Mack Brown is classy

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December 31, 2013 at 4:01a

This is my first blog attempt, so bear with me! Throughout the 16 yeas that Mack Brown coached at Texas, I really knew nothing about him. He was just another coach. He seemed likable so I'd root for Texas when they weren't playing the Bucks. I'm old fashioned, I think when a coach answers half-time questions, their reactions and answers reflect the personality accurately, overall in life.  I am 33 now, with no children, if and when I do and would be so lucky to have a Division I prospect as a son; I would definitely be more welcoming to a coach who treats everyone with respect.  

Like I said, I really haven't followed him under the scope. I knew the program was going down from where they were and he was inevitably on his way out.  I picked up and followed him closer since his resignation/firing.  I must say, he handled the situation with class and decorum. He never stopped coaching for his players. He admitted in front of them that their record was his fault and took the blame saying the players on the team were too good to have their record. 

He was vanilla, much like Jim Tressel. Nothing flashy, handled the media well and seemed to speak "politely" relative to football terms.  Vanilla is not a bad thing at all, I think of them both as a nice Jeni's ice cream type of vanilla. Looks and talks vanilla, but has something multi dimensional. Teaching the players that modesty is not a bad thing. 

I'm a firm believer that players must have that switch they turn on when they put on their helmets, same with the coaches on the sidelines. A coach must have that motivating factor in the locker-room, at practice, and on the sidelines. It is that facet of a a personality is unique. Hyena on the field, Koala bear off the field.

To me, Mack Brown is very comparable to Tressel. Unfortunately for Buckeye Nation we were unable to send Jim Tressel off with great appreciation like the Texas fans exhibited for Mack Brown.  I hope he coaches again, and I wish the man success. #gobucks

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We did get to send him off right, we just had to wait a while to do it.

Coach carried off the field by his own players with a packed Ohio Stadium in standing ovation before the Buckeyes beat TTUN. Tressel wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

Football is complicated...

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Didn't read the bottom portion until now. You're exactly right. Tressel would have had it no better way. Especially the circumstances, with the NCAA and that entire situation, I guess that is what irks me the most.
Yeah, I am torn as to what would be worse in regards to above. All better than being booed, knowing you'll get canned. Or on the tarmac at the airport! 


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That video will always give me chills.

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Same here Siva, when I booted it up to post on here a powerful wave of chills passed through shaking me from head to toe. That smile when they lift him up is priceless. We were truly blessed to have that man as our coach.

Football is complicated...

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I don't care...I wept openly at the stadium that day....cheering my ass off for Coach Tressel!

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This video, which I've watched so many times I'm embarrassed to watch it anymore in front of my husband, always brings tears to my eyes...always.  I don't care what ANYONE says...this is a good man with a good heart.  He loved those kids.  They let him down and the school (esp. Gene Smith) let him down.  Being the fall guy is never easy.

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This whole thing, from bringing Tressel back to Ohio St., to the players carrying him off the field, and to the fans getting extremely loud was like a big middle finger to the NCAA.

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Yeah I remember when it happened on tv they kept bringing up the sanctions and wondering if it was too soon to bring him back and how the reaction would be. They just don't get it, and that's fine, because that moment wasn't for them. It was our moment, our chance to give a little something back to a man that had given us so much.

Football is complicated...

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You're right (at least the point I think you're making), as much as we'd all like to imagine our coach riding off into the sunset after a string of championships, the sad truth is that every coach/program will inevitably run into a stagnant stretch. Just look at Mack Brown's record before just a few years ago; the man can flat out coach! But a few years without stability at QB, mixed with the emergence of "little brother" programs like Baylor and Okie State in the neighborhood and it's amazing how quickly a fan base can forget what said coach has done for them. 
Sure, the storybook ending would have been a few more B1G championships, maybe a National Championship for Tress before he retired, but given the way things worked out (never a bad season under his watch mixed with the fact that, minus the purgatory Fickell year, we didn't miss a beat with the new regime) I would argue there are worse ways to go out. Sure there was some shame, but I think you'd be hard pressed to find even a national sports reporter who would honestly say Tress is a bad person-and as the video shows, he is obviously very highly regarded by The Buckeye Nation-I'll take that over a stale period of having to question if the man can still coach, is he too old, etc. that May or may not lead to some sort of forced removal as was the case with Mack Brown's final years. And let's not forget how lucky we are for having a certain all timer coach that just happened to be waiting on the couch for a call from one school. Timing is everything. 

Just... Go Bucks.


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Emmert would call this a "culture" problem.  

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No, he wouldn't. Neither would Bob O'Brien and he's seen an actual culture problem up close.

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Mack Brown is a nice man.  But, make no mistake about it: he is a grizzled professional and looks out for his best interests over those of the football program and the University of Texas (as well he should).
For instance, contractually he is set to receive $500K per year for the next 6 years following his resignation.  However, he wants more.  Much more.  His lawyer (the country's wealthiest practicing billionaire lawyer) and former US Commerce Secretary Don Evans are attempting to unduly pressure convince the Texas Board of Regents to cough up millions more to Brown.
I can't see Tressel behaving in a similar manner.
Brown is a nice man on a personal level, but is a hard-nosed southerner. If you cross him, he will cut you. He'll just do so with a gentlemanly smile on his face.

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I agree, it seems like major greed from the outside. But Texas continually gave him extensions and pay raises. If I'm not mistaken he had the joke clause like Saban where they're the highest paid each year.  
Everyone on this board would take 500k/year in a heartbeat, but imagine going from 5 million to 500k (life is rough). It is like the average person going from 60 grand to 6. 
Definitely seems silly, but can't say that I blame him.  I don't think he'll be out of coaching very long, so it might be a moot point.


