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December 26, 2013 at 3:53p

Is there a reason that tOSU cannot lock down a great passing QB?  I will leave it up to the 11W members to deliberate on..I mean was not the Braxton Miller a 5 star coming out of H.S.?

I mean UCF, Vanderbilt, M_ch_gn, Iowa, Purdue, TCU, Toledo , Iowa state... come on your telling me that a kid out of High School does not want to QB at The Ohio State university..I find it very hard to believe. We really are lacking a pure passing QB, who can read the field and be a general out there!  I believe Collier was ranked 83rd or something like that. I have to believe we can pick up better QB's then some of these teams on this list?  Right?

If J.T Barrett was to get injured who do we have that is a lock down passer who can distribute the football with accuracy?  Seems to me our focus going into 2014 Class should be ( 1) high ranking QB.  Your thoughts?

Top 40 High School QB's 2013


Rank Nat'l
Rating Name
School, Hometown  Video HT/ WT/ 40  Schools of Interest
1    Kyle Allen
(Desert Mountain HS)
Scottsdale, AZ    6-3/195  Committed to Texas A&M 
2    Keller Chryst
(Palo Alto HS)
Palo Alto, CA    6-3/215  Committed to Stanford 
3    Will Grier
(Davidson Day)
Davidson, NC    6-3/185  Committed to Florida 
4    Jerrod Heard
(Guyer HS)
Denton, TX    6-2.5/190/4.59  Committed to Texas 
5    Deshaun Watson
(Gainesville HS)
Gainesville, GA    6-2.5/190  Committed to Clemson 
6    Brandon Harris
(Parkway HS)
Bossier City, LA    6-3/195  Committed to LSU 
7    David Cornwell
(Norman Hs North)
Norman, OK    6-5/230  Committed to Alabama 
8    Caleb Henderson
(Lake Braddock Secondary)
Burke, VA    6-3.5/225  Committed to North Carolina 
9    Jacob Park
(Stratford HS)
Goose Creek, SC    6-3/200  Committed to Georgia 
10    Drew Barker
(Conner HS)
Hebron, KY    6-4/205  Committed to Kentucky 
11    J.J. Cosentino
(Central Catholic HS)
Pittsburgh, PA    6-5/230  Committed to Florida State 
12    Foster Sawyer
(All Saints' Episcopal School)
Fort Worth, TX    6-5/215/4.85  Committed to TCU 
13    Travon McMillian
(C. D. Hylton HS)
Woodbridge, VA    6-0/195  Committed to Virginia Tech 
14    Justice Hansen
(Santa Fe HS)
Edmond, OK    6-3/190  Committed to Oklahoma 
15    DeShone Kizer
(Central Catholic HS)
Toledo, OH    6-5/205  Committed to Notre Dame 
16    Brad Kaaya
(Chaminade College Prep)
West Hills, CA    6-4/208  Committed to Miami (Fl) 
17    Chris Durkin
(Ursuline HS)
Youngstown, OH    6-4/230  Committed to Virginia Tech 
18    Patrick Mahomes
(Whitehouse HS)
Whitehouse, TX    6-2/200  Committed to Texas Tech 
19    Morgan Mahalak
(Marin Catholic HS)
Kentfield, CA    6-3/190  Committed to Oregon 
20    Manny Wilkins
(San Marin HS)
Novato, CA    6-3/185  Committed to Arizona State 
21    Jalan McClendon
(West Mecklenburg HS)
Charlotte, NC    6-5.5/195  Committed to North Carolina State 
22    Reggie Bonnafon
(Trinity HS)
Louisville, KY   6-1/175  Committed to Louisville 
23    K.J. Carta-Samuels
(Bellarmine College Prep School)
San Jose, CA    6-4/207  Committed to Vanderbilt 
24    Tyler Harris
(Pierce County HS)
Blackshear, GA    6-4/210  Committed to UCF 
25    Michael O'Connor
(IMG Academy)
Bradenton, FL    6-5/205  Committed to Penn State 
26    Tyler Wiegers
(Detroit Country Day School)
Beverly Hills, MI    6-3/195  Committed to Iowa 
27    Darius Wade
(Middletown HS)
Middletown, DE    6-4/235  Committed to Boston College 
28    Clayton Thorson
(Wheaton North HS)
Wheaton, IL    6-4/195  Committed to Northwestern 
29    Wilton Speight
(Collegiate School)
Richmond, VA    6-6/225  Committed to Michigan 
30    Zack Darlington
(Apopka Senior HS)
Apopka, FL    6-2/205  Committed to Nebraska 
31    Rafe Peavey
(Bolivar HS)
Bolivar, MO    6-2/200  Committed to Arkansas 
32    Grayson Muehlstein
(Decatur HS)
Decatur, TX    6-4/205/4.54  Committed to TCU 
33    William Crest
(Paul Laurence Dunbar HS)
Baltimore, MD    6-4/190/4.80  Committed to West Virginia 
34    Malik Rosier
(Faith Academy)
Mobile, AL    6-2/205  Committed to Miami (Fl) 
35    David Blough
(Creekview HS)
Carrollton, TX    6-1/190  Committed to Purdue 
36    Darius Lee-Campbell
(Spring HS)
Spring, TX   6-2/200  Committed to Iowa State 
37    Trace McSorley
(Briar Woods HS)
Ashburn, VA    6-1/180/4.54  Committed to Vanderbilt 
38    Brandon Dawkins
(Oaks Christian HS)
Westlake Village, CA    6-4/215  Committed to Arizona 
39    Sean White
(University School of Nova S.)
Fort Lauderdale, FL    6-1/190/5.00  Committed to Auburn 
40    Travis Smith
(Ithaca HS)
Ithaca, MI    6-2/190  Committed to Toledo 
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With scholarship reductions taking two QB's is not likely. Braxton is supposed to return. We have Jones and JT waiting in the wings and I believe Collier is enrolling early. No need for another QB. Early on inthe recruiting process we were all in on Desauwn Watson so we did not run as hard as we could at some of the guys you listed. If we had more offers out I believe someone like Caleb Hnderson or Kizer were really wanting an offer but it came too late. I do trust however that while not their first choice (Watson) urban and Herman got the guy they wanted

