music throughout his career with each band he fronted. I got a new respect for him when I read Iron Man: My Journey Through Heaven and Hell by Tony Iommi. Iommi had nothing but good things to say about Dio throughout. Interestingly enough, Iommi seemed like the driving force for some of the terrible Sabbath albums without Ozzy or Dio, so read into that what you will. 

Comment 16 May 2016

Brown's strength is definitely his striking in close proximity. He isn't a slouch on the ground, but Maia is one of the best in the world. Brown looked frustrated after Maia took his back in the 2nd round. He was working on keeping wrist control and getting back to Maia's guard, but it wasn't happening. A very disappointing fight for Brown. 

Comment 16 May 2016

I have to disagree. Maia made it very clear that he wanted to take the fight to the ground. Brown did a great job of sprawling and digging for underhooks to stay on his feet. Once Brown looked to strike instead of keeping his legs clear, Maia took advantage. Brown is pretty skilled on the ground, so it was like a chess match on the ground. Not exactly the striking frenzy I like to see with Matt Brown, but it had the same intrigue as a pitcher's duel in baseball. 

Comment 11 May 2016

I like this matchup for Stipe. Werdum is obviously a major threat on the mat with his BJJ, but his striking isn't to be forgotten. I was really impressed by Werdum's striking against Roy Nelson and Mark Hunt in particular. 

I covered regional MMA for a number of years and got to know Stipe and his teammates fairly well. Stipe is one of the most humble characters I've encountered in the sport. He can talk and goof around right before walking into the cage for sparring, but flips the switch and gets nasty when he has to. I don't care about basketball, so I'd like to see a guy that I know break the Cleveland championship streak first. 

Shogun Rua is also on the card, as is Demian Maia vs Matt Brown. Jacare Souza vs Vitor could be an incredible fight and Cyborg Santos makes her UFC debut. I don't buy many UFC PPVs these days, but this may be one that causes me to do it. 

Comment 05 May 2016

Kurt Cobain, Jimmy Page, Bruce Springsteen, Angus Young, Brann Dailor (drummer of Mastodon)

Comment 20 Apr 2016

Football: Ohio State,

  1. whichever team can pull an upset that will help the Buckeyes move up in the polls (see the last few weeks of the 2007 season for that origin) 
  2. anyone playing Notre Dame 
  3. anyone playing Purdue (they've beaten the Buckeyes far too many times for me to forgive and forget)
  4. any non-conference cupcake playing an SEC school late in the season


  1. anyone but Iowa
  2. Penn State (great attacking, aggressive style)
  3. Edinboro- great singlets, tough kids that peak at the NCAA tournament
  4. Any team that has Ohioans on the roster
  5. Virginia Tech- see #4
Comment 16 Apr 2016

If I had to guess, Rocky Jordan is probably the most likely to sign with Ohio State based on his brothers being on the team. Romero sounds like he really likes the program, and those that know him have nothing but great things to say about him. Steveson and Fix have ties elsewhere, so they're a bit of a stretch. Lee is from Pennsylvania and I'm sure Cael Sanderson has him on speed dial, though I'm told the Buckeyes think they gave him the best offer of all interested schools. 

Time will tell, though the Buckeyes certainly have a great foundation with Snyder, Tomasello, and Jordan Squared. Factor in Myles Martin who has yet to wrestle a full varsity schedule, and the future is bright in Columbus. 

Comment 16 Apr 2016

That rumor started circulating around the same time that Kyle announced he was taking an Olympic redshirt. Nobody has a difinitive answer, but it seems like he's giving enough hints at returning to the Buckeyes.