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On the flip side of that UT fans were up to offering Saban the presidency of Texas if they ever secede hahaha, screw it Mack get the money. I must be getting old because after having lived in centex 10 years of my career pinned between obnoxious Dallas Cowboy fans and the hook 'em brand, I felt for him. Seemed like he didnt want to go and had no choice. UT needs a qb bad I'll silently root for them depending on whomever they hire.

"Illegitimi non carborundum"

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Amen on the QB comment. Blackledge nailed it last night, inconsistent QB play was responsible for Brown's downfall. Seeing Case McCoy last night made me value our guys even more. How can you NOT land a decent QB every year in Texas? Kenny Guiton is way better than their starters. 

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They don't have a top QB for the same reason Mack doesn't have a job. They don't spend the time required to evaluate talent before recruiting. Texas has so much talent and so many kids that grow up Longhorn fans that they don't really have to spend the time recruiting that other schools do, they basically accept commitments at Texas. If he was working as hard and going into as many living rooms as when he started, they'd have a QB and he'd have a job. No way you let that many top QBs walk out of your state on a year to year basis. They didn't even offer Johnny Football a scholarship. You see what he does to college defenses. Now, tell me that if you scouted him in high school that he wouldn't have looked better and warranted a scholly? C'mon, they didn't even scout him and he camped at UT.  Mack and his staff got complacent. Without Vince Young Mack is already an after thought at Texas.

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Up vote for Jeni's ice cream reference.

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I miss me some Jeni's. Jungle Jim's Market nearby sells it, but nothing beats hitting up the Short North or Dublin location and strolling around with amazing ice cream. 


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Clown cone mane :-)

"Illegitimi non carborundum"

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Class act !! My ass. The guy has been getting millions of $$ over the past 16 years and has done nothing for Txs the past few years.The Uniiversity wants to pay him half a million a year for years to come and he wants a whole lot more.They were nice to him ,and he is being a Greedy Dick.they could have just fired his Ass and not pay him anything.How many forced to resign Coaches are getting Half a Million a year??


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I don't didn't see what is was so great about the job he does did on the field during a game.  I must be have been missing something.  

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158–48 & 1 National Championship? I think you missed forgot about his good years! Happy New Year, thanks for the comment.


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Agreed! Two Class Acts! Brown and Tress!


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I have always liked Mack. Texas is a tough place to coach. It is not necessarily the fans that you have to worry about there. It is the big money egos. It can be a mine field there. 
Mack was always complimentary of Jim Tressel, even after the scandal. 

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I cracked 100 helmet stickers! Woohoo! Up Votes for everyone!!


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Im stuck on 80 something help!!!! Haha

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Mack is a self absorbed cry baby. All of these articles about "Mack Deserved Better" are BS. He could have went out like a king, took over the AD job and forever lived within the very well paid world of Longhorn Athletics. Instead his ego made them force him to resign. They even had the AD retire early so he could take over the position but that wasn't good enough for Mack. These guys get in those positions at traditional college football powers, have success or win a title and their heads swell to the point where they think that they aren't expendable or replaceable. Bowden's, Paterno's and Brown's programs all needed them to move out of the way for progress and none of their egos would allow it. This crap about a coach being able to leave when they want to is a bunch of crap. I can see it buying you an extra year or two but not getting it done is not getting it done. Now, Mack's sulking because his ego is hurt and he's trying to stir up a pity party and demand more than hes owed. "Hey Mack, if you want to get paid, see who else will hire you".  

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No one said he deserved better. He started to fail and was forced out. He was classy, when he could've let his "self-absorbed ego" get in the way. 
Being an AD is a big difference than a being a coach. Ever think he is happier on the sidelines?  
Complain about the powerhouse programs all day, but I believe his contract was renewed last year until 2020. The powerhouse programs are just as liable for continually giving contract extensions out like Halloween candy.
I never once saw or heard him sulk. If he wants another head coaching gig, he will get it, as I'm sure his phone is already ringing.


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That fact that he had to be forced out is the proof that he is self absorbed. This didn't happen over night. He was asked to step down and didn't want to do it. They had to threaten to fire him. Good Luck to whoever hires Mack as a HC. I wouldn't hire him.

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I don't want to beat a dead horse cause you're certainly entitled to your opinion. Put yourself in his shoes for a moment. You have a great job, well paid, doing exactly what you want to do; and this is applicable in any job (whatever your dream job is). So you have signed a contract 'til 2020, now your boss tells you to resign, knowing that if you do get fired you get paid for 6 more years according to the buy out clause, doing nothing but eating popcorn on the couch. That is what most men his age would do, heck I probably would as well.  Maybe he'll never coach again and wanted that money for retirement/life. So, I disagree that it shows anything self absorbed. 
I wish the man luck, wherever he lands.
PS; If know it is ESPN, but the article has $$$ amounts.
To me, that article, shows his unselfishness


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Skip to the 13 second mark to see Mack and Colt McCoy classing it up after the 09 Fiesta Bowl.

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Ever since the OSU-UT series was announced, I started to check in ont he Longhorns and really admired what Mack Brown was all about.  His comments show that he has a love and respect of the game of college football as we all as a deep understanding of its importance in places like Austin and Columbus.  He speaks well of his opponents, and not the fake "build them up so my team looks bettwe when we win" crap that some snake oil salesmen coaches do, but a genuine respect for them.  Was it time for him to go?  I don't know, maybe, but it sure gives Texas a black eye to treat such a gracious and winning coach this way.