Start at Dick LeBeau

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January 8, 2014 at 10:30p

Why not reach out to Dick Lebeau for DC position.  Its a longshot but he is a Buckeye and at the end of his career.  He has accomplished everything he could have wanted in the NFL.  Worst he says is no.  Pay him whatever.    After that, start going down the list.  Hopefully we can keep Fickell on but put him back at position coach.  He has been loyal and IMO their is a solid chance we lose Vrabel if we lose Fickell.  Our d-line (Vrabel) has been the only consistent spot on the defensive side the last few years and apparently he crushes it on the recruiting trail.  

Not sure about other DC candidates.  Our secondary seems to have been underachieving the most.  Coombs is tough because he seems like another great recruiter and the players seem to respond to him.  Fickell just reminds me too much of Eli Manning on the sidelines.  The polar opposite of Urban, Mickey, Vrabel, Coombs.  No juice.  If Michigan can land a Mattison from the Ravens not sure why we can't aim higher.  Didn't realize what we had in Heacock until he was gone.  

Also, what about attempting to bring in a Antoine Winfield to help with secondary.  Gotta imagine would be great for recruiting and he is able to stay around the game he loves.  

Need that press man coverage and exotic blitz packages.  Nothing more frustrating this year than time and time again watching our corners play 10 yards off of WRs at the line and get bubble screened to death.  

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If Michigan can get Alabama's offensive coordinator then I say we go get Kirby Smart

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Dick LeBeau is 75 years old. Can you really imagine him going 100% in recruiting? I sure as hell cannot.
For someone who has been in the NFL for the last 59 years...I doubt that he has a yearning for college ball.

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He wouldn't have to go 100% in recruiting or even go on trips to be effective.  We could just send Pantoni to say "hey defensive prospect, we have arguably the best defensive coordinator in the NFL over the last 25 years.  If you want to meet him, schedule a visit."  NFL teams have wanted him as a head coach and he hasn't budged.  He is the real deal.  Players would come to him.

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We could just send Pantoni to say "hey defensive prospect...

Pantoni is not allowed to go recruiting visits.

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boy, that'd be a duzzi

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Ok, I'm sorry. You want to play press man with our current personnel? You realize that that involves putting Pitt Brown on a island with a slot guy? And if you want to bring RDS you will need to leave Grant on a back?
Edit: you will also rarely see press man without safety help anymore unless accompanied by a 6-7 man blitz. 

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Pitt Brown is gone 

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Pitt on the bench, hopefully by next fall some of our younger DBS are ready to step up, just sick of Zone react defense all day long, want more aggressive style

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It is very, very rare to see man coverage across the board in this day and age unless it is accompanied by a heavy blitz. Cover 2 would be a good scheme for us if our safeties improve a lot. 

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Pitt is gone.  He was a RSSR this year. 

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Dick Lebeau is 76 years old!
That's seventy six.  He was born in 1937.  He's old enough to remember dropping the bomb on Hiroshima.  He was 10 when Jackie Robinson played in Brooklyn.
Why would a man, who can retire whenever he wants, who has never coached college, leave a stable job in the NFL?

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Why? To die a happy man.  He's already accomplished it all in the pros, time to bring it home . . .

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We love Dick LeBeau up here.  One of those rare legit Detroit Lion heroes:

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Call it a pipe dream 

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Word is Vance Joseph is our first choice.  Looks very solid.

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Yeah I saw that, I like it.  Although I don't know much about him, other than his resume seems like could be a rising star.  Don't think it matters all that much unless someone other than Fickell is calling the plays next year

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I like the premise of the post - we should aim high, higher than TSUN.  AW would surely help with the press coverage, not to mention tackling & angles/leverage.  Does he coach?  
I'd like to see Urb recruit Speils to coach the LBs.

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What about Katzenmoyer? He lives in Westerville last I knew and owns his own strength and conditioning business, I'm sure he could coach up the linebackers a little

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REason's why this is not a great idea:
KAtzenmoyer never received his degree from Ohio State.
He has an arrest for domestic violence.
He has shown a history of not making great decisions.
I would not say any of these things to his face.

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Or Pepper Johnson

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I like this idea. He has been logging successful time on the coaching trail, plus he is a former Buckeye All-American. 

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I'm trying to figure out why we would lose Vrabel if we lose Fickell.  Would Vrabel follow Fickell to where ever?

If you only knew the POWER of the Dark Side.

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They are good friends and Fickell brought him to OSU as a coach.

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My response to that is "Yeah! So?"  Just because they are BFFs and everything doesn't mean Vrabel is going to follow Luke wherever he goes.  From everything I've heard Mike likes Columbus and wants to continue living there.  Secondly, why would he hitch his wagon to a person that is being "forced out" of his current position?  I believe Fickell's coaching days are numbered.  Without Tressel and Heacock around he has been exposed as a mediocre coach at best.  He needs to go.  Period.  Not demoted to linebackers coach, or even waterboy.  Dude needs to go.  Thanks for your time and taking a bullet for the University, but your time here is done.

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Fickell is not being forced out. Per Jordan, he is likely to remain the DC with play calling responsibilities.

