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Comment 27 Jul 2016

Math would suggest that if Dontre has an 8% chance of taking an individual kickoff to the house, then he would return 8 out of 100 kickoffs for touchdowns, therefore he would return 8% of all of his returns for touchdowns. I stand by what I said. 

Comment 26 Jul 2016

I get embarrassed by the lack of energy from the crowd at home basketball games. I sometimes find myself wondering why elite high school players would want to play in that environment

The basketball team's loss in the NCAA tournament to Brandon Knight and Kentucky haunts me, that team should've won a national championship...if only Buford could make a shot that day

After we beat Miami for the national championship in 2003 I bought a green Miami hat because I felt like we owned them and I should therefore own their hat

I enjoy Indiana football. It is entertaining and frequently they play in close games. I would find it very difficult to be a true fan of theirs and deal with the heartbreak frequency (see: their loss to Michigan last year)

The only time I have ever cheered for Michigan football is when they played against Urban's Florida team in the citrus bowl. I would have no problem with Michigan losing every football game they ever play from now until eternity and I would still not get sick of beating them at the end of every year

It irks me when people suggest I can't be a fan of Ohio State due to not attending the university

As far as the SEC goes, I actually enjoy Georgia

I listen to the Finebaum show if I happen to be driving when it is on

I originally created an elevenwarriors account just to reply to a user who had made made me so mad with an antisemitic comment, little did I know it would take several days to get my account verified and I never made my reply. Prior to that I had been a lurker for several months with no intention of joining

Glad I got that off my chest

Comment 26 Jul 2016

Dontre Wilson has about an 8% chance to take a KR to the house

If Dontre took 8% of kickoffs to the house I would be ecstatic, haven't looked into this but I'm pretty sure that'd be an outstanding rate for a kick returner

Comment 25 Jul 2016

Technically, once those lineman start getting downfield to the second level it should take the pass off the table because of ineligible lineman down field. I say technically because it is probably not called as often as it should be and some teams (Auburn and Oregon come to mind) take advantage of that fact. That said, theoretically, the tackle going straight to the linebacker level rather than blocking a DE should be a run read for the safety

Comment 22 Jul 2016

Would be pretty cool if one of the writers on the site made an article about this

Comment 19 Jul 2016

Are you saying that being favored means we should not "believe that we will win"? Perhaps, "I expect that we will win" would be more to your liking?

Anyway, wasn't suggesting it happen at Ohio State, was simply identifying a unique pregame ritual that stands out

Comment 19 Jul 2016

My favorite thing I ever saw Ohio State do in pregame was during the Tressel era and only happened once or twice. When the team comes together near midfield before breaking out into individual position group warm-ups they typically jump around a bit then break out. For a brief amount of time Ohio State did this at midfield but did a fairly lazy and uninspired break out and guys wandered away from the group for a few moments before everyone reconverged near midfield in an energy filled jumping mass of excitement, they then re-broke out of the huddle with enthusiasm and went to their drills. The fake out was fun and we got to enjoy cheering for two separate huddles in a span of a few seconds. If my memory serves me right we did it at our home game against Miami (Fl), we may have done it one other time but it nearly led to one of those pre-game mid-field fights so it never happened again. I know there used to be an amateur youtube video of it but my very brief search right now was unsuccessful, if anyone can find it then feel free to post and kudos. 

Comment 16 Jul 2016

But it begs the question, if we got Derrick Green instead of EZE would Green have just been drafted number 4 to the cowboys while Elliott had a respectable but not remarkable time at Mizzou? #Developedhere