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Comment 21 Dec 2014

So called "conference strength" has been a thing since there has been football.  It is only just now becoming talked about on a ridiculous level because of the meteoric rise of social media in the past decade.

College football does run in cycles, and the SEC is cycling down.  Because of all the yip yap about SEC this, SEC that, the illusion has remained, even as the truth is becoming evident that the southern conference really isn't, and hasn't been manhandling all others in the recent past.

Alabama wasn't so hot in the ten years before 2006, and if you do the math and go back twenty years, the SEC really wasn't much at all.  It has only been in the last seven years that we have inundated with this nonsense, and Ohio State is about to knock a huge dent in the perception of SEC superiority.  It is a good thing that they get Alabama, the flag bearer for the SEC, and it is a good thing that Alabama is coming in at number one.

I chuckle when people keep saying they are afraid of what Saban can do to us, given a month to prepare.  Let's just flip that little idea, and suggest that Alabama should be very afraid of what Urban Meyer can do with a month to prepare.

A lot of Southerners are going to be weeping after the new year, as the emperor's nakedness will be quite evident in New Orleans.

Comment 20 Dec 2014

SonofCarmen, I would second this. 

Ross, that is a topic that mystifies me some.  How our secondary might show one look, then seem to change it into various shades of grey, so to speak, and with what looks to be one or two guys roaming independently sometimes?

Are you allowed to reveal actually how our defensive secondary works? 

Or maybe wait till we beat Alabama, because you know they do be peeking at what happens at the 11W. 

Wouldn't want to give away any state secrets.

I am giddy to be able to see what that loud-mouthed Alabama bully wanna-be, says after the game, and also that lady Phyllis, who might just go more insane when her Tide gets mauled.  I can't hate the crazy lady too much though, cause I think she did call him, "Cowturd" several times that day.


Comment 18 Dec 2014

I don't think all coaches necessarily want to end up in the NFL.  Everything becomes a business mentality and the investment a coach would have to put into motivating professionals is exponentially more taxing than stoking a bunch of college kids.  There are some that simply enjoying making a difference in the lives of kids.

Players' attitudes seem to change drastically in the NFL for the most part.

Comment 17 Dec 2014

Did anyone else notice that in the article's caption photo, Cardale seems to be taking some advice from a tiny green-clad Leprechaun?

Comment 17 Dec 2014

"Cardale Jones noticed the backwards title and pulled the third string from the covering, revealing Lurker's true identity...Rekrul."

Comment 16 Dec 2014

Oh, but please make this happen.  It would be good for Ohio State.  I was never one to be totally happy with a crappy TTUN.  Sure, it was fun to stomp them into chunks of overripe roadkill.  It was fun.  It was.

But something evil, wicked, and thoroughly vile in me wants them to be lifted high back upon their faulty horse.

So we can slap them into the mud once again.

Now that's fun.

Comment 14 Dec 2014

When Cardale guides the Bucks to the Natty in January, and looks good doing it, the spring will be hilarious! 

Urban will have to look at all three guys, and simply say, "Look, nobody's gonna win the Heisman since you won't have enough individual numbers, because we're playing all three of you.  Brax, you'll go to the NFL with less wear and tear, and JT, you and Cardale have a few years left to shine.  So if you guys are alright with that, let's go win consecutive national championships, ok?"

Sounds like a plan to me.

Comment 14 Dec 2014

Very good.  Notice Alabama held its highest scoring opponents to exponentially poorer performances than it did teams of lesser status as an offense (top five teams versus the rest, disregarding Auburn's plus side).

That might indicate they "play down" to poorer opponents just as the Buckeyes used to do.  This year, there really wasn't a lot of that from our guys, and I think that speaks to the intensity of the focus of this team.  But even as Alabama played down to the lessers, they also played up to the more highly regarded teams.  This certainly indicates a talented team, but they have sort of fallen into that "top of the hill" mentality, where it gets harder and harder to motivate, because the kids just assume they are the best because they're constantly told so, especially by media and fans.

This can lead to a little less preparation in the weight room or in the position meetings, which translates eventually to a breakdown on the field.  Add in a little bit of relaxation and partying over the holiday, and perhaps an indulgence in more calories than can be worked off before the big game...and you have a recipe for...well, what Urban did to a solid Ohio State team a few years back. 

Alabama is comfortable at number one. 

Ohio State is uncomfortable not being there.