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Dude needs to go.  Thanks for your time and taking a bullet for the University, but your time here is done.

I feel the same way about your fanship. Your time here is done.

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I can guarantee you his coaching days are NOT numbered. Even if he gets canned at OSU, I'm gonna go ahead and say I'm 100% certain he will at least immediately get a job coaching the LB's or DL somewhere else. What, nobody wants a great recruiter and position coach on his staff?

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Why not Fred Pagac as the DC?  

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Where is Fred Pagac have not heard his name in years?

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He LB's coach for the Vikings. Was DC for a few years, then went back to LB position coach.

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Said this in another topic...but Frazier is gone, so is he looking for a new job??

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Picked up by lovie smith to be DC in tb.

High and tight boo boo

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Urban did say at his press conference that he would assemble the best coaching staff in America.  Not there yet my man.  
Always would love to have the fire and grit of Speilman on this staff.
I thought Tress approached him at one time but his wife's illness and young kids were a major issue.
And the problem is many of these guys can make more $ working three days a week as an announcer or analyst vs. 364 as a coach.

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I don't know if you guys knew but Dick Lebeau's nephew is an 11W member and used to post quite frequently. I worked with him for over 13 years and I would talk to him about Dick. Dick has stated when he's done in Pittsburgh, he's retiring. He's over 70.

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Can we allow the coaching staff the chance to learn and adjust? Both sides of the ball made some mistakes...

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There are several reasons why LeBeau to OSU ain't gonna happen, most of which have already been discussed (age, recruiting). That said, if LeBeau to OSU was announced, I'd think I'd died and gone to heaven. He's one of my favorite former Buckeye football players, and one of my favorite NFL coaches - think about this: he's had Hall of Fame stints as a college player, NFL player, and NFL coach... There aren't many guys who can say that.
The one thing I wish is that we'd see more of The Venerable Dick LeBeau in conjunction with Ohio State as an alum, in the way that we have guys like Archie, Eddie, etc., often connected with the University. I've often wondered why we don't hear more about his ties to Ohio, in fact (London native, All-American at Ohio State, etc.).

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And I suspect as DC of one of the most prolific NFL DEF's of the past decade he probably earns more than any college coordinator in the country.

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I think too much is being made of him not being energetic on the recruiting trail.  Think of it like this, there are two types of guys that pick up girls at the bar:
) The decent looking guy who is witty and aggressive and relentlessly hits on girls until he finds one to take home
2) The best looking guy in the bar - he doesn't really care and just kind of hangs out drinking a beer.  Girls end up approaching him or he puts in very little effort and still comes up with a girl as good or better than #1.
Fickell would be #1 above.  LeBeau would be #2.  Players would flock to him without question. 

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This may be sacrilegious as a Steelers fan, but would Dick be a good coordinator at the college level? His defense is notoriously impossible for rookies, and even 2nd year pros, to do well in. It took Cam Heyward three years to really figure out his DE spot.
I don't know how well he would translate to college players.

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Start at Dick is every guy's dream.

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I believe the author is indicating Meyer should aim high if he is indeed looking to hire a new DC. Lebeau is too old, and as indicated repeatedly here, going to retire not coach somewhere else. That being said, if he did retire UFB would be wise to at least get him around the facility for a few visits and/or maybe offer him a consulting role..?
LOVE ME some Lebeau...except when he was HC of the Bengals.

Thank the Maker that I was born in Ohio, cradle of coaches, US Presidents, confederate-stomping Generals, and home of The Ohio State University Football Buckeyes- 2014 UNDISPUTED National Champions!

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Exactly right BARNSEY69

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nice avatar

Muck Fichigan

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I've actually stated this here before.  More of an ongoing dream of what he would be able to do with our talent, but a man and fanbase can dream, can't they?

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I wouldn't want LeBeau due to age but having the defensive coaches go to him in the offseason would be great. He could help them out schematically and with zone blitzes. I would also visit New England and Seattle to see how they run their defense. Coaches visit with other coaches in the off season so it has happened before. Not sure how long it's allowed to happen.

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Anything to pry him away from the squillers

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Jim Heacock is patiently waiting in the wings.

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I remember someone mentioning a few years back that LeBeau runs crazy blitzes and what not and that it might be difficult to teach college kids in the little time theyre here and especially at his age. If you look at the Steelers defense, theyre all veterans and have been together for awhile and understand the scheme. I don't know if I could trust our players to pick up the scheme and run it to perfection or if we would just see a bunch of guys out of place sort of like this year

Muck Fichigan

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  Heacock doesn't sound like he has much interest in the recruiting game, which makes it a deal breaker if that is the case
lsu dc sounds like he would be a great hire
also dc durkin at Florida and their db coach makes a ton of sense
speaking of which, anyone have a read on what Shawn Springs or mike doss are doing? I mean if michigan could mattison from ravens no reason we get swing pepper Johnson 

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The LSU guy sounds like a great hire I agree, but I feel like he is a pipe dream.  I'm not sure why he would leave LSU where he has been really successful.

The answer may not be at the bottom of a bottle, but it never hurts to check. 

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He won't coach college.  If he ever retires he may consult and coach the coaches.