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Comment 10 Sep 2014

You missed a good one against Stone Bridge this past week. LB may not have the great distributor they had in Caleb Henderson last year, but they'll be a great team in 6A this season, and he's the best player on the field every week until they run into Centreville, Westfield, Oscar Smith, etc. in the postseason.

Comment 10 Sep 2014

A kid of that size wouldn't play H, he'd be more of an X on the outside as a split end. He's got great size and speed that'll make him a big play threat every time he's out on the field. He is an extraordinary talent. When he came to my town for a game last season, he was making plays everywhere on offense, defense, and special teams. And as a bigger and more athletic senior? Good lord, he has so much potential.

Comment 07 Sep 2014

Being someone with experience in a spread offense eerily similar to Ohio State's, this was absolutely frustrating to watch. They missed base assignments and they look like they need to work on footwork because there were some instances where they would stop moving their feet and they would get killed.

Also, Bollman's o-lines were not this bad. Yes, his offense lacked imagination, but at least Herman has more imagination, no matter how small the amount

Comment 07 Sep 2014

This may have been the most frustrating game I had ever seen out of an Ohio State football team. Even more frustrating than any game in 2011.

To start out, the special teams put us in tough situations. Cam's first punt sucked, Nuerenberger missed 2 field goals, and Kyle Clinton kicked the ball out of bounds after we tied it up. The special teams made Jim Tressel cry tonight.

The defense looked okay for the most part. Of course you're going to give up a few big plays, but I thought they responded well to the big plays to keep us in the game.

I do, however, think we need to move away from the 4-3. From an offensive perspective, there's no defense I'd rather see than the base 4-3, and we ran it almost all game. It basically forces us to out-athlete other offensive linemen and we weren't that successful at it tonight.

JT Barrett was far and away the best athlete on the offense, but that's the only good thing I can say about any aspect of his game tonight.

He flat-out cannot run this offense.

There were many instances where on inverted veer and base read plays where he'd give the ball off even though the read man went to the back. When he made the wrong read, we'd lose about 3 yards on average. On the instances where he made the correct read, we gained some yards at the very least. Each yard makes a big difference in football. It's easy to say he made the correct reads, but as someone with experience running the spread offense, he made too many safe reads, and safe and correct do not mean the same thing. I wasn't mad, I was just disappointed.

also would like to add that he looked a lot like Joe Bauserman in the deep passing game, but a lot of that can be blamed on the staff for calling fade routes 80% of the game. The short passing game was decent.

The kiss of death tonight was the offensive line. Now, I cannot confirm that I know everything about Urban's offense, but from my understanding of the spread offense, these linemen do not have any understanding of how to run the base pass-protection schemes. Leaving gaps unaccounted for is unacceptable. The footwork of some linemen was even worse. It was painful to see the instances when Pat Elflein and Billy Price couldn't hold their ground in pass pro. JT deserves some blame, too. There would be times when the unaccounted LB would blitz and JT has to recognize the hot read in that instance. He missed it and suffered.

There are legitimate problems with this team and none of them are on defense. The whole 4-3 thing is more of a gripe I have, but it's too late in the year to force the players and coordinators to run a defense they aren't comfortable with. I'm not even sure we'll win 10 games this year if these issues aren't fixed.

I'm going to hear about this loss for a while and I already am losing sleep thinking about the rematch in Blacksburg next year.

Go Bucks, now and forever.

Comment 24 Jun 2014

Buffalo's offer was too good to pass up. Like trading Richardson for a 1st rounder which became Johnny Footbaw

Comment 24 Jun 2014

Which is what they did instead of picking Hyde. Can't complain. Also, we just signed Ben Tate in the offseason, who's a similar type of player to Hyde who has already proven how explosive he can be (maybe 200+ yards against Cleveland 2 years ago or at least it felt that way) and Terrance West provides a change-up to Tate.

If I did the draft again, I'd pick Bitonio over Hyde again.

Comment 19 Jun 2014

Oh boy, where do I begin...

  • Never been to a basketball game. Not my fault Ticketmaster sucks.
  • I am not a fan of the OH-IO chant.
  • I have zero problems saying the word "Michigan" mostly because you respect your opponents, but also because I don't really fear them at all.
  • Going on the last bit, I hate when people cross out M's on Michigan week across campus and on social media. It's just a letter.
  • I hate when people suggest to improve the stadium experience by wanting more 80's rock and to make it like the "good, ole days", when we all know that not only the game, but the recruiting changes and hip-hop DJs are much more likely to attract recruits than the music their parents listen to.
  • I think the AD tries to appeal to donors too much. They take away atmosphere at home games to increase cash inflow.
  • I found it impossible to cheer for this basketball team this past year at times. I did not think an offense could run through Aaron Craft and Q is an example of what the NCAA's unlimited food bylaw could produce. They were not fun to watch and without Thad, they wouldn't have made the NIT.
  • I also felt nothing when they lost to Dayton. Watched the game, had no response. I almost expected it.
  • I hate when people call for Matta's head every time the team loses. Izzo and Coach K aren't walking through the doors anytime soon to coach this team. We aren't going to get better than what we have.
  • I wouldn't mind Florida in the Big Ten. They're the SEC version of Ohio State if you really think about it. Academics, big market, athletics... Don't think they'd jump, but it doesn't hurt to dream. Would make a better fit than Notre Dame. Geography be damned.
  • I hate recruiting. At some point, these guys are going to figure out that they say that crap to everyone who visits and that they have no guaranteed spot (this can be a good thing)
  • I hate the phrase "Wal-Mart Wolverine" because we have those fans, too. Don't pretend we don't. And ours are arguably just as shitty of fans as them.
  • Last but not least, I hate using history as an argument of which team is better than the other. That's why you play the game.
Comment 06 Jun 2014

How unfair of the NBA to force him to play in SEC weather. If this was in Big Ten conditions, he would have played better and won

Comment 06 Jun 2014

He was making fun of Dirk when he got a cold 3 years ago. He put this on himself.

Comment 19 May 2014

We can talk about improvements and moral victories, but Indiana easily has the toughest schedule in the B1G. Mizzou, Bowling Green, and North Texas out of conference. If wins don't start appearing for Kevin Wilson, he could be shown the door in Bloomington.

Comment 19 May 2014

Indiana- Schedule is so rough and unfavorable that 2-10 is a real possibility. Easily could be the worst team in the B1G East this year.

Iowa- They have expectations to do better than last year so it's likely they'll miss a bowl game completely.

Maryland & Rutgers- On the rise. Grouped together because everyone's counting them out.

Northwestern- Should bounce back from last season's disaster.

In the end, I chose Maryland over Rutgers and Northwestern because of Maryland's ability to tap into the local recruiting base and the growth and maturity of their young core. Should be an interesting team to keep your eyes on.