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I usually don't post or comment during Buckeye games because I'm busy yelling at my TV. But I do like to chat any other time.


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Comment 18 May 2016

2013: Prior to the conference title games being played, there were multiple conversations about if Auburn, who was 11-1, deserved to be in the title game over then 12-0 OSU. They discussed it on that week's Gameday, and during the noon games. I understand that a lot of it has to do with viewership and ratings, but it was still, to me at least, ridiculous.
And why do they trash a brand they have invested ten figures into, as you say? Because they know that OSU is one of, if not the most nationally despised football schools in the country, and if a negative story were to be released (i.e. Tatgate), then it would bring just as much, if not more attention than a positive one. Two reasons for this: One being that most of the national headlines are for negative reasons, so nothing would change in that sense; and two, because if people dislike something or someone, and a scandal of theirs is published, they will flock like crows to read it. If Tatgate had happened to Michigan, we would have pointed and laughed just as they did to us.

Comment 18 May 2016

By continuously saying that a 1 or 2 loss SEC team was more worthy to play for the title than OSU, the excessive coverage of Tatgate, while other schools (i.e. Tennessee, North Carolina, Ole Miss, etc.) barely receive any coverage for far worse allegations. It has became quite apparent a long time ago. And they do this because they're riding the horse that makes them the big bucks: the SEC.

Comment 18 May 2016

They trashed the Buckeyes while they did televise their games, and only started to praise them after they won the title and beat their precious SEC champs. Fuck them, nothing would change if they did partner up.

Comment 07 May 2016

Let's see: They were preseason ranked #1 in 2003, and didn't end up as champs. 2006 they were preseason ranked #1, and ended as the runner-ups. 2013 were preseason ranked #2, and ended on a two-game losing streak. 2015 were ranked preseason unanimous #1, and didn't even win their division. Compared to being ranked #13 in the preseason of 2002, and were ranked a mere 22nd after the Week 2 loss to Virginia Tech in 2014.
Being the underdog equals success.