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Comment 01 Jun 2015


Time Ship parked appropriately, but idling, Hovenaut.  Please do not ticket me.

Two things you can bet your sweet bippies on this coming season.

1.  Braxton Miller is starting the Virginia Tech game.

2. The Buckeyes will face Clemson in the playoff.

That is all,

Time Traveler


Comment 30 May 2015

I realize we are a diverse group here, and certainly don't want to put the cabash on the opinions of others. 

But it's a fact that many of our players do come here incognito to read the articles about themselves, and almost assuredly read the comments.

It just makes sense to give them due respect for working their tails off so that we can go delightfully hoarse on game day.

Even though every fan base has its boneheads, it would be nice to demonstrate to the haters what winning with class is all about...and that in itself is like a knife to the gut of those that hate.

Here's to another year of greatness!

Comment 27 May 2015

Dot, I respect your opinion on this, and normally, yes...overconfidence is a fatal disease.

However, high confidence is not.  While it may be a fine line between high- and over-confidence, rest assured that Urban Meyer is one of those coaches who can absolutely handle the egos of young men who think they may be invincible.

After all, these players know that a lazy attitude in training, studying, and effort on the field will lead to being supplanted by a hungrier guy behind them.  I don't remember another four consecutive years of recruiting at this level (assuming 2016 is as good as expected). This team is becoming its own best competition, and if both sides of the ball develop as most predict, there will be another national championship trophy in a case at Ohio State, and next year you and I will be having this same conversation about defending for a THIRD national championship!

Comment 27 May 2015

Been out of the commentarial exercises for a while, but always come here to read stories and articles!

As always, thank you !!Warriors for exceptional content! 

Got my 85 Yards Through the Heart of the South shirt, and will be wearing it at my family reunion in September, the weekend after the Virginia Tech game (which I am attending)!  That shirt will help to stir some delicious pots down in Tennessee and brother, an Arkansas fan, asked me a year and a half ago what I thought they had gotten in Bert, and I regaled him with the most guttural of guffaws, promising him misery and disappointment to come!  At the time, he chuckled and said I was "jealous".  I am so looking forward to this reunion.

After watching Zeke's playful "salmon" antics in the after game celebrations, I got to thinking that he is exactly like a salmon.  A salmon swims upstream, and most die or are eaten on the way.  Those hardy salmon that make it to the spawning grounds are the strongest most resourceful swimmers in the population.

Elliot not only salmoned his way so quickly upstream in the river of touted running backs that he put himself at the front of the Heisman pack after a single season as a featured back...but he also moved into position to be become one of the most prolific backs to come out of Ohio State in its storied history.

That aint no small accomplishment.

So we truly have Zeke, the Salmon Elliot!

Hey, Eleven!  Any possibility of a new Salmon design T-Shirt?  Maybe some salmon on the front with Zeke in the lead heading toward the Heisman spawning ground?  Save me one!

I hope you fellow buck fans are learning how to be classy winners, because this train is rolling, and the collegiate football world is about to be introduced to a torture machine called the Buckeyes.

Oh, freakin H!

Comment 19 Apr 2015


Time Traveler here,

The earth winter has always been traditionally my "quiet time", as I still come to !!W almost daily when I am in this sector of spacetime, but rarely comment

This article, however, stimulated my commentariotness.  So, I greet you humans.  Happiness to your harried pits.

As the college football world will soon see, the three headed monstrosity lurking at Ohio State will raise its head and gaze upon the contenders that take the field against them.  Even now, the OSU staff surveys, and plots, plans...and improves

And come is time to pummel.

But the final you will witness yourselves in January of 2016, tickled the continuum past as it addressed that historic sports assumption that "two quarterbacks are the same as no quarterbacks."  The three headed monster of future greats Miller, Jones, and Barrett will (and has) forced a caveat in the ancient annals which read, "unless it is three quarterbacks at Ohio State". 