buck-I.8's picture

If Urban Meyer chose who got offers and who was allowed to commit based on a list that Pantoni copied and pasted from scout and put on his desk, OSU would not be as successful as you have seen. 

NJ_BUCKEYE's picture

It seemed like Meyer and Herman were only interested in taking 1 QB in this class and they offered Watson early, because he is a true blue chipper.  They probably could have got Kizer to commit if they had offered him earlier and showed more interest, but due to the scholarship restrictions the staff seemed to be hesitant to pull the trigger with offers.
edit: ^^^apologies for repeating what was already said above.
 They also watched Collier throw on at least two occasions in person, which I know is something most coaches would love to see before handing out an offer.  He earned his offer, which shows something of his character too.
They also have a good chance at a number of the top QBs in the 2015 class. They are already recruiting the 2015 players hard.  I would trust Herman and Meyer's ability to evaluate a QB they have seen throw for them at Friday Night Lights and down at his HS in Georgia as well if I am not mistaken.  The recruiting rankings are also somewhat meaningless if the player does not fit the needs of Meyer and his offense.

DerryKing's picture

What is a blue chipper? I've heard it used quite a bit, but I never really picked up on the meaning.

teddyballgame's picture

Blue chips are the most expensive poker chips

It's also a stock term used for the most established companies within a market.  They are the least likely to fail.  For example, The Coca-Cola Company is a blue chip stock.

NJ_BUCKEYE's picture

Blue chip is a term commonly used to refer to someone who is naturally gifted with exceptional athletic tools, and should have the best chance of becoming a star at the next level.  I am assuming your question is probably not serious.  But I like to think of blue chippers as similar to blue bloods.  They were born with the natural gifts to be a stud football player (or whatever sport is in question).  Watson seems to hold almost every state HS record for passing stats...that is a strong indication of blue chip status.
This is not to be confused with a game called Cow Chip bingo, which is where everyone watches a calf wander around a field that has been divided up into a grid of boxes, and the game ends when the calf decides to leave his chips behind hopefully in the box that you chose when you placed your bet.

Alpo's picture

I'll let the coaches worry about QB depth and who to offer or not offer

seafus26's picture

 Your answer is in where the modern QB comes from. The modern game does not allow the old school western PA   kid. Instead the kids that come from areas they can play catch 365 days a year, come up in oil rich funded school districts, play against opposing D1 talent across the board and in practice, play in nearly $100 million dollar HS facilities, play fall and spring league football every year since pee wee, once in HS in the off season play in multiple 7on 7 leagues at the same time if you're good. Reps. That's what keeps the ball from touching the ground and playing pitch and catch with the forward pass. Walk ons  at Texas Tech or the likes have a better passing grasp than the kids we regularly  stamp as our QB ( other than Joe Germaine who was from Arizona). Now, I'm not at all saying, they are better football players at the likes of Texas Tech or even a QB I'd rather have. Braxton even seems to know this, that a region or should I say weather helps development. Otherwise he wouldnt travel to So. Cal to train in winter off season if he could do the same in the climate if where he's at. I'd font know how JT will be, he played in a colder climate of Texas so didn't experience the full 365 days a year and didn't play in a metro-plex or with top Texas competition. But having seen that kid in person at the outhouse and the next week at Lucas oil stadium, he certainly came from oil rich funded school facilities. Dude may not be towering but for a freshman is built like a brick you know what house. From an oil field society, he'll be tough

Go Bucks and michigan STILL SUCKS!

buck-I.8's picture

This is... an interesting take. 

