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Comment 12 Mar 2014

That was not really a terribly racist comment--perhaps just a teeny bit--not enough to lose your buckeye citizenship.  Just trying in a lily white way to tell a story.  Oh--that was a racist type comment.  But not anything that was incorrect.  Not being streetwise is not racist--it's just dangerous at times. 

Comment 18 Feb 2014

Little known fact--that is what happened to Tom Crean's hair.  It will never be right.

Comment 18 Feb 2014

In a perfect world with perfectly fair management and business owners we would never need a union.  Unfortunately as an unpaid union representative, I see management trying to run roughshod over employees every day--not gold bricks and the like, but real hard working professionals.  The skullduggery of some people in management and ownership today is astounding.  The advantage is this--you get to hold on to what unions have given to the workers in this country--even in non-union shops, the privileges and benefits that are enjoyed are only there because of unions.  If the unions are broken, then believe me, those things "we currently have" will be a thing of the past.  Greed and dishonesty have not taken a vacation the last hundred years--they have been held in check by unions.  That being said, I'm not a supporter of unionization of college athletics--it is not at all the same thing.

Comment 16 Jan 2014

Both the secondary and linebackers had some serious injuries, personnel that left for other places, etc. this past year.  I don't think I can remember the last time our defense was ravaged in this way.  I enjoyed this post very much although I personally don't think the conversation between Fickell and UFM went quite the way it was presented.  It is a possibility, but what is more interesting are the great possibilities that we have for this next year.  I believe that this staff, led by Meyer, with Luke Fickell solidly as an intricate part of that staff is working together to bring a National Championship to the Ohio State University.  If Urban did not think that the coaches he has retained from last year were able to achieve that goal, you can wager that he would have made any changes that he felt were necessary.  Another conversation that could be conjectured is one between Everett Withers and UFM--perhaps saying, "Everett, thanks for your hard work this year.  I think you should probably take that head coaching job and lose a few hundred thousand dollars.  It would be a great stepping stone for you, and we will continue to move forward." This next year should be very interesting indeed.

Comment 12 Jan 2014

I was amazed that no one on gameday this week put OSU in the final four.  MSU doesn't really look to me like they have the stuff.  We had so many turnovers when we played them and still almost pulled that game out.  It should be an entertaining Big Ten tournament this year.  I haven't seen Wisconsin play yet, so it will be interesting to see what they can do.

Comment 09 Jan 2014

It would be great to see what he could do in Cleveland.  His dad was at BW forever and that makes him a hometown boy. I don't know why the Browns don't consider him.   Well--yeah, they are the Browns front office--not known for great management.

Comment 08 Jan 2014

Ohio State's savior in 2013 was apparent every time a game got close, and it wasn't Miller. It was the beast lined up in the backfield with him.

True dat.