That caveat has endured for centuries.  A most humorous footnote in collegiate football history.

That Jones will endear himself to Buckeye Nation is a foregone.  That there is little friction between the extraordinary.  This entire situation bodes well for all of them, regardless of who starts.  The media and other fanbases, including their coaches, want to "play down" what is happening at Ohio State, and claim they'd "take their own quarterbacks over any of ours"  or "Braxton is coming to our team because my aunt's nephew's girlfriend's second cousin said her uncle's wife heard a friend say that two strippers heard some "football types" talking at a table about some aunt's nephew's girlfriend and her second cousin." 


I can't just tell you what your future holds because you never know how the future changes if one of you bozos tries to capitalize on tomorrow's history...but I will give up this nugget: 

These next few years are known in my time as "The Years of the Buckeye", in which after the devastation and embarrassment of both Alabama and Oregon (Wisconsin was given a pass, because, well, we are Ohio State), several at the top began to seemingly crumble before the onslaught of Urban's recruiting and his futuristic mental technology (wink, wink, nudge, nudge), and the Buckeyes emerged as college football titans, lording over a number of seasons into the new era. 

And yes, that was one single sentence.

The Years of the Buckeye were some glorious years in which I could snicker at my Arkansas RazorPig brother, who still has his chips in a Bielemac bowl in the buttcrack of the south. 

But I just came back from your next year's playoff, and I wanted to say...uh, well...I better stop right there.  I have to be extremely diligent with the curling of timespace, and it's likely disruption resulting from some local manipulation of the information into untold riches, which in itself, might then rupture the time fabric and throw your world into a horrific downward spiraling chaos. 

Nobody wants that.

Oh, eventually the Buckeyes will fall, but that knowledge would be too dangerous in the hands of people like Hovenaut, who has been known to exploit extraterrestrial knowledge, and who just might tell the downward spiraling chaos to "get off his lawn". 

So for the sake of the known universe, I say, just sit back and relax, Buckeye Nation, you have a wild ride ahead!

Heh, heh.



Comment 06 Feb 2015

But Squirrel, are we sure that Drayton actually told Weber he would be his coach?

It doesn't read like that is absolutely so.  A lot of leeway there.

I'm just not ready, even if the op or anyone else is, to assume the worst or rush to a premature judgement without the facts. 

Yes, I tend to trust the integrity of our coaching staff.  I'm not blind to some of the tactics all these coaches employ in the increasing brutality of the college recruiting world, where we are, after all, in a whole new arena with the speed and power of social media in opinion-shaping. 

Our staff will do what they believe they need to do, and probably make some mistakes along the way, and maybe we wish they'd take a vote of Buckeye Nation for consensus.

But in the end, it is the desire to WIN and to go pro that appeals to high school hopefuls, particularly the very best ones.  Do they get attached to a recruiting coach?  Absolutely.  Is there always a guarantee that the coach will babysit the player through his career?  I hope not.  Do I wish our staff had been simply more open about Drayton's possible hire, if it was known to be a possibility?  Sure, but all of that is so murky that we're not sure of what to think.  I let it go because in the end, without every single last fact, we really don't have the right to be the judges of the situation. 

At Ohio State, and especially right now...Weber has the best chance of his life to do those things.  If he wants to help put out the dumpster fire in Ann's Arbor, then go do it now.  He could be a good one to test ourselves against.  But now, he's got "friends" from up north calling him basically a pussy who's afraid of competition, which is so absurd that I won't even go into it.  But if he puts his energy into building under a good strength coach, and molds his body into a toned running machine, then this kid WILL see the field, and likely earlier as opposed to later.  Mike needs to make a decision, and not let the hurt fester.

For him, it all boils down to attitude.  Sometimes it takes a while for a kid to buy in to what is being taught behind the locker room doors.  He can be a poison to all of that, or he can swallow whatever those hurts are, put it behind him, and embrace the culture of winning national championships.  It really is as simple as that. 

