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January 14, 2014 at 2:01p

Ash is only 40 years old this past December. He started out at Iowa State under Dan McCarney from 2000-2006 as a GA. He also learned some of his defensive strategies from Barry Alvarez. McCarney learned his defensive strategies from Barry Alvarezs while being a D-cord, which is an attaching 4-3 scheme, and took that knowledge with him to Iowa State and taught it to Chris. Chris coaching stints are as follows:

-Dan McCarney

-Barry Alvarez

-Bill Snyder (Kansas State)

-Chuck Long (San Diego State)

-Bob Stoops

-Mike Stoops

-Jim Leavitt (South Florida)

-Bo Pelini (lol)

-Kirk Ferentz


He is known for running mostly a cover 2 defense. His defensive stats are 167.6 rushing yards per game (69th) and 195.2 passing (22nd). So it looks like he does a great job with pass defense-- most likely because cover 2 has a hard time defending downhill runners. His over D is 46th. He had 28 sacks last year with the bert. He also had 11 ints for his team.

So it looks like this is probably not a homerun hire, but a solid pick up to address our defense. I am sure he will be the one calling the plays also, so there should be some much more prompt adjustments to the gameplan during the game. I have high hope that he can fix our backfield, but I am a little curious how our run D looks with this style of Defense. Should be an interesting offseason and spring game. 

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Nice post.
From a numbers standpoint, Ash's results aren't bad considering where he's been.
Eager to see what he can do with the personnel in Columbus.

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That's what I was thinking.  He has never really had the talent level that he will have in Columbus.  Only time will tell I guess.  I trust that Urban knows what he is doing.

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 "I trust that Urban knows what he is doing."


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If I recall correctly, two years ago Tom Herman said that Ash's Wisconsin defensive gameplan was the best he had faced all year... that's all I need to hear

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Couldn't agree more Killer Nut. That game plan against us was one of the best defense of performance I seen against the spread offense in awhile besides Ohio state vs Oregon in the rose bowl. 

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With McMillan, Trey Johnson, and Mike Mitchell... I'm sure our run defense will be just fine. Urban's recruiting classes will start to show this coming year. 

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You had me at 4-3.  Of course it helps we finally have depth a LB.

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True. But know we have depth but very little experience. Guess we will see how good the coaching is now with such a young core of players. i am very excited to see how they respond and the BASHING they took last two games of the season. This could be the best thing to happen to realize that we still have a ton of work to do and we are not the best team in college football. 
"An angry team is a very dangerous team" ~ Urban Meyer

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i think that LJS will do a great job w the young ,talented Bucks DL.


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His resume looks nice....but does he HATE *ichigan?  That's the real question here.

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I am VERY exited. He runs an AGGRESSIVE 4-3 cover 3 or at least that is what his YouTube videos say. I love the hire defiantly a homerun. See for yourself.
Chris Ash explaining his defense

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If you follow the links on this Youtube page there are many more of his videos on there. Cannot find the link but there are some vids from his time at Iowa State where he is working with the DBs on press coverage. Love this hire.

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Good stuff. Thanks for posting this.

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never mind - just saw the karma thread

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with Johnson as our DL coach and with the arsenal of DLinemen we have, stopping the run shouldnt be a big issue in terms of secondary run support. At least, I'd expect it not to be when including the fact that we have some great LB prospects in the fold (time to step up Fickell). My concern is pretty much just stopping the pass, particularly that short crap we just let teams do to us. Ash has inherited a pretty stud group of young DBs so I hope he is a great teacher of fundamentals and tackling (saw DJ put up a picture of his DVD on tackling techniques so theres that). Just please, for the love of everything holy, no more soft zone unless we are up by a few scores and just want them to use the clock with short passes. Our DBs are too athletic for that.

