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Comment 23 Mar 2016

Health... Matta needs assistance to put on and remove his shoes, he can no longer do it on his own.  He cannot move a foot, he wears a brace.  He has a bad back.  This would be torturous on a 48 year old accountant.

Google "Thad Matta Health" and click on a few links.  Coaching basketball, while not exactly a young man's game, is an active man's game.  Let's not pretend his health obstacles aren't a part of the decline... Before they exascerbated, OSU was a consistent top 10 program.  He looks older than both Harbaugh & Meyer... he's not.

Comment 26 Oct 2015

When was the last time an AP #1 team made a non-injury induced change to QB at least 5 games into the season?

Comment 25 Sep 2015

The cover of this story shows a postcard stamp of $0.22.

I'm curious how you found that graphic because it doesn't align with any postage rate in US history.

Post card stamps were never 22 cents.  They were 21 cents in 2001 and raised to 23 cents in 2002.

I don't know why I had to look this up.  But, just a fun weird thing to notice.

Comment 19 Jul 2015

Regarding the 'Vacated' Arkansas win.  OSU should have only offered to vacate the 2010 regular season only...

Why was it vacated?  The NCAA found about the tattoos in December and then gave OSU a 'supsended sentence' by allowing the Sugar Bowl game and deferring the 5 game suspension until the start of 2011.

OSU & Pryor vs. Arkansas & Mallet in Nawlins was the biggest non-CG Bowl of the season.
This was a case where the NCAA sold out on principle for more money.  Just as Tressel abdicated his job duties to keep players eligible (it's a stupid rule, but a rule nonetheless) for glory, the NCAA wanted the ratings.

Comment 11 Jun 2015

living in Los Angeles California... I LOVE the noon kickoffs.  They are 9 A.M. for me.

By the time the game is over, time to start the day.

At least MY night games start @ 5 and not 8.  Now if I could only get rid of the taxes here.

Comment 11 Jun 2015

Wow... 4 night games in regular season.  And potentially more.

And, if they make it.  Up to 3 more in the post season.

I'm not an OSU or CFB historian, but this is a new trend... isn't it

Last year, OSU had 7 games starting at 8 PM or later and the Cincy game was at 6 PM... That was 8 of 15 night games.

Comment 08 Jun 2015
Reality check if Harbaugh didn't have Michigan ties, and OSU needed a coach we'd be interested the guy is good, nor urban meyer good, but good Michigan has a defense, and as we saw from urban in 2012, play calling and olines can drastically improve in one off season if they have a not terrible turnover machine at QB, then double digit wins are likely no, on paper they aren't at OSU or MSU levels yet, but QB and Oline weaknesses will diminish over time
Comment 03 Jun 2015
if you want to include all 14 teams in the Big Ten, every single team has won Coach of the year in the respective conference multiple times since 1980. except for Ohio State which has 0!
Comment 29 May 2015

Forgive me if I err, I am going by memory.

The only team to beat OSU 3 times in the last 10 years: Penn State (05, 08, 11)

The teams to beat OSU 2 times: Florida (06, 11), USC (08, 09), Texas (05, 09), Michigan State (11,13), and, somehow, Purdue (09, 11).

Amazingly, Purdue has won 4 times since 2000 (00, 04, 09, 11).  And, without Guiton's Clark Kent' impersonation, Purdue would have won in 12.  Also, in 03, they beat Purdue in OT and in 08 OSU beat them without scoring an offensive TD (with Pryor, Hartline, Wells, & Robiskie).

Purdue was a thorn to Tressel.

Comment 11 Apr 2015

Is this just my fractured memory, or did the 'Spring Standouts' in the Tressel years never materialize.

I remember years ago when 'Tresselers' like Bam Childress & Taurian Washington had great spring games... never to be seen or heard from again.

If they made an 'tOSU Spring Football Hall of Fame' who would be the inductees?  And, would we really care?