Bucks777's picture

I just wanted to here some of the 11 W members thoughts. Thank you all for posting comments.  I do trust in Urban.  However, i know that he did go after a few highly talented QB's  ( Brandon ______     ?) he was a 5 star and picked LSU. It concerned be a little when we did not land him, and then went after a 3 star in Collier.
Go Bucks!!!

buck-I.8's picture

You've got your timeline a little confused. The staff took the commitment of Collier before Brandon Harris committed, even when they were still in it for Harris. Harris then claimed that OSU was still in it, but it was common knowledge that the staff only wanted one QB. Collier was not a back up plan. I think you're putting too much stock in recruiting rankings. 

Bucks777's picture

Agreed, thanks for the correction.

allinosu's picture

We wanted Watson pretty bad but it didn't pan out. After that the QB position seemed to cool off a bit.

Bucks777's picture

Agree. Seemed like once we didn;t land Brandon Harris, we just decided to go after a much more safer less dynamic of a QB.  There are Braxton Miller's and then there are the rest of the College QB's I think we can all agree on that.  The type of pure speed, athleticism, juke moving QB like Braxton does not come around very often.
* I believe that Brandon Harris is very similar to Braxton, but believe he is a better passer coming out of H.S.  Hopefully 2014/2015 we will come up on a true stud! 
Point I am trying to make is how important a QB is to a winning team, and a winning program:
1) Texas A& M without Manziel.....\
2 )Ohio State Without Braxton....
3) Oregon without Mariota...
4) Alabama without Mccarron...
5) Missouri without Franklin or Mauk....
I believe athletically that Braxton is the best running QB in College football, he will be missed for sure once he does leave. Until then we will not know anything else.

HighBallAce's picture

Danny Clark will be a very good one but for the most part, over the past 10-15 years, Ohio State's offenses were not designed to be gunslinger/pocket passer type of offenses. Yes they did make strides to sometimes be in the pocket but for the most part, they were mostly run based quarterbacks.

buckskin's picture

Tress was recruiting Collier back when he was in 7th grade.  If Urbs and Tress both agree on a QB, then he's good enough for me.  

buck-I.8's picture

There's a bit of a difference between replying to a kid's correspondence to keep him interested in OSU in seventh grade, and vetting him as a QB. If Herman and Urban like a guy, I trust them, but Tressel was not 'recruiting' Collier.

seafus26's picture

Hmmm, didn't know that. I like the kid already, but hearing that, his stock has risen with me (as if that matters Ha).

Go Bucks and michigan STILL SUCKS!

Crimson's picture

This shouldn't change much.  Collier sent mail to everyone, and Tressel was the only one who responded.

Bucks777's picture

Just hope that we can keep the Dual threat QB's coming in here, and would think with a Coach like Meyer and the resume he brings it should be fairly easy considering...

InvertMyVeer's picture

We won't see a traditional pocket passer at Ohio State as long as Urban is here.

Football is complicated...

45has2's picture

Danny Clark is a Pro-Style QB commit for 2017. Urb will probably still be the coach.

"I don't like nice people. I like tough, honest people." -W.W. Hayes

buck-I.8's picture

Tressel got Smith, Pryor, Guiton, and Miller just in the span of 7ish years. If the Bollman offense can bring those guys in, I wouldn't worry about Urban.

45has2's picture

You lost me at: If J.T. Barrett was to get injured...." Because, I missed the game time this season where J.T. Barrett saw any action. I also missed anyone on the coaching staff anointing J.T. Barrett as the starter for 2014, should #5 leave, or 2015.

"I don't like nice people. I like tough, honest people." -W.W. Hayes

BuckeyeEd's picture

In Urban I Trust......atleast in Buckeye football matters.

ToetotheFace's picture

This post doesn't have much of a point in my opinion. Urban is a pioneer of the spread option/spread to run offense. His offense is not predicated on have passers making reads in the pocket on multiple receiver sets with people all across the field. His offense is predicated on capable athletic QBs who can read the option and rip huge gains on it, as well as efficient decision making/accuracy to keep the passing game enough of a threat to open up the running game even more or profit on over commitment to it. Sure, this passing game can definitely improve, but Urban's teams have never been passing teams, common misconception with all spread teams. 
Look at Urban's best teams...Alex Smith....Tebow....Braxton. Even Alex Smith, the best passer of the 3, is more of an accurate efficient passer with good athleticism, not some gunslinger who creates offense through the pocket. Star ratings are irrelevant, we need the best QB that fits this offense. I trust Urban's judgment given that he has produced 3 Elite college level QBs; one of which is up there with the best QBs ever and another that could be depending on how his career finishes. Remember there are guys like Russell Wilson. He was only a two star player, now he is running some spread option plays in the NFL for maybe the best team in the league.
Danny Clark is the only pro type QB Urban has recruited so far, and Clark is only 14 so he still has time to mature physically. Hard to tell how he will end up, but even if he fulfills all the hype by the time he is playing, I doubt O-State will suddenly become a aerial attack.