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Comment 07 Nov 2014

Yeah, and I bet the money is nice. 

Dalton is constantly living the dream where you show up to high school naked and embarrassed and I wish the coaching staff would just get his next career as a hat wearing clipboard holder started as soon as possible.  This level of repeated failures has to be doing long term psychological damage.

Comment 07 Nov 2014

I don't understand why the coaching staff keeps putting Dalton out there, at this point I just feel bad for him.

Comment 21 Oct 2014

Football Outsiders does opponent adjusted defensive rankings.

Instead of thinking of it as "if you take out those three touchdown plays, we're right in the game", try thinking about it as, can you still be an excellent defensive team if your schedule included two of the top 15 offenses in your first 7 games?

Here are the defensive F+ ranks for the teams Ohio State has played, and sack adjusted yards per carry and yards per pass that Ohio State gained.

Def F+ rank  OSU ypc OSU yards per pass
Navy 83 4.85 15.07
Virginia Tech 1 4.18 5.25
Kent State 91 5.36 10.12
Cincinnati 103 5.94 8.92
Maryland 32 5.49 9.43
Rutgers 73 8.1 8.42
Penn State 9    

Ohio State has played a lot of bad defenses, one good defense (Maryland 32), and the best defense in the country (Virginia Tech 1).  Virginia Tech is an all round great defense, where Penn State is excellent against the run game and pedestrian against the pass.  This game is going to be an excellent test of Ohio State's offense, and will shape the narrative as to whether the Virginia Tech game was an inexperienced quarterback and offensive line struggling against a turn back the clock defensive concept that they didn't see coming (46 defense, 85 Bears rule!), or was just the fact that Ohio State can't score against good defenses. 

Personally, I'm putting my hopes into the Tom Herman and Ed Warinner are two great offensive minds who have had the time to foster growth in the young quarterback and offensive line since week 2 narrative.  But, that's just like my opinion man.

Comment 10 Oct 2014


Thad, you're a damned warrior who is underrated as hell by the masses

Comment 06 Oct 2014

I haven't experienced the love side of that love hate relationship in 9 years.

Comment 30 Sep 2014

S & P 500 and Yum brands doubled in the time since Brandon was hired by UM.  Domino's saw a tenfold increase in value.

From the IPO in 2004 to when Brandon left, Domino's lost about half of its value, the S&P 500 was about even and YUM brands doubled in value during that same time period.

Comment 29 Sep 2014

The one was a short slant and blown coverage that was housed.  The other 2 were bombs.

That was a play that Ohio State needs to use.  Moore faked a block (while the QB pump faked and the other Cincinnati receiver prepared to catch a screen pass), and when the Ohio State defender fought through the block, Moore slipped past into wide open space.  Really well designed constraint play to go with the wide receiver screen.  The question is why was the safety biting so hard to the opposite side of the field.  (He must have had a key that told him he had to be there, I just don't know what it was).

The first long completion the OSU defender was in good position, he just didn't properly rip through the ball to break up the pass. 

The one right before the half hurt (less than a minute left, 1st and 10 deep in Cincinnati territory, Ash probably wishes he had two deep safeties in that situation) but if you want aggressive pass coverage (and I do) sometimes that kind of thing is going to happen.

Comment 11 Sep 2014

Don't be too quick, Michigan fans are starting to be less picky.

Remember 2007 when Harbaugh called out Michigan for using Professor VonKeepThemEligible and the fanbase revoked his "Michigan Man" card.

Flash forward to this week

"Michigan's going to have more access than SMU if they need to make a coaching change at the end of the season, but Harbaugh Hail Marys aside the landscape isn't going to look too different than this list of eight candidates to replace June Jones after his sudden resignation. It's heavy on offensive coordinators, with those of Ohio State, Clemson, Baylor, and Oklahoma on the list along with some washed up dudes. (Butch Davis! Rick Neuheisel!) Michigan has a bunch of midlevel head coaches they can grab… it's just that there aren't any."

And Harbaugh is a messiah again.  If you lose a bunch of football games, anybody who you think will get you wins looks good, no matter what they have done in the past.  Michigan fans would be ecstatic to get Jim Tressel, and the internet would be flooded with 10,000+ word essays on how the culture at Michigan would rehabilitate poor ole Jim who was just a product of his environment at Ohio State.

Comment 09 Sep 2014

How many diving third down catches did the Hokies make?  Sometimes football is just about making plays when you have an opportunity.  Ohio State's wide receivers had plenty of opportunities, they just didn't make the plays that VT was able to.

Comment 08 Sep 2014

Kickers and kick coverage were awful.  Cam shanks a punt, short field 7-0 VT.  Kick coverage gives up a 26 yard kick return, and tacks on a 15 yard personal foul.  short field 14-7 VT.  Cam out kicks his coverage, 35 yard punt return gives a net of just 28 yards.  short field 21-7 VT.  Ohio State ties the game (despite a dropped TD and two missed field goals) and the kicker kicks the ball out of bounds,  short field 28-21 VT.  The last TD was the pick six. 

So while every short field shouldn't automatically result in a TD given up, Ohio State sure put the "special" in special teams Saturday.

Comment 09 Aug 2014

Ross used 28% of possessions last season in B1G play and had an offensive rating of 114.6.  He was also one of the two best rebounders that Ohio State had.  It is an enormous hole.  Offensively you get a lot of addition by subtraction with Craft and Smith out. Trying to fill the offensive void left by those three players combined is certainly easier to accomplish than trying replace Ross with just one guy.  That still leaves his rebounding to make up though.

Comment 05 Jun 2014

2004 edition of the game doesn't get played enough (or ever).  The offense spent most of the season lost in the wilderness and then just lit it up for the final game of the year, which gave us a preview of the 2005 and 2006 seasons.  Coming out party for the Troy Smith to Anthony Gonzalez connection, the beginning of Troy Smith just owning Michigan and a Ted Ginn Jr punt return for a touchdown.