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I am new and please forgive me for my blatant and straightforward thinking.
I would take Vrabel everyday and twice on Sundays over LJ.  Vrabel played here and his passion for THE game; and his passion period will not be replaced.  His players simply loved him!
As for Ash; well if someone would have told me that ASH a Defensive co. for Ark would be our next hire to replace withers, I would have said...WHAT!?  WHY? that's our best man up??
Excuse me for saying what I must say;   MY OPINION.
Great caliber football teams ~ Hire Great coaches.
Meyer was, and is a GREAT Hire, however, where things get a little skimpy has always been on the Athletic Budget of tOSU.  OSU football brings in a TON of money ; to support almost all of the other sports programs , and their respective salaries. 
That being said, please allow the Football team that contributes the most  money;  have what they need; to get the best positional coach's, and Defensive coordinators. So that they will win championships~ which of course then brings in more $$$.
You would think that this would be their (athletic Board of Directors) plan?  Unfortunately, it is NOT.  I know the budget that is set for hiring new assistants and Defensive coordinators, so Urban only has an allocated amount of money to work with because of the restraints put upon him by the Board of Directors.
Getting to my point, Ash is not the BEST or most prolific hire for what we need to build a championship caliber team nor is LJ, but they both fit into the amount of money that  tOSU is willing to spend.  Facts are facts people.  I just don't like to drink the cool aid if it has been watered down, I am selling not buying these 2 hires.  I am a huge Urban fan and a Buckeye born and raised, but let's face the facts ladies and Gents, politics runs deep, very deep in college football, and especially when you start talking money; and who get's how much, etc...
I am guessing teams like; Georgia, Alabama, FSU, USC, etc... just have Athletic Departments that are more focused on spending their money on the football program and elite coaches.
I will wait to see how these 2 new hires turn out but I am not holding my breath...
The whole Urban we trust thing needs to go as well, it is so over rated and so wrong. Trust is built over time and he has been here 2 full seasons, I love his track record and his coaching abilities but sometimes an individuals only has so much they can do from a personal standpoint.
Once Urban wins a BIG game (highly ranked opponent) or a BIG 10 Championship; (gets the MSU monkey off his back), then I will say we have arrived at believing that he has put together a championship team.  As of today, I am believing Meyer definitely wants to do both,; however is he swimming in a pool of spray colored gold fish.  The University needs to give the appropriate funds that he needs to hire the BEST, not someone's else's left overs (my opinion).
I will Trust in God and him alone.  Urban I believe will bring us a winner and I hope it is with these 2. We have all heard this before:
1) YEAR 1 (2014): It was their first season together, let's not jump to conclusions.
2) YEAR 2 (2015):  It will take a couple if not 3 years together for them to get the kids up to speed on their new scheme and defensive plans, etc..
3) YEAR 3 (2016): Well we seemed to get better, but not great, maybe it's just the kids are not really that talented... etc..
4) YEAR 4 (2017): Urban becomes frustrated ; his hands are tied , does not have the proper $$$ from the Board of Directors to hire whom he wants; and then , if he does leave it is because of that.
...just my  thoughts.

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What MSU monkey?  I believe he is 1-1 with MSU since he has been the HC at OSU, right?  How does that constitute a monkey on his back?  As for your 1-4 list at the bottom, I'm not sure how to take it to be honest with you, and I'll leave it at that.

"Scrolling hurts my finger"

(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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He may not be the most prolific coach, but he is the one that Urban picked out. The thing about being a fan of a sports team is that you have zero control on how the team is ran. I would like to think that Urban, Tom, Gene Smith, Terry Coombs, Chris Ash, Larry Johnson and all the other staff and players still have one common goal: win a NC. You dont always need a star studded coaching staff to win a NC-- you simply need that hunger to win said game. If all players, coaches and fans are on the same page as far as goals (NC) then we should let the man who makes 4 millions dollars a year, 2 NC and 4-1 in bowl games decide who is going to FIT into our system. Not trying to come off like a dick either, but you have to let the man (and team) pass of fail before passing judgment of these hires. Never know, something special could happen :-0
Gotta have faith, my fellow buckeye.

There is nothing more remarkable as learning to think better.

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I agree with what you have said, except for the part about:
"I would like to think that Urban, Tom, Gene Smith, Terry Coombs, Chris Ash, Larry Johnson and all the other staff and players still have one common goal: win a NC. You dont always need a star studded coaching staff to win a NC-- you simply need that hunger to win said game. If all players, coaches and fans are on the same page as far as goals (NC) then we should let the man who makes 4 millions dollars a year, 2 NC and 4-1 in bowl games decide who is going to FIT into our system." 
I never said that their goal was not to win a championship, just my opinion that the best coaches were not picked, that is why i state my Opinion and we are all allowed to have an opinion ..correct??
We could take your analogy above and say well it is the big guys in Cleveland browns organization that make all the big millions of dollars let's trust them to make the decision, they all want to win a championship and go to the Super Bowl...of course these statements are truth, but at what point do yo give to MUCH credit to someone simply because they make the big bucks!! Not buying that analogy for 1 second. Look at the government; and we need look no further.  Money often causes paralysis and blindness to the actual things needed.
Like you said at the bottom of your statement ,,"you never know"  Your right we never know that's why there are forums out here so that we can put our collective thoughts; individualism, to see outside the box; to see other perspectives, it is how people grow and become more educated.
~Go Bucks!

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I wasn't accusing you of not wanting a NC either :-)  Youi are more than entitles to your opinion-- I welcome it! I wasn't attempting to seem like a dick.
But to answer your question "of course these statements are truth, but at what point do yo give to MUCH credit to someone simply because they make the big bucks!!" When they don't compete for championships! If it has been over 20 years since you have competed for a championship, and never even came close to one, they are not in it to win it.
The buckeyes (of course) have won a title in 02; They hired a two time NC winner in UFM; They consistently rank in top 20 in recruiting (of course that means little, but its effort); and you can tell in the faces of these players and coaches that they hate losing as much as I do. That is why I love the Bucks and this university. Now look at my team (bungles) and when I see Andy in his press conf not taking any blame, that lame smirk on his face, and it drives me bananas. You can tell they are not fully committed to win a Super Bowl. If he was, he would be like I was during the game (red in the face and about to vomit).

