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Comment 09 Feb 2016

Laughs...that is a pacifist's philosophy right there. I prefer a more direct approach. Fear doesn't keep me silent. I'm a firm believer that you either earn respect through confrontation (when necessary) or at least establish a hierarchy. Granted, my stance depends greatly on totality of circumstances. Of course, the gentleman in this scenario will always believe himself the victor when he never risks defeat.  

Comment 30 Jan 2016

I am thankful for every Buckeyes contributions and commitments. I think it Is in poor taste to state a least favorite Buckeye. I will admit beside the obvious JB Shug and the Baus, those that performed at a rate less than expected I would have to say Ray Small and Zwick rank high up there. Two of the most poor representatives of the University have to be Maurice Clarett and  Carter's son.  I enjoyed Pryor's contributions on the field but I wasn't a fan of his maturity and personality.Though I want to reiterate that I won't say they are least favorites. Something about that doesn't sit right with me.

Comment 22 Jan 2016

To think, I liked playing with the Bears on ole Tecmo Bowl. I didn't know at the time that the H was _ichigain _an. I was young and didn't follow college as much as I did the Browns. I feel dirty for my enjoyment now. I do believe he was on the roster wasn't he?

Comment 13 Jan 2016

Some things are learned and some things are known. Murdering and victimizing people, abusing anyone let alone physically inferior people who can not defends themselves are known wrongs. I don't care what shoes or the distance he has walked. The victims don't care either. All they know is abuse or pain. I don't have to judge him to know his character. Someone else has already done that and that is why he sat behind bars. There was no Clarett story for him. Chic, I know nothing about you so I am not pointing the finger at you in this next comment. I just get sick of the bleeding hearts in this world that want to see the best in everyone. If his family wants to celebrate the positive things in his life, so be it. No one else here knew that person.

Comment 13 Jan 2016

I can't remember the exact exchange but I remember feeling like this is my first real job of importance after graduating and that the proper thing to do was to introduce myself like an 18 year old man, making a good impression. That of course was the wrong answer. The drill instructor was master of his craft and he eloquently manufactured a string of profanity, that I only half understood. To summarize, I was instructed to have a seat on a chair, left hand left knee and right hand, right knee. I was to sit up straight and not talk to anyone. Also, he apparently knew my mother at some point and time. I don't believe they were able to administer correctional PT at that point as I had yet to take my first steps on the yellow footprints. 

Comment 13 Jan 2016

The timing wasn't significant but I watched Joey Bosa play several games in high school. I knew he was a must get. Alabama was pushing hard for him.