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Eleven Warriors, a leading source of information on Ohio State athletics, is the smartest free sports bar you and several thousand of your closest fellow Buckeyes have ever visited.

We publish news, analysis and data daily, and hosts a forum with thousands of users across the nation powering comments and topics. We've been recognized by ESPN, Sports Illustrated, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, the Columbia Journalism Review, USA Today, The Big Ten Network and more.

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We believe in the old adage: It's not work if it's something you love. Every member of the Eleven Warriors Team was raised as a Buckeye fan and the majority are Ohio State University alums. We are here because we enjoy being a part of our great online community.

So what are you waiting for? Let's get to know each other.

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We are committed to our Central Ohio community and neighbors. Help us pay it forward by attending our Eleven Warriors charity events.

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“With today's demand and amount of media coverage it's easy to get overwhelmed with what's out there, but the crew at Eleven Warriors keeps you plugged in year round. They're insightful, entertaining, and opinionated on all things Ohio State!”– Kirk Herbstreit

“It's pretty much one-stop shopping to get up to speed on things you may have missed at a press conference or would be below the radar. it's easy to find and very accessible.”– Bruce Feldman, Fox Sports

“One of the best blogs around.”– Smart Football

“The best Ohio State blog going...”– Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Begin with Eleven Warriors, which is absolutely superb – it's one of the very elite college football sites.”– Paul Myerberg, USA TODAY

“They set themselves apart with the quality of their writing.”– The Columbus Dispatch

“One of the top 10 college football blogs.”– Sports Media Challenge