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Comment 17 Jul 2015

Cooper would always blame the players.  Used to hate hearing him after a loss.  He very rarely, if ever, took any responsibility himself.  Tressel was a breath of fresh air after Cooper.

Comment 13 Jul 2015

I'll take a half pounder, fries, cherry coke, and a vanilla shake, please. Haven't seen the movie, but I've been to Swenson's. Yum, yum, yum.

Comment 07 May 2015

Ohio--that song was an anthem for a generation.  It's very difficult to explain that to young people these days where things are much different on the music scene.  It's incredible to think that here in Ohio, on a university campus, our government shot and killed college students.  Not someone who robbed a store, but someone who was exercising their right of free speech.  "Soldiers are cutting us down."  Crazy--ominous--and that song changed things.  

Comment 27 Mar 2015

That was great about Dean Smith leaving the checks to his former players.  Speaks loudly of how he loved his players.

Comment 08 Mar 2015

There was a two part interview at the end of last year with Herbstreit and he said that he misses Columbus very much.  The reason he moved was that things started getting creepy with people cruising by his house, parking there for long times, people would knock on the front door and ask for autographs--then the dispatch actually put his address on the front page along with a Google map picture of his house.  He's out of town working and his wife calls him crying.  If that's the case I don't blame him for moving.

Comment 08 Mar 2015

Well, you're right, he didn't--no one did.  I still say that his voting doesn't disqualify him from being a Buckeye and it may well prove that he really cared about the integrity of the program.  It could be argued that he did what a true Buckeye should have done.  I was like most other fans when I saw his ranking--what the?  We beat the SEC!  The team played tough and hard.  But I can understand how he could do that and be a Buckeye fan.  Do we want OSU to be like Auburn?  

Comment 08 Mar 2015

That was when Obie Stillwell took a bullet in the ass and Gwinn was driving him away from that.  Should have never happened.

Comment 08 Mar 2015

It was tough for Troy, I agree, and it takes a whole team.  The whole team lost.  I think we all believed the hype, but the team at that point in the season was really looking to the senior QB. They had won that number one, number two showdown a month earlier and they thought that was enough.  OSU lost that game weeks ahead of the kickoff.  Troy's leadership was a very big part of that--but you're right that there was a lot more to blame.  I do believe that the team leaders, the seniors, the coaches bear the brunt of that.  They played some team with two losses, for god sakes, and some coach not nearly as seasoned as Tressel.  Can't remember that guy's name.

Comment 08 Mar 2015

It was not bad--it was hideous. It was the National Championship.  I agree it didn't really trump his career, but it was abysmal.  Everyone thinks about what SHOULD have been.  The Heisman was the worst thing that could have happened for him at that time.  If they gave that thing after the BCS championship, things would have been different one way or the other.  Either he plays a respectable game and maybe pulls out a win, or that award goes to someone else.

Comment 07 Mar 2015

He made some statements that called out Tressel and his responsibility in the whole tattoo/email thing, but Spielman did as well.  Herbstreit was more visible and strong in his condemnation, although he also said that people were going too far in their criticism of Tressel's character.  When asked what he would recommend that Tressel do, Kirk said, "Stop recruiting players like Clarett and Pryor."  He also made statements that if Cooper had done the same thing he not only would have been fired, but he would have been placed in front of a firing squad and been fired that way.  Kirk was very vocal before the Sugar Bowl in criticizing Tressel and let's face it, we really didn't want to hear that stuff, but he was right.  

Comment 07 Mar 2015

Oh, he's not perfect, but ain't nobody perfect.  Those things you mention are two different occasions, but both have to do ultimately with the idea of some kind of money thing with players.  I think that Kirk has a lot of his dad's and Woody's idea about ill gotten, monetary gain for players and it reflects on someone's honesty and integrity, and is ingrained from a different era than our modern times.  Herbstreit should have the right to formulate his own opinions about things, especially when he might have a bit more information than we may have on those situations, but maybe they all should not come out in his role in the media.  Ranking us at 9 is mind boggling to us, but it was probably a reaction to the mess that was brewing.  It's probably because he was a Buckeye fan that he did it.  That was being a homer--a negative homer, but a homer nonetheless.  

Comment 07 Mar 2015

Although he may enjoy it a bit, Mark May is paid to play this antagonistic role.  If it weren't him it would be some other guy in the TV seat.  That means it doesn't matter.  The pressure to be be a champion does not come from Mark May, and it won't end if Mark May starts praising the Buckeyes.  It would actually be weird--probably bad luck.  OSU has to live up to their position this year.  The only way to go is down.  They are at the pinnacle.  Mark May kissing our butt or calling us out doesn't matter.  He can't say we're not champions--but it's a new year, and they have to produce.  It's going to be fun, but Mark May isn't playing for anybody.

Comment 07 Mar 2015

According to his dad, Kirk really committed to OSU when they didn't even have a coach.  Bruce was fired, and Cooper wasn't hired yet.  He had a visit scheduled to TTUN, and Penn State and Tennessee were recruiting him hard.  Kirk said, "Dad, let's stop this. I don't want to go up to Michigan this weekend and go through the motions.  I know where I want to go."  Woody really recruited Kirk when he was just old enough to go to the stadium.  Coach Hayes would come out of the press conference after the game, sit down and talk to Kirk and put him up on his lap.  Kirk was about ten years old when Woody blew up at the Clemson game.  Jim told his boys, "I don't think the old man's going to get past this one," meaning that Woody would probably lose his job.  They teared up according to Jim--because they loved Woody so much.  Kirk then said, "Well, Dad, we can still love him." There were a lot of fake Buckeyes back then on that day that disowned Coach Hayes--but a ten year old Kirk Herbstreit loved him when he needed it most. Anybody that says Kirk Herbstreit is not a Buckeye has absolutely no idea what he is talking about.