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Comment 04 Apr 2014

Maybe I didn't articulate my point clearly enough. My stance isn't "Hey, Let's Red shirt our Heisman contending Quarterback". It is more, "If this happened, I can see the benefits and other positive things that can come out of it". Their certainly are a lot of condesending responses from fellow Buckeyes. I hate to see that.


Comment 02 Apr 2014

I am looking forward to seeing what the results are on the field. That being said, I have some training and motivational concerns. I just pose this as a question and not a critique of Coach Johnson's extensive experience. The positive motivation and more tempered approach to coaching may make the players trust you and respect you but what happens when the team is down 13 with 6 minutes to go in the game and the players are feeling the pressure? Have they been honed and tempered through rigorous training to overcome the adversity? Can you do that with the nice guy approach? We will see this season. That is just something I questioned when reading this story. The man has much more experience at coaching football than I do, so don't take this as a knock against Johnson. I am just not so quick to grab that glass of Kool-aid as others might be. I'd rather wait and see and hope to be pleasantly surprised.

Comment 13 Mar 2014

Hey, I am pulling for you Devin, but to sit around and expect something that we haven't seen in all of the years you have been here would be foolish. I will be pleasantly surpirised and cheer loudly for you if you can be reliable and dependable for every game of the season instead of just realing in a few sensational catches and disappearing during the more crucial games. I remember Wisconsin and I remember California but that is such a small sample. Good luck to you this year...signed "The Corps"

Comment 04 Mar 2014

 I skimmed through this and if I missed it, Don't Taze me... but I enjoyed Paperboy a lot as a kid. I only mention it because I havent seen it on a list yet. I loved a lot of the above mentioned. Some others I saw that were left off were the old Dungeons and Dragons side scrolling games and Stryder. Spent the most money on Double Dragon and X-Men TMNT and Shinobi. Almost forgot, what is surely to be DJ's favorite, N.A.R.C.S.  The only game I can remember where you go around and shoot bad guys and collect their heroine/cocaine.

Comment 28 Feb 2014

Spoken like a man that travels the path of least resistance in life. I Just don't view life as you do. Thats all our own perogative though. Thanks for sharing your opinion.

Comment 28 Feb 2014

A quick programming note before I lock myself in a bunker in effort to avoid everyone associated with this weekend's Arnold Schwarzenegger Repetitive Motion Lifting/Steroid Classic:

I jogged across High Street yesterday in an effort not to get blasted by a semi, and my tarred lungs nearly hurled themselves out my mouth in protest. Given that, I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around choosing to endure the grueling punishment that is training for the Navy Seals.

I know your comments are made in humor, using that judgmental, "They are different than me so I'll poke fun at them humor" and that is all fine but I am going to call you out on something. Your self proclaimed deficiency on physical fitness and poor health habbits doesn't lump you in the same category as every other American. (Not yet) These guys, regardless of "Supplements" work harder every day to achieve their own personal goals and desires than you can possibly imagine. That is something that is commendable and I wanted to be the one who said it. I don't promote steroid use but it isn't a magical ointment that gives these guys the physique that they have. The commitment it takes to live a bodybuilder's lifestyle is immense. So while you judge them in humor from behind your keyboard think about whether these guys are worthy of a little admiration.

Comment 27 Feb 2014

I think some things have been tinkered with. For the longest time the site looked like it had enormous pictures on it and all of the Buckshots and recent posts were at the bottom of 12 mouse scroll screen. Things appear different now but admittedly, I didn't take this change very well. I still read occasionally but I don't check as often as I used to. The content is still good but the re is something to be said for simplicity and streamline.

Comment 26 Feb 2014

I swear he looks like Curly of the three stooges in that picture.

Comment 25 Feb 2014

Outside of opponents that we have played, why is Mike Evans not considered as electric as Watkins? He Has great hands and size and was the safety blanket for Manziel all year long. I think he is as much a sure thing for a successful receiver as anyone else. He made every play imaginable against Bama and many other teams this year.

Comment 25 Feb 2014

I wasn't happy we lost that game and that is a drastic understatement. The fact that it was Urban Meyer didn't bother me. The thing that stuck with me was that he mocked our status during a post game interview. That irritated me bad enough to want _ichigan to pull out the victory against him the following year. It made embracing him very hard. His continued enthusiasm and uttered love of this school has healed that wound but I will never forget that smug look and smile when he responded to that reporter. Wish I could find that clip as evidence but it is probably better left buried.

Comment 18 Feb 2014

I dogged Heflin much of last year and earlier this year. The man I am watching now is nowhere near where he was a year ago. He is wrestling at a very high level. I saw no quit nor poor levels of conditioning. He has got it rolling right now and offensively, its like the playbook was magically opened. I am interested in seeing what he can do at the nationals! Stieber is on a whole nother level from anyone else I have watched this year. He looks more energetic since his loss to Rutherford. I think that was a great and dangerous wake up call to him and that put the rest of the country on stand by for detonation.

Comment 07 Feb 2014

While it is visualy more dynamic, the graphics are very busy. I really just come here for the information and it looks like it will take a tad more effort to find it. I am not trying to sound over critical or anything. Like all things new or involved in change, it requires a little getting used to.

Just found something I love though! Outstanding idea to view recent comments and see how many replies they have. Great job!