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Yeah, it's pretty bland. Did pretty much A to Z and loved it all...well, except for that one friend in high school who could puke at will, and decided to do so one day on every single entrance to our school. I think it actually caused a few slippage accidents. Wild Bill. Memories of the Seventies. But I had a flair for writing good scripts for competition pieces, and became interested in everything Houdini... a self styled escape artist as a sophomore in high school trying to replicate Houdini escapes...and on to stage magic before being the Air Force Tops In Blue magician who got to sit and talk to BB King at worldwide finals (I lost to a European juggler) to teaching kids English, drama, forensic competition speech to school principal to Antiterrorism Trainer for the Department of selling a great new and safe product to gastroenterologists here in Washington well, ...the future. After all, I am The Time Traveler.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Absolutely the win over Miami for the National Championship...aww, append that to second place. The Magical Year of 2014 edges it out.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Archie Griffin. Don't think that will ever change. Archie Griffin is simply a great man.
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Aaron Craft. Fun to watch.
  • NFL TEAM: Cleveland Browns
  • NHL TEAM: Don't watch unless its playoffs
  • NBA TEAM: None-just follow the Buckeyes in the NBA
  • MLB TEAM: Cincinnati Reds
  • SOCCER TEAM: Don't watch unless forced to.

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Comment 04 Oct 2015


There are plenty of us who appreciate what you do with these vids.  Please accept our apology for those that don't.

Thank you, good sir.

Comment 04 Oct 2015

It was also funny to see that nearly nobody retweeted or was following these imbecile tweeters.  They basically are tweeting out to nobody...just to see their own tweets, really.

They are the epitome of irrelevance. 

It would be nice for a couple of thousand fans to blow their stupid accounts up with "shame on you" answers.

Comment 04 Oct 2015

I find it extremely entertaining that there really are so many fans (of ALL teams) who are fair weather, and screeching at the slightest letups.  I wonder how many other teams in the country would take 5-0 while not looking like the prom queen we thought we were going into the season at #1.

Even if the Buckeyes fall to #4 with ugly wins (barring any losses) throughout the season, I am perfectly happy to be in a position to once again get a shot in the playoffs.  It's a whole new era.  We really do need to step back and just enjoy the new seasons in this format.

I will say that I am embarrassed by the so called fans who are throwing insults at the coaches (Warinner, for example) and tweeting at the players in a manner that is degrading to anybody.  Extremely embarrassed.  This just isn't what a loyal fan of a team does.  I suspect that (hopefully) a majority of these idiots are actually trolls from other teams who just want to muddy the waters.

I appeal to true fans to stop doing these things.

I also appeal to Eleven Warriors to police the horrible comments such as were given in the open game thread.  Those commenters have, in my opinion, forfeited their rights to comment, if they begin throwing racial and social slurs around.  I did not comment in the open thread, and in fact, got out of there, as it was looking like a brawl instead of a gathering of loyal Buckeye fans.

This is not the place for that nonsense.  I suggest we CLEAN HOUSE.

Comment 27 Sep 2015

I've been on this site for four years, and I don't remember a time when we as fans had so much complaining about wins, about imperfect games, and about coaching decisions.

I admit I don't always read all the comments because I come here for articles for the most part.

But I have to say that I am somewhat perplexed at the naysayers who come out of the woodwork at every subpar performance.  Are we really that shallow and insecure as a fan base that we cry out "the sky is falling" every time we feel a drop of rain?

I simply ask the real fans to show a little maturity and calmness in the inevitable onslaught this year by trolls such as Gofor2.

I did just read all of Gofor2's comments and have to say that if this guy is an Ohio State fan, then he is the most pessimistic and grumpy fan I have every seen.  I think he is a thinly disguised SEC troll or maybe a Michigan fan.  He simply cannot be a real Ohio State fan.

Please...let's enjoy the season and watch as this iteration of the Buckeyes goes on to prove that while back to back national championships are difficult, improbable, and unlikely...they are indeed possible.

This is the year of that possibility.

Comment 25 Sep 2015

Dear Chicken LIttle,

The sky is not falling.  Repeat...the sky is not falling.

Citing (and agonizing over) the statistics from one or two games where we understand the dynamics of what is happening is like ordering a half cooked meal at your favorite restaurant...then consuming it in disgust and complaining to the management.

