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Comment 15 hours ago

While you make a good point of how TCU was kept ahead of Baylor for so long, the BCS system was also had big flaws. In week 10 of the '09 season where the computers had Iowa as #1. IOWA!!! And this was when teams like Florida (the Tebow/Meyer Gators), Bama (who would win the natty that year) and Texas (with Colt McCoy) were also unbeaten. This system has actual people watching for themselves, rather than having a machine spit out results, and while they did screw up on having TCU ahead of Baylor, in the end they had Baylor at #5 and TCU at #6 (even though in the end it didn't matter because they both missed out), and the committee did indeed get the playoff right.

Comment 26 Jul 2015

It's been more than just Bama, the entire SEC has struggled in the Superdome in recent years. The last time they won a Sugar Bowl was when Meyer's Gaotrs manhandled the previous unbeaten Bearcats in 2010 in Tebow's final game. 

2005-06: West Virginia 38 Georgia 35

2008-09: Utah 31 Bama 17

2010-11: Ohio State 31 Arkansas 26

2012-13: Louisville 33 Florida 23

2013-14: Oklahoma 45 Bama 31

2014-15: Ohio State 42 Bama 35

Comment 24 Jul 2015

D'Antonio, outside of the B1G, he doesn't get nearly the amount of respect he deserves. 

EDIT: Also, Frank Beamer, I know V-Tech hasn't been too good in recent years, but V-Tech was a dumpster fire before he arrived, and they've been to a bowl game for 21 consecutive years now.

Comment 22 Jul 2015

I know this seems really long, but please bare with me and read the entirety of this post:

Im so sick of hearing about an 8-team playoff, it will not work. There has never been a season where 8 teams had a legitimate argument to play for the championship, if we had an 8 team playoff last season, Mississippi State would've been included as the 7th team, and does anyone really believe that Mississippi State had an argument last year at the end of the regular season? Plus if a team were to win the title, they would have to play 16 games in one season (if they were to have a conference championship game), it's tough enough for college kids to play 15 games if they win it all. And people forget that at the end of the year, there were only 4 teams that truly had the argument to be in: OSU, Bama, Oregon, and TCU (say what you want about them, but they were a top 4 team at the end), but there was no way TCU would've gotten in over unbeaten Florida State (who could've easily had 5 losses last season). 

But one reason I think is truly overlooked is that in College Football, every week your season could end, and that's what makes it so entertaining. If we were to add four more playoff spots, we'd be inviting 2-loss teams, and maybe even 3-loss teams to the picture. Michigan State last year is a perfect example, they were 10-2 at the end of the regular season, but they had only two games against big time opponents (Oregon and OSU) and they lost both handily, but they were ranked 8th at the start of the bowl season, and they would've been included. As much as I respect D'Antonio and MSU, they wouldn't have deserved a shot at the title last season. And it's because that there is such a slim margin for error that makes College better than the NFL in my opinion, because you could lose 6 or 7 games in the NFL and still make it to the playoffs and win the Super Bowl (the 2011 Giants were 9-7 and won it all). The NFL playoffs doesn't prove the best team in the league, it only proves who's the hottest team. But the 4-team college playoff does prove who the best team is, because there are the perfect amount of teams involved in it, and just because a team is rated as the 4th seed doesn't mean they are worse than the 3 teams above them, primarily because there is either zero or a very slim comparison to the teams they play (I doubt there will be two teams from the same conference in the playoffs anytime soon), and we don't know how good they are until they meet each other on the field (i.e. OSU versus Bama).

Comment 21 Jul 2015

I don't know, Appalachian State or Toledo would be pretty tempting, and they're proven winners.

Comment 21 Jul 2015

If I cheer for a B1G team, it's usually because I just like them more or hate them less than their opponent, almost never do I cheer "for the B1G to be better." Teams like: Iowa, MSU, Northwestern, Nebraska, Minnesota, and even Rutgers and Maryland are fine by me. However, I did make an exception for this past bowl season, I wanted every B1G team to win (and since TTUN wasn't in a bowl game, I do mean every team, even Penn State, and I feel dirty just typing that), and while the B1G didn't do spectacular, they did well enough to regain some national respect. And other than OSU's two bowl wins, I felt really glad that Sparty shut Art Briles' whiny ass up (beating Baylor in Texas nonetheless), and Wisconsin and Melvin Gordon running all over Auburn, I remember one Auburn player saying that Gordon had so many yards only because he played in the B1G, and he ran for more yards against Auburn that day than he did against Purdue! The state of Alabama allowed a combined 481 yards rushing to the B1G's two best Running Backs on January 1st, 2015, just thought I'd throw that in there.

Comment 21 Jul 2015

Well, to be fair, we only had a minus-3 turnover margin because of Mariota's pick to end the game. If we didn't get that though, the game could've swung incredibly in Oregon's favor.