There is nothing more remarkable as learning to think better.

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Thanks for replying. In the instance of MSU being a monkey or not, they are now. Only because Meyer has been here only 2 years and they have played him very well. Year 1 we beat them by 1 point I believe, and this year they beat us by 10.  So needless to say the BIG game next year in Urban's mind is the MSU game.  So with that being said I referenced monkey, but probably should have said sparty..LOL  ( MSU is a team that will be a monkey as long as Dantonio is there), very competitive every year and have beaten their sister UM the last 4 years I believe.  So in the sense that they are a real contender every year in the BIG 10 from here on out is my reason for using that reference.
My list at the bottom of the page is just the next four years, and what we often hear when coaching and seasons do not work out to our expectations shall we say.
I hope we win every game next year, but I tend to be a realist.  2 New coaches on the Defensive side of the ball, and we still have Fickell and Coombs.  I am not overly buying a successful season next year.  I am a stock broker I like to read between the lines often and I am really hoping I am wrong on my evaluation.

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So needless to say the BIG game next year in Urban's mind is the MSU game. 

I would disagree with you.

"Scrolling hurts my finger"

(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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Think about this:
Who is a better coach:
Hoke the joke;  or Dantonio, who just beat Stanford on the West Coast in the Rose Bowl?  We will always have THE game against Mchgun, but to be focused on that game more than MSU, not sure, the better opponent is definitely MSU.  Not saying that to give less credit to THE game, just saying that MSU is a creditable team coached by an excellent coach, and they are from Michigan!
The passion, history, and all the Stuff that makes the Michigan game special will always be there, and will always be a special game.  However, MSU is becoming a powerhouse under Dantonio. So let's just say it will be a big game and leave it at that...
Go Bucks!

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Yes - the game in East Lansing will be pivotal in deciding the B1G East but it could never be The Game. 

ONE Not Done!

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Always agree on that one!

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Buck, I agree with you.  I believe Urban settled on these two guys.  I'm more excited about Johnson because of his track record than I am about Ash.  Ash is/was the more important hire in my mind.  He was torched by the SEC this past season, and we all laughed at the Karma flowing in Bert's direction.  Now he is our guy and all of a sudden we think he is a good hire and will be better since he will have "better caliber players" to work with.  I call hogwash.  Earlier in the week Kyle had an article about who the possible replacements were and Ash's name wasn't on there.  Now I know it wasn't an all inclusive list, but my point still stands.  He wasn't on the radar of anyone, and I think for a reason.  I'm no football genius, but in my mind Fickell and Coombs were/are part of the problem and they are still here.  Maybe Urban will announce Ash has sole responsibility over the secondary and Coombs is only the special teams coach.  Maybe then I'll feel a little better.  If nothing changes, nothing gets better.  Just my $0.02

CJDPHoS Member

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Chris Ash was clearly on UFM's radar

ONE Not Done!

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Agree 100%, this is a thing of timing and of funds that have been approved by the board of directors for hiring. Urban does not pay the hired coach, the University does, therefore he is limited in whom he can go after.
Ash will show who he is this year, and I do like the LJ hiring just not convinced he is a superstar as most people on here think.  Offenses have changed drastically over the past 7 years and even more so over the last 3, old defenses strategies will just not cut it, so I am looking for a defense that can put pressure eon the QB with different ,disquiesd blitz packages, until we have someone like Pruit from FSU we will continue to allow the receivers freedom to roam with little pressure on the QB = burnt.
Coombs still coaching DB's we will be toast. period.
Fickell still calling Defense schemes and play calling = burnt and same D as last season.

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Coombs and Fickell still bother me. They were both played huge roles in one of the Worst defense's in school HISTORY!  They both played major roles in that.
Coombs DB coach, well enough said.
Fickell Defensive Coord.  enough said.

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I'm of the belief that Ash should be calling plays, why else would he leave the SEC? It seemed to me like Ash would be, and that Fickell would be a LB coach with Johnson Sr as the D-line. Coombs does an amazing job with special teams, which is where I'd like to see him. Last year too many guys we're teaching different philosophies to each position group, creating confusion and therefore, inconsistent play. Aggressive, press, man coverage seems to be the name of the game, but Ash is more Cover 2 zone, while I prefer man I just want to see our corners challenging and interrupting routes, not lets sit 6-8 yards off on 3rd and 2  

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From his videos, it appears that he plays cover 2 mostly on 3rd and long.  He seems pretty impressive.

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I gave you some downvotes...mostly because you seem so certain we settled on these guys but provided no alternative to who you thought was the better candidate. UFM had Ash on his radar and frankly while I like to pretend I understand the game and what it takes to win, I'll leave the decisions to people whose careers depend upon these.  decisions.  Johnson is a home run. No question about that. Ash is simply an unknown to us fans, but not within coaching circles.