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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Absolutely the win over Miami for the National Championship...aww, append that to second place. The Magical Year of 2014 edges it out.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Archie Griffin. That may never change.
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Aaron Craft. Fun to watch.
  • NFL TEAM: Cleveland Browns, and every Buckeye wherever he is
  • NHL TEAM: Don't watch unless its playoffs
  • NBA TEAM: None-just follow the Buckeyes in the NBA
  • MLB TEAM: Indians/ Reds, and yes, I'm skitzofrenick
  • SOCCER TEAM: Don't watch unless physically forced to do so.

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Comment 07 Dec 2016

Folks, the fact that those coaches who labor under Meyer are more "upwardly mobile" than most is a given.

What some fail to see here is the bigger picture.  With so many top-of-the-food-chain coaches out of a job or soon to be, Urban Meyer is going to put together a staff that is unprecedented in college football history.  

The shot across the bow was Schiano.  Former head coach as an assistant for a short period, and move on if you desire.  Then next year bring in another positionally brilliant mind and help Urban undergird the Juggernaut that is Ohio State.  

I hear a voice whispering from the corner of Ohio Stadium, "If you build it...they will come."


Comment 05 Dec 2016

Funny...OUR quarterback and OUR receiver (Samuel) both outperformed the Oklahoma boys!  It should be that two BUCKEYES made the cut!  Is the Heisman becoming a participation trophy for the darling of the moment?  

Like Peppers?  

And like the Coach of the Year award in the Big Ten, Ohio State is just expected to be the best, so move along.  Nothing to see.  After the single worst year in generations of Ohio State games, Meyer, who was openly mocked at being "opportunistic" and ungrateful to the mighty Florida, was EXPECTED to have an undefeated season with a bunch of kids he didn't recruit.  

Barrett didn't do anything special at all this year, certainly not of Heisman caliber...just leading a freshman team, more or less, to what just might be an historic achievement, and I mean HISTORIC.  NO TEAM, in the HISTORY of college football has won the national championship as the YOUNGEST team of all.  

But hey, we're Ohio State.  Barrett's just doing what we fans expect him to do.  Whether it's freshman and sophomores, or a kindergarten class full of little girls in pink tutu's...they better damn well put on enough weight in Mick's gym and get developed quickly or they gonna ride the pine!


Hey, shrug it off, WE ARE OHIO STATE!

Comment 05 Dec 2016

Not so fast, my friend.  Don't go putting any big money up on Alabama just yet.

i have my doubts that they get past Washington, let alone the one Achilles heel they have in the Meyer-led Buckeyes.  I believe Washington is more likely to beat Alabama than the pundits think.

And then it's Huskies vs. Bucks for all the marbles!

Comment 04 Nov 2016


Greetings Earth Friends of an Ancient Plane of Existence!

Time Traveler here.

I did the kind thing and traveled back to December Fourth, 2016 (exactly one month from your current timeline), and won't, of course, upset the very fabric of history by telling you all...(we couldn't abide you farm owners rushing to the bookies and betting them, could we?)...but I will tell you that a coming victory over a certain unnamed collection of individual football players in a northwesterly direction from you will vault your Buckeyes back into the fray.

So fret not, and again, I say, fret you not...or as my dyslexic and mirror-obsessed alter ego might say..."ton terf!"

Stand tall, my nut-rooted ancient ancestors of Buckeye lineage!  Feel free to argue all the points of the season incessantly unto ad nauseam, delighting the senses. The exercise is healthy for your teeth and gums (recent research has discovered), and makes for lively workplace violence-inducing discussion. 

But in the end, the youngest team in NCAA college football this year walks away with the College Football Na...

Oh my.  I may have said too much already. 

Please.  Move along. 

Nothing to see here.  Those are not the Droids you are looking for.




Comment 05 Sep 2016

Tulsa may look more vanilla, but so did Bowling Green.  It wasn't an aggressive game plan that got the 77 points.  It was some young men who were very, very hungry to prove themselves and get more playing time.

i think we will see more of the same with Tulsa as these young players stretch to perform to a degree that gets noticed at Ohio State.

And remember, game day for the Buckeyes is a reward for a great job in practice.  Each unit faces off with one of the best units in the country every day!

Buckle in Buckeyes!  This will be a very special season in which Ohio State will do twice in three years what has never been done!

Comment 21 Aug 2016

Logged in to say that actually, once I realized UM was Urban, it hit me as funny.

Urban Meyer has single-handedly eclipsed the other UM we love to hate!

What a nice way to finally use those two letters together!

Comment 02 Aug 2016

Look, I just read this and had to log in to say something.  If it's already been said...then sorry, I'll get off your lawn...

...But come on, if you're going to compete at Ohio State, it is a known quantity that TEAM trumps Guy.  Urban Meyer has made that perfectly clear, to all his kids.  Even quarterbacks.  Take a lesson, kids, from a Guy like J.T. Barrett.  He's a Guy who sacrificed for TEAM, remained humble, and now leads them to the 2016 Undisputed Third National Championship of the Playoff Era.

