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Comment 11 Apr 2015

Is this just my fractured memory, or did the 'Spring Standouts' in the Tressel years never materialize.

I remember years ago when 'Tresselers' like Bam Childress & Taurian Washington had great spring games... never to be seen or heard from again.

If they made an 'tOSU Spring Football Hall of Fame' who would be the inductees?  And, would we really care?

Comment 17 Mar 2015

Wow... he's got the inside on Ohio State USC Michigan Notre Dame LSU... I mean Kansas... a 3-9 Big 12 Team

and it includes a coach that was not retained by Chris Peterson a year ago... so a little bit more insight on Washington

Let me know when Saban hires Fickell & Warriner, then I'll know something is up

Comment 17 Mar 2015

Steiber, are you going into the Olympics or MMA?  You have the ability.

All the senior has done is win four Big Ten championships and three national championships so far in his illustrious career.

Perspective: Think of a National Title in Wresting as a Heisman Trophy for a QB

Steiber has a chance at a Fourth Heisman... Damn, he's good.  Go Bucks!!!

Comment 10 Mar 2015

Am I the only one wrong on this?  Braxton is still an amazing college QB.  So are Cardale & Barrett.

Braxton is the OSU's best athlete and 3rd best pocket passer.
He's still amazing.  But, he lacks the accuracy and consistency of Jones & Barrett.

What separates Braxton is purely his playmaking ability on the run.  Due to the lack of talent from the other 10 positions, this was necessary in 2011-2013.  Now the offensive talent is stacked.

Elite defenses (such as MSU) were able to contain Braxton and force him to throw from the pocket.
Also, during the 2014 offseason, both Braxton and the coaches admitted they wanted to do less running to preserve his health.
His one defining attribute is what the coaching staff wanted to taper.
Basically, they wanted Braxton to develop into the pocket QB role in which both Barrett & Jones excelled.

Comment 22 Jan 2015

JT Barrett?????

ok, no one forgot about him.  But... all the post title game write ups seem to focus on Cardale.

While the Cardale/Dolodale talk is fun and he is the greatest late season replacement of all time... But JT took every meaningful snap the first 48 quarters of the year.  He was amazing, finished #5 in the Heisman... Torched MSU's No Fly Zone, and set School and B1G TD Records.

Comment 22 Dec 2014

I got 8 correct... but I'm a crotchety cheap skate who doesn't splurge on anything... I have a good memory and like to watch college football.  Sorry advertisers, but your ploy didn't work this time...

Although, I remember back in 2002, our whole house was filled with Tostitos products on Michigan Day... The Eventual win booked their trip to the National Title Game @ the Tosititos Fiesta Bowl... This year, it's the All-State Sugar Bowl at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium... Their costs are an exponent above a bag of chips...

Comment 01 Nov 2014

2011 - OSU was terrible...


  • Akron
  • Toledo (But barely, came down to a Defensive stop on 4th down)
  • Colorado (yeah, they sucked)
  • Illinois (where Braxton was 1/4 passing)
  • Indiana (a close game)
  • and... Wisconsin (the lone good team on the list)


  • Miami (Fl) - where they had about 12 passing yards 59 minutes into the game
  • Michigan State - the game where Jim Bollman was woefully outcoached (I could go on, but I'll stop)
  • Nebraska - Braxton left injured up by 20+, Bauserman took his final snaps as a collegiate going 1 for 10 (what's sad, is that it wasn't even a 'good' 1/10)
  • Purdue (I hate them)
  • Penn State (Shugarts false starts struck again)
  • Michigan (yeah, they win once a decade now)
  • Florida - allowed 2 special team TDs, and an inept offense that yielded 7 sacks (a, somehow, fitting end to a terrible year... enter Urban Meyer)
Comment 01 Nov 2014

I, living in Los Angeles, watched that game from my apartment.

This was the only time since, probably, 2004 where my pre-B1G-game thoughts were, "Oh no, let's just hope they don't wipe us off the map."

OSU was absolutely dreadful in 2011... They were Illinois in Scarlet and Gray.  But, somehow, they beat a pretty damn good team that day.

What makes reminiscing fun is the 'no-name' QB of Wisconsin.  Some transfer named Future SuperBowl Champion Russell Wilson.