Why OSU will beat _ichigan

I keep reading posts of members expressing their nervousness over "The Game" and I wanted to take a minute to give some facts that should turn that nervousness in to excitement.  To be clear I'm also nervous because of what's at stake but that's normal for every game The O...
26 Nov 2013
by FitzBuck

How to Cook a Wolverine!

So you want to learn how to cook a wolverine do you? Thank God for thanksgiving time and the week of "The Game" rolled all into one. "They don't like us and We don't like them" said one Buckeye this week. So if you can't get along why not eat them lol.... Well th...
26 Nov 2013
by BlockO

The Ohio State Effect: Indiana

      Another week, and another opponent's stats get flipped upside down. It's always interesting to see how a team's stats change after playing Ohio State. Below you will be able to compare Indiana's stats before playing, and after playing, Ohio State. Th...

Don't Fall for His Evil Tricks!

(Some of the many forms of the evil one)  He goes by many names: Mr. Scratch, Mr. Nick, Iblis, the  Shaytan, Abbaddo, Marduk, Bile, Lucifer, Satan, and most horribly – M*ch*gan(I do not spell out the name so that I do not add to its power). Perhaps the greatest trick the Devil...
25 Nov 2013
by Citrus

This is a Special Team

As a member of the Ohio State marching band, I was given the opportunity to get to meet the team and march them through Script Ohio at the WHAC indoor field in what has been an established tradition for beat _*ch*g@n week for a very long time, and this account is going to echo much of what Ramzy sai...
24 Nov 2013
by 216ToThe614

2 Weeks To Go - The Insanity Will Continue

I still believe the BCS picture is about to get even crazier.  Now Auburn is creeping their way into the 5 spot, and Missouri is at 6.  Clemson is still hanging around and now the Winston controversy is continuing to swirl, the top of the BCS will get crazier with rivalry week and conferen...

Hoke...All you can eat buffet slayer

A M@chigan friends post recentlly: This is the WORST display of UM football I have ever seen. sadly, OSU got the great coaching, we DID NOT! What the heck is this "execute" word he throws around after getting killed two weeks in a row. Hoke is a joke. PUT A HEADSET ON. TALK TO YOUR TEAM....
24 Nov 2013
by para bucks

Wrestling: Preview of today's Davidson Duals

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of 100 battles.” – The Art of War- Sun Tzu Rage Against The Machine had a similar sentiment (not exactly, but I grew up in the 90’s and remain a strong supporter of RATM) on their song “Know Yo...

The Losing Effect: Michigan

The meltdown for That Team's fans continues again this week. I have posted some of the gems from so you don't have to read all 259 posts. The spelling and words are theirs, I will not correct them. Man, is it good to be a Buckeye. Michigan football in toy trains.... ...

The big IF

If FSU or/and Alabama lose next week or in Conf. Championship, and OSU wins out who do we play for NCG? If its Mizzou that beats Alabama (crazier things have happened) after taking out Texas A&M do they have a shot because we all know how everyone is riding the almighty SEC train? Now you got OK...
24 Nov 2013
by para bucks

Buckeye Fan?

Tonight i was having some drinks with friends and we got into a discussion about football, my friends know how much I love The Ohio State Buckeyes. As drinks poured and passion became topic of the discussion I was called out by a girlfriend of one of my friends. She said "you didn't go to O...
23 Nov 2013
by CleSteve

I'll Miss the BCS, and you should too.

For years the BCS has been maligned, skewered, and lampooned. This year with 4 impressive teams undefeated, the BCS is receiving more criticism than ever. Nowhere is that more true than in the offices, speak easies, and cat houses of ol’ Columbus town where anti-BCS talk has hit a fever pitch....
21 Nov 2013
by Citrus

The Series History: Ohio State/Indiana

 Saturday, Ohio State plays Indiana for the 87th time. Ohio State leads the series 69-12-5* and is 67-12-4 against unranked Indiana teams. The Buckeyes last lost to Indiana in 1988 and have won 18 straight against the Hoosiers. Ohio State should not have any difficulty getting up for a histor...

Weekly Probabilities 11/20

So I'm going to do things a little differently this week.  People have been wanting me to include Baylor in my calculations, but to be frank, I don't know what numbers to assign to whether or not humans will decide if an undefeated Baylor should pass an undefeated Ohio State.  Rath...
20 Nov 2013
by Goalscorer9

The Rundown: Indiana at No. 3 Ohio State

THE RUNNING START TV: Saturday, 3:30 ABC Ohio State leads the series 69-12-5* and is 44-10-4 against Indiana in Columbus.       *I include the vacated 2010 victory at home, NCAA be damned. Since 1991 Ohio State has won 18* straight games against Indiana. The Bu...

Grading out as a Champion

I admit it, although Kyle comes through with solid summaries of the Coach's Monday press interviews, I still like to watch them (see: unapologetic Ohio State Football junkie).  One thing that strikes me is the statement of which players grade out as Champions.  I'm sure it's a ...
19 Nov 2013
by BuckeyeBred