The ball is indeed in Mike's court.

The rest of us are only being entertained. 

Comment 05 Feb 2015

Gee guys.  I had to log in just to say, "sheeesh!"

Please...please...let these coaches just coach the team.  There's a reason why the Ohio State athletic department isn't paying me to help them with their decisions.

That same reason, or one quite similar, might be the reason they ain't payin you as well.

Sometimes, I swear, we are our own worst enemy with the quick suggestions of evil-doins at every hand. that you, Mark?  Stop possessing the brains and pens of some of our most vulnerable Buckeye fans! 

Stop it, I say!  Ala the ever-crazy Earnest Angley in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio...

"Beee gonnne, ye evil speeerits, come ouwwwit, come ouwwit of this maay-in's ear!"

Mike Weber will likely be the happy recipient of another of Urban Meyer's intelligent hires.  Mike likely knew last night what the deal was, but was still hurt about it.  He had a chance to change his mind, I'm sure.  And if a kid pushed it hard enough, he could most certainly challenge the validity of a faxed signature under pretense of shannanniganns around Drayton wanting to further his own career. 

Weber chose to stay, and if he indicates otherwise and wants to go, you can bet your sweet bippy Urban will let him go.  If he wants to stay a year, and then transfer to Michigan and sit a year like a certain recent Buckeye did in reverse...then he's free to do that as well. 

Whatever happens, I am thrilled with the resurgence of the Buckeyes to national prominence...and I will root for my team. 

Run if you want to, run if you will...but I came here to say.  Edit: stay.  Freudian slip.  Wow.

Buck that!

Comment 14 Jan 2015

Hey, does anybody know where to find a version of the game?  Looks like fricking ESPAsswipe has copyrighted the game!  Is there another version?  I could not record it!!

Help!  I am a starving man!

Homeless...Will Work For Game

Comment 14 Jan 2015

I noticed that our SIXTH place guy would place (respectively) as:

#2, #3, #4, and #2 in each of the other conferences!  Wow!

That's some quality H2O there!

Comment 14 Jan 2015

Yes, hindsight IS always 20/20, unless you have hemorrhoids, and then your vision might be obscured a little.

Comment 13 Jan 2015

Would be cool to see each conference's running stats averaged over their top six.

Comment 13 Jan 2015

Such a great feeling.  For those as old as I am to remember winning in the sixties, this is a feeling that is rarified air.  I got a blast out of Cardale's comment:

“This feeling is unreal right now because three or four months ago, everybody counted us out,” Jones said. “They said we wouldn’t be here at this point in our careers, in the season and the way we were just smiling through all that, it was just unbelievable.”

Looks like Urban taught that sly, sneaky grin to the team too.  They knew all along they were special enough to do it.  It reflected in the calm, knowing demeanor Urban gave off at season's end and into the playoffs.

Comment 13 Jan 2015

Thank you, Sauce. From that article:

"Nick Aliotti was furious with Cougars coach Mike Leach’s decision to continue attacking in the dying moments with the game well out of hand."

Somebody pleeeeze tweet this immediately to the world.  I don't twitter.

Comment 13 Jan 2015

Of course.  It's common sense to keep plays as safe as possible, and when the opposing defense is stopping those runs ZERO percent of the time, it would be foolish to then go back to heaving long balls at Devin Smith. 

Everybody knows Cardale isn't the runner Braxton and JT are, but so what?  With so many weapons at Meyer's disposal, he simply used the most sensible ones at the right time.

Eze was the beneficiary of all the circumstances of those last three games.  And he made the most of it.

This young team will be horrifying to defensive coordinators next year.

Comment 13 Jan 2015

Even in his meal of cold crow, Sharp touts the SEC in every way he can.  Ohio State is SEC North, using SEC talent, with an SEC coach doing SEC things.

He just cant get off the bandwagon, and claims that the lower tier bowl wins over SEC opponents means nothing.

Ass clowns are always ass clowns.