my thoughts on commits and decommits

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January 3, 2014 at 2:12p

with the " glenville drama " going on and some people are getting " freaked " out.i just waant to give you another look at things........they way i see it is if they decommit  we must be going another way.ya sure we want all of ohio tops kids. but if you have a chance to get a 5 star instead of a 4 start. then do it.and for when someone commits to us its because of the legacy of the school.and urban "f___ing" meyer. sure we push the panic button from time 2 time but at the end it always work out for us!! look at kalis "no" klass. we have about a little over a month before natl sigining day. and we will colse with a top 5 to the 1% out there that goes crazy over what these kids say or do, go watch some maury or jerry springer.and tune in for siging day in feb to see where you stand then. calm down its only recruiting a bunch of 17-18 year olds who all want to play in the nfl and make millions.thats lets be easy on these kids. in the mean time im still trying to choose between microsoft or goggle jobs!!! lol

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CMabry -
I understand the point you are getting at. But the manner in which you presented it gets in the way of the actual message. Please consider using proper punctuation, spacing, spelling, and grammar to make it easier for us to read your post and comment.
Having said that, I don't necessarily agree with you on the recruiting not being a big deal. Urban has not always landed his first or second choice recruits (see: Gesicki, Mike). He needs certain players to fit his "scheme". Sure, other kids may fit well and develop into good/great Buckeyes. However, the top choices are usually that for a reason - more talent and/or potential.
We tend to make a big deal about recruiting for the hope it brings for the future. Not landing the recruits that Urban wants has a real and perceived disappointment to it. And in this instant gratification society, that often doesn't work for us.
My $0.02 worth.

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sorry for the grammer thing my fingers and brain dont always match up.

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You're clearly not sorry.

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Don't worry about it. Got your point.

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At least you own it...

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Yikes, even if what you said is the most amazing thing ever, it would get lost in the presentation.  I can't even read it.

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I say go for the "goggle job."
(just yankin' yer chain, Mabry.)

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My God, your abuse of proper grammar and punctuation kind of makes your point go...

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That pile of poop seems conveniently placed in a really odd spot. But hey, at least he didn't try and do that through Isla Nublar. He may have gotten lost in that pile.

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Looks like the grammar police are out in full force today. I get what you meant CMABRY2, wasn't really that tough. Maybe some need to work on their reading comprehension and focus less on grammar.
While I agree we don't need to freak out if a guy chooses to go elsewhere, it still kind of sucks. Every program misses, it happens. But you are right, come National Signing Day, we should be in good shape!
By the way, it's just a college football fan site. Never really understood why some people act like this is a master's thesis or a dissertation. Does it really matter? Maybe it is just nerves due to the big game tonight. Go Bucks!

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It's nothing personal against the guy, but if you think about it, the down votes of discouragement are really helping the guy out. Expressing yourself in writing takes a certain amount of thought and consideration. If you want your point to be taken seriously, you should probably state your case in a manner which uses correct grammar or at the very least tries. You don't see the staff posting content which is not professional because then we would not take them seriously. Other Buckeyes will see this and think twice before they post something riddled with grammatical errors, and that is the point.

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˙ɐuᴉɥƆ ɯoɹɟ pɹɐoqʎǝʞ ʎɯ ʇɥƃnoq oslɐ I


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Is a downvote actually an upvote on this?!?!

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Can you post the link of the Chinese website where you purchased? I need one of those...

What we can't do in the air we'll do on the ground.

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My next thread will be how we can flip Jab. Peppers!!! lol

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Note to self...."Don't post while drinking heavily."  LOL.  I do however see where you were going with this! 

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If at any time while drinking heavily, you find yourself on 11w, you might be an alcoholic. 

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Sounds like a tuesday at my house

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A "Thank You" to TISLTHEHUN3 for actually responding to the post instead of attacking the poster.


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I can't believe Ohio State fans that have been around more than 2 years. This is how it works with Glenville football players. Ginn likes attention and his team, his program, his school, to get noticed. How better than to keep his best players in the news every year running up to signing day. Never an early commit, Recruiting experts thinking they know where they will go, but not the inkling of certainty. No interviews of substance keeping everyone in the dark. What happens every year?? The vast majority of worthy Glenville players go to Ohio State, yet every year the ones who can't remember history are gnashing their teeth and bitting their fingernails just sure this year will be different and they will go elsewhere. See how silly, Glenville's game is is not worth the angst.