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Comment 15 Aug 2016
Yep there was a bad spot given to Texas that extended their drive for the go ahead win that year. We still let them in the end zone but had the call been judged fairly, game over.
Comment 19 Jul 2016
I love how the only game footage included in this video was _ichigain vs. themselves. I guess it was hard to find any hilights against true competition like their rivals.
Comment 13 Jul 2016

If my child makes a monumental error, I don't take away something inconsequential so I can say that I issued some sort of punishment. You target what they really care about. Community service is something you dole out to those that urinate in public. Carrying drugs and a stolen gun require a much stiffer penalty. They weren't found innocent of the charges. From what I understand the prosecutor chose not to "ruin young men's life". That is not innocence. Ride alongs with Police are not punishment they are experiences that most people enjoy, seek and learn from. Drug Counseling is not punishment, it's self help. Community service is something that is done to give back and Buckeyes do that every day freely and willingly. You fanboy, don't have a problem with it because you have been an apologist for Alabama since or longer. one example of Urban doing the right thing at Ohio State is Carlos Hyde not being prosecuted for hitting a woman, and in the video he doesn't even make contact with her. He still got suspended. Even had he hit her that is a misdemeanor. Your boys were caught committing felonies.

Comment 29 Jun 2016
Being a bad athlete with a lot of experience, doesn't make you good. Being a great athlete with little experience, doesn't make you bad. It does lend probability to mistakes being made. I'd rather have the later.
Comment 30 May 2016

I am not a Herbie Hater but I do see him as more than a dedicated and die hard alum. I do think that he loves the Buckeyes but I also think that he will jump on the hatewagon if it will solidify his "legitimacy" in the broadcasting ranks. One example is greatly dropping us in the poles following our victory over Arkansas (Pre-Forfeit) when he cast his vote. That made no logical sense. What the other post states about him getting his nickers in a wad is very accurate. He invites controversy so that he can stay relevant. Not nearly as bad as he who wears women's underwear though. Since we have proven that we belong in the conversation for Championships, ESPN has backed off the criticism of our program but it was strong in 2010.

Comment 09 May 2016

It's only phony because of your perspective. I love our country even though we have a lot of flaws in our legislation and leaders. You seem like the type of person that would allow another to fight for you and pay zero respects for those that have laid down their lives for what you experience today. Your life was never guaranteed to be free. That came from sacrifices that started before either of us were born and continue today. That's what I think of when I hear our national anthem. I think of the history and those that came before me. It would hurt to play the anthem at more events than what we do. Maybe folks like you would be able to discern the true meaning of patriotism. Your likely just a troll trying to cast stones in the water and I took the bait.

Comment 08 May 2016

It is unfortunate that these things happen. I am sure he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Hell, today we had a father break into his daughters home on mothers day and attempt to burglarize her apartment. Had her electronics all bagged up when he was caught. The world sucks and the wrong doers are having more babies than those that serve a purpose in the world. Its a one way path my Buckeye Brethren.