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I usually don't post or comment during Buckeye games because I'm busy yelling at my TV. But I do like to chat any other time.


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Comment 27 Jul 2016

That is why I look forward to this season, because it reminds me a lot of 2014. The doubts that poured onto that season as it continued are about the same as I expect them to be this year. There was no way they could replace great players like Hyde, Shazier, and Roby that quickly.
There was not a chance of them rallying from Braxton's injury mere days before the season began.
How do you recover from losing to Virginia Tech?
There's no way they beat Sparty, they're just in their head too much. 
They can't come back from two Quarterback injuries.
They're going to get destroyed by the almighty Crimson Tide, and prove that the committee should've put TCU in.
There's no way they'll be able to keep up with Oregon's tempo.
Now we're starting this season with: It's impossible to replace all those great players.
They will not beat Oklahoma in Norman.

It's almost eerie, isn't it?

Comment 26 Jul 2016

Good, it was ridiculous to begin with.

Comment 24 Jul 2016

Well damn, imagine how much hatred we'd have for PSU if they were a rival.

Comment 18 Jul 2016

Anyone who plays the game is aware of its perils. A kickoff is a huge part of the game, and dictates field positioning more than any other play, and eliminating it would be a complete disservice to everyone.

Comment 09 Jul 2016

Our offense shouldn't have any problems moving the ball, Oklahoma's defense hasn't been good for a while, and now that they have lost guys like Eric Striker and Zach Sanchez, they don't have much experience returning on that side. However, stopping Mixon and Perine is paramount to winning, those may be two of the top three backs in America.
But I would take Meyer over Stoops in any big game against any opponent.

Comment 06 Jul 2016

Last year vs. Sparty.
After watching Bama win the Natty, I felt disgusted knowing that they weren't the best team last season.

Comment 28 Jun 2016

Weis' idiocy just baffled me. If it wasn't for his boneheaded decision to bypass a 40-something yard field goal in a tied game to go for a 4th and 10, then this play never happens.