I think I'll just wait for this season to be be cooked a bit more before I start ingesting meaningless statistics from one or two games.  The best seasonings so far are those little W's beside the meal. 

I'll see you at the register after the meal, ok?

Comment 20 Sep 2015

Late to the topic, but just wondering...

With Herman in the booth last year, he was able to identify formations and tendencies from opposing defenses, and adjust accordingly and quickly.

With Warinner on the sidelines, how is he getting input on formations and tendencies?  Is there someone in the booth sending information down to him?  If so, our offensive playcalling will only be as good as that subordinate's skill at identification of those things.

Does Warinner have too much on his plate?  Is that a reason the Slobs are lackluster? 

Hopefully, Urban will find the right mix and implement a plan going forward.

Comment 06 Sep 2015

I believe Bosa's sins were class related, and the punishment was sending a message to others who might think to cross lines, albeit in a small way.

The shirts are harmless, and I'm sure there are internal dynamics that make it just a light hearted play within the team itself.  We never know what is really happening in the locker room, so if a bit of levity loosens things up, it's ok.  And I am also sure that the coaches knew about the shirts before they went to twitter, and if there was a chance of running afoul of the head coach, it would not have proceeded.

So...just relax.

Comment 03 Sep 2015

As Buckeye fans, we simply cannot lose tonight.

We would all giggle uncontrollably at a Wolverine beatdown at the hands of the Utes...that is the immediate delightful thought.

However, if the Maisey-Blews win, it will just be one more temporary victory that will inflate their ego, only to be brutally skull-bashed into football unconsciousness in November.

Comment 01 Sep 2015

Let's just hope after we decimate them in the trenches and on the scoreboard that they don't get their asses handed to them the rest of the year.  I want them to run the table after our game, if possible, since they weren't very helpful last year.

Comment 30 Aug 2015

Again, firefighter...what exactly does the an mean in anOSU?

I'm curious if it is a purposeful snide attachment to the name?

Yes, curious, I am.

Comment 30 Aug 2015

Who exactly is anOSU?  Are you just trying to taunt THE OSU with an implied notion that we are just another OSU?  Like Oklahoma State or Oregon State?

If so, go back to putting out fires, not starting them.

Comment 30 Aug 2015

I don't want to pop any Hokie bubbles, as I've enjoyed their visits here and the respectful way they contribute, but...

...their team is not facing the same Buckeye team of recent yesteryear.  Without expounding on the improvements from 2014, the team trotting out into the limelight on 7 September is nine units strong and will unleash an ass-lashing of immense proportion.  Yes, I respect Tech's game, but its fans will come to understand that the bear defense of last year only served to awaken...the Big Bear. 

The poking and prodding has gone on long enough..."ha, ha, the undisputed national champions were beat by a team that in turn was pummeled by pansies." 

Don't think that righting that horrific wrong doesn't play into the game strategy the second time around.  Urban Meyer and his team clawed their way through tragedy, loss, and insurmountable odds to capture the summit of college football...and now... is time for a mauling.

Comment 28 Aug 2015

I think we will see this defense show the results of maturity this year.  Buckeye Nation has been longing for a true return to the Silver Bullet Era, and I believe we are going to see that...and more, this year.  The progression last year from start to finish was just insane, and if the trajectory holds, this will be a very special season.

Brace yourself.

Hell and High Water are both on their way.

Comment 28 Aug 2015

I don't see why all the focus is on the Bear Front.

1. Our O line was a large factor in the failure to get time to throw.  It is stout now.

2. Foster has good corners who would be thriving in any defense.  This hasn't changed.

3.  Ohio State was caught at a bad time in that it had focused a lot on the triple option of Navy to open the year.  Virginia Tech is the first up for this year, and more focus has been put on them.

4.  Barrett was green, and his decision-making wasn't fine tuned.  He is a fine-tuned machine now.

5.  The Bear Front went on last year to show it wasn't really all that hot by losing to teams it should not have.  This year, they are a little more of a veteran team, but will still lose at least three games.

6.  Revenge.  Never forget Revenge.  I know many are predicting a close one.  Ohio State will wear down the VT squad and win by no less than three touchdowns.

Comment 28 Aug 2015

Good luck to him.  The video was his once-in-a-lifetime spotlight for a college choice, so there shouldn't be any problem with it at all.  I didn't really see the "me, me" aspect of the video, and actually hope he takes some value to Blue...stumbling only once a year when he hits a Scarlet Wall.