If you compete at Ohio State, it's because you bought J.T.

And if you stay committed, it's because you in earnest...believe you can win a lead a TEAM like the Ohio State Buckeyes!

So as a recruit...let's just say you better not be afraid of taking on the prove that you are the best.

That's when a promising lad...becomes a Buckeye. And it isn't just on the field.  From what I've seen of Urban Meyer so far, he's been about as caring of these young men as any coach I see in college football today.  His family takes in these kids, makes them friends for life by treating them as fairly as any good father would.

But still, it's on the table from the start.  We recruit the best to play the practice! 

So when we get to the game, it's just preparing for another brutal practice!

Competition is not just good at Ohio State. 

It is expected.

Comment 28 Jun 2016
Well, I have it on good authority from The Time Traveler that Ohio State is going to shock the world...again. A group of young and talented kids with the least experience of any team they might face this going to hold up their second national championship trophy. No scarlety gray goggles here, just know enough to listen when the guy from the 31st century comes calling. Like he said in August of 2014, "Hang on to your hats, Buckeyes, cause the ride's gonna be guuuuud!"
Comment 19 Apr 2016

Wolverines and Spartans are expected to be fierce opponents...but those Lions that say Ni!...just make me chuckle.

Question:  Why does everybody always get an extra week to prepare for the Buckeyes?

Answer:  Because they need it.

And then there's this:

Ohio State fans are increasingly making secret pacts to go to the PS game... in white (with OSU underneath) and change over to OSU colors at halftime....or some other strategic time secretly agreed upon by the huddled masses and cleverly hidden from the Lions.

The thinking apparently was to use the Roman theme, let the Bucks see what it looks like to have the entire Colosseum against you.  A veritable sea of white...angry Roman citizens seeking to soothe their sodden sins with a little violence in the house. 

And after all...Gladiators are supposed to die.

Thinking now as my evil scientist self, I know that PS is expecting OSU colors to show up in the stands, to disrupt the sea of white they plan on unleashing...and yet, where are they?  Where are the Buckeye fans?

Even the sports media guys would be startled at first....they'll be blathering in the booth about the absence of Ohio State fans...perplexed about the inability of even the students to support their team. 

"No, Brent, I don't see a Buckeye in the house!"

It would look a lot like the Colosseum with our guys the gladiators.  Glorious!

And funny as heck.

Has anybody asked you yet?

And then my mind races over the plan...

...oh crap, I have to even pretend to be a Penn State fan?

Would be awesome though to see, punk the announcers and Penn State fans at the same time, whup arse in the actual game, and then for the possibly put the poor "White Out" to bed for all time!  If they dared to pull it out again, the media would be bringing up the "Roman Games of 2016", reliving the drubbing the Buckeyes pasted onto Penn State that year, yada, yada.

Now that would be funny!

Comment 12 Dec 2015

...NFL rules are set up to allow dumpster fires to be put out and turned in to playoff contenders in 2 seasons..."

Can we tap into those rules in Cleveland?

Comment 07 Dec 2015

I have been on this site since January of 2011, and I have never once called any member of this site out for stupidity and general ass-hattery. 

But you, sir...Rill Dill, are simply a whiny, sour, puckered asshole.

Please take yourself up the road to Michigan and join their fan club and hate on the Buckeyes properly.

Comment 06 Dec 2015

Sorry, have to disagree with you, friend.

It's not a matter of sensitivity for me.

We already have enough of that in every facet of life.  Everybody seems to own a pair of panties specifically to get them all in a bunch. 

That's just the way it is.

I'm not personally offended, or particularly angered by Cook's actions...only feel bad for Archie.  He's a cool guy, and I've met him.  Gracious man who takes time to talk with kids.  But sensitive?  Sensitive?  Naw.  People just see it for what it was. 


Why are we surprised?  It's only a forlorn commentary of our new generation of young adults...not all of them, just enough to make it seem like all of them.

Cook is simply a "me first, me only" kind of guy.  He is arrogant.  Nobody likes arrogance. 

Disrespect is still viewed as what it is.

Comment 06 Dec 2015

Logged in to say this...if somebody noticed this already, sorry...

Cook actually shoves Archie's hand down...he doesn't shake it in the least, and makes what appears to be a purposefully disrespectful gesture rather than a non-thinking "in the moment" fumble.  Watch it in slow motion, and notice the small details of the human body that give away the intents of the heart.

Cook meant it to be specifically disrespectful to the Buckeye legend, and that's just sad.  Archie Griffin is a man's man, and a perfect gentleman.  He even patted Cook's hand from behind the guy, smiling graciously through it all.  God bless you, Archie!

Shame, and more shame on you, Conner Cook. 

Be wary...when Karma comes, it comes with teeth bared.

And maybe a buckeye in its pocket.