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Comment 9 hours ago

Here's another one from an earlier era from Fielding Yost:

The 1919 season is most remembered at Ohio State, however, for recording the school's first victory over arch-rival Michigan. Following the Buckeyes' 13-3 win, the legendary Michigan head coach Fielding H. Yost asked for and was granted a rare moment to address the Ohio State team. "You deserve your victory, you fought brilliantly," Yost began. "You boys gave a grand exhibition of football strategy and while I am sorry, dreadfully sorry, that we lost, I want to congratulate you. And you, Mr. Harley, I believe, are one of the finest little machines I have ever seen."

Comment 9 hours ago

That's funny that you mention him because I was just thinking about how I missed Keith Jackson this morning.  It just felt like a real college football atmosphere with Mr Whoa Nellie calling the plays.  Thanks. 

Comment 9 hours ago

I can see that you do!  We should have won that game, too.  Even with the shambles of that season we were one completed pass away from victory. 

Comment 10 hours ago

That is legendary.  There is a whole story surrounding that including some who have said Woody never meant to go for two in the first place.  

Comment 26 Nov 2015

I love that Dankey Kang game.  Especially when he saves the Prancess. 

Comment 12 Nov 2015

Neil Young taught me to play acoustic guitar.  Well, not in person, but he did.  

Comment 10 Nov 2015

The story is told that a certain judge, who played for Woody's championship Rose Bowl team from 1969, along with the rest of said team got a bit inebriated and carried out a last request of a teammate who had passed away.  The request was to have his ashes spread on the field at Ohio Stadium.  So his comrades, after tipping back more than a few made their way onto the field and performed the solemn memorial.  Some campus police showed up during the festivities, recognized the judge and said something to the effect of, "Hey judge we are going to go check something out, and when we get back we are pretty sure you guys will be gone."  I have always enjoyed this story.  

Comment 26 Oct 2015

Golden seems to be a good guy.  I hope he finds a nice place to settle and be successful.  What a dumpster fire that place turned out to be.  The Buckeyes gave them a critical hit that they never recovered from.  A place like Illinois might work out for him, or even South Carolina.  

Comment 26 Oct 2015

My band is playing at Eldorado's up at Morse and High.  It's been crazy trying to book this fall with all the night games for OSU, but I scoped out the bye week back in the summer.  If you like good classic rock and a dive bar, come on out!  Should be a fun time.

Comment 07 Oct 2015

No, I'm not sure.  I think there have been some necessary changes made with the application of laws, and that will continue to happen.  Those changes have happened because of new technology and how it is used to commit crimes and hurt people.  That does not necessarily mean there has been some overall culture shift for good, but it does mean that some adjustments have been made.