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Comment 12 hours ago

It seems many are also contractionally challenged with "their, they're, and there" all enjoying an incestuous relationship next door to the kissing cousins, "your and you're". 

Absolutely shameful.  Foozball is the devil.

Comment 12 hours ago

and hence, the requested correction.  Well done, sir.

Comment 13 hours ago

While I understand his importance to the team, an absent Miller still leaves a devastating offensive team, and a stellar defense, if all goes as planned.  Remember that the spring game wasn't a first string offense by any means.  It missed on many cylinders because not just Braxton was missing.

An adequate quarterback can run this offense using other weapons.  I won't be stellar without Miller.  But it will be good.  And with a stronger defense, opportunities will exist more often to get points on the board.

I'm all for keeping Miller healthy, but I'm certainly not dodging bricks from a falling sky if he goes out.

We will be fine.  More than fine.  We will find a way to win.  Period.  Bank it.

Comment 13 hours ago

Amen to that.  This team received some preseason love from traditional haters because, well, they don't want egg on their face.

In reality, this team is SCARY good, and may return yet another record-breaking season that eclipses last year's offense on one hand, and returns the defense to a top ten overall defense

Some would say such a jump is nigh on to impossible.

I say it will happen.

Go bet the odds and tell them you've been to the future in a beat up Delorean. 

Comment 17 hours ago

Ok.  First of all, I haven't read any comments, so sorry if this has been dissected already, but come on...who actually thinks he has to spell the name "Bennett" to a cop?  Lewan had friends in from everywhere, and his brother had already had a scuffle with Ohio State fans.

Now, I ask you, is it too far a leap to think that the special event was going to always BE Taylor Lewan beating the crap out of some poor kid from Ohio?  Not a football player, mind you.  No, not a big bad defensive lineman or a mean old linebacker, no sireee bob...Mr Lewan was gonna find a skinny drunk kid from the south end of Padooka, Ohio with which to get his frustration out on, because he never could have his way with the players.

They always kicked his ass.

I could be bonkers, and certainly am, but is it too much to believe that Lewan, being just a mean bully who had been bullied by his betters...had to exact a measure of revenge off the field when he couldn't do it on the field?

Oh yeah.  I made up "Padooka".

Methinks me strokes my beard.

Comment 18 hours ago

I currently live in Charleston, South Carolina (am moving to DC this Friday for a new job!), and this actually happened last summer when I was still in Arkansas and visiting in South Carolina.  A couple of my buddies (Gamecock fans, but not jerks) were with me in Myrtle Beach on the boardwalk.  I had my Ohio State gear on, it was early evening, and a stumbling drunk Michigan man (he had a tee shirt on) saw me.

He started slurring out very loudly "Suckeyes! Suckeyes!" and pointing at me, laughing.  As he did so, he didn't realize he was backing into the boardwalk edge where the steps were.  I reached out to try to stop him (yes, I know, I know) from catapulting over the steps to the beach below, but he must have thought I was trying to grab him out of anger or frustration.  He pulled away violently and indeed tumbled down the steps, bouncing crazily until he landed in the sand at the bottom, dazed, but unhurt.

When we saw he was ok (strange how drunks can do all sorts of crap that would kill a sober guy and not get a scratch), my buddies started laughing hilariously.  I couldn't really think of anything clever to say, so I just leaned over the edge and asked, "Hey Michigan, you gonna be ok down there?"

All I got in return was a middle finger and a "fuck you!" as he staggered to his feet and wobbled away.

In retrospect, I think he basically represented the entirety of Wolverine Nation and its team...a bunch of stumbling drunkards.

Comment 27 Jul 2014

I agree one hundred and twenty million percent on this, Southern.  I've lived in Arkansas, and currently in South Carolina, and between the two, have lived in rebel states since 1990.  That attitude is permeated all through the south, believe me.  This Friday, I will be moving to Washington, D.C. to pioneer a new territory for my company in the DC/Baltimore area. 

Soooo...I will finally get to go to an opening game of a season!!!  Woo hooo!  See you yahoos at the Navy game!

Comment 27 Jul 2014

I don't know, Jason.  I agree that some points should just be silent and let it go at that. 

We should all be cognizant of pointing out the moat in the eyes of our Brothers Eleven, and that it often invites other snarky comments such as the one I offer up here for consumation.

Heh, heh.

Comment 21 Jul 2014

We no weakness have. 

We is strong. 

And we be kicking arse and taking game.

As my friend The Time Traveler already told me confidentially...when we look back on this season, all we will be able to say is..."Wow!"

Comment 21 Jul 2014

Notre Dumb will not end up in the top twenty at the end of the season.  The surprise will be on Roy boy when his Irish dancers end up shitting the bed.

When that does happen, I want to remember these rants and picture this twerp pulling his fourteen hairs out.

Hate on, world.  Hate on.

Comment 20 Jul 2014

Thanks, Crimson, but that doesn't help with gifs or pics saved to our hard drive, does it?  Do these saved images have to be uploaded to the internet for use now?

Comment 20 Jul 2014

It's exciting to see the progress of the team as top recruits are added to the foundation already in place.  People want to compare the Bucks to an SEC team because of the concentration on speed and impact players, and fine, that's been tolerable till now.

I think that within a few short years, people will be comparing SEC teams to Ohio State! 

The Buckeyes will be the new standard of excellence.  I don't think it's a pipe dream to see that the trend is angling upward, ever upward.  Urban Meyer is intent on putting all the years of coaching practice at other schools into his final act!

Great time to be a Buckeye!