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Comment 18 Dec 2014

I agree and had the same thought yesterday.  I think he's a good guy and certainly cares for his players.  But he's not necessarily one that gets the big picture, because if he did he would've bit his tongue that night.  A lot of those guys have to turn around and buy into the new coaching staff.  What Pelini just did was set them all back as a team and individuals, if he really cared for them he wouldn't have done that.

Comment 17 Dec 2014

Yes and no.  Yes in that AU's goal (and ours should be as well) was to engage Alabama in a shootout.  They wanted to score points and bunches of them.  They went up and down the field, racked up yards but settle for FG's.  Auburn knew they were better suited to engage in a shootout than a low-scoring affair.  So had Auburn scored 56 they would've been perfectly happy.  

No in that even if they had converted redzone FG's into TD's it's plausible the defense would've still given up one too many scores.  Sometimes you do need a stop, or a turnover.

Comment 17 Dec 2014

Wow nice one on Candle!  I saw earlier this season his name listed as the OC at Toledo.  I had to do some research and figured out that he indeed went to the same high school as I did.  I think he would've been a senior when I was a freshman.

Comment 17 Dec 2014

No way.  Oregon is the only team that worries me in the field of 4.

Comment 17 Dec 2014

I agree wholeheartedly with you DJ that OSU will put up points on Alabama's defense.  The offensive gameplan we employed against Wisconsin was very very similar to that which Auburn and Gus Malzahn used against Alabama in the Iron Bowl.  

Just by being who they are, Alabama respected the run game and came out to stop it.  But Auburn came out mixing in a lot of deep verticals and connected on a surprising number.  (AU's downfall in that game was maintaining the necessary balance of run/pass/deep pass, and too many red zone field goals).

I think all of this applies to Ohio State's gameplan against Alabama, they know we love to run the ball and that has to be their focus.  But we have to be willing to let King Cardale chuck it deep to stretch that defense so we can get some space to run.  

Comment 16 Dec 2014

I'm sorry, why in the world is Mike Sanford of Boise on this list?!  I just watched some Boise State highlights from this year, they run what appears to be a pro-style spread, which does not mesh with what Urban does.  I think someone threw out the name Mike Sanford, Googled it and figured they meant the guy at Boise when in reality they meant the Mike Sanford from Indiana State who coached with Urban at Utah.

Comment 16 Dec 2014

What's funny about this is that there's another Mike Sanford that has coached with Urban before at Utah.  That Mike Sanford is currently at Indiana State.  Actually, not only did he on Urban's staff at Utah, he was his OC and surely had a big hand in developing the offense.

Comment 15 Dec 2014

Shouldn't matter too much.  A good coach will adapt the roster - RichRod didn't do such a good job of transitioning.  I always refer people to look at what Gus Malzahn did with Chris Todd in his first season at Auburn as OC.

Comment 13 Dec 2014

Actually your comment isn't plain ignorant, I"ll somewhat defend you on it.  Meyer's impact in the world of college football has been immense as an offensive innovator as you point out.  Saban's been a great coach, but on the defensive side.  Defensive coaches can be genius and all, but they're always responding to new innovations brought by the offenses they're looking to shut down, so on that front Meyer leads the way.  

It's so hard to say whether we'd be seeing more or less 'power spread' without that which Meyer has accomplished - he didn't 'invent' it after all.  But I do believe that in the last few of year's Saban's slipping as it pertains to stopping good power spread offenses.  He's also slipping in his acceptance of how his team's progress offensively.  In the offseason he promotes rules to limit hurry-up but yet hires an offensive coordinator that has begun to embrace it.  It's a spectacularly odd thing to witness, on one hand he hired Kiffin for a stronger offense, but now at the same time he seems somewhat opposed to the things Kiffin is doing - utilizing the mobile QB and mixing in some hurry-up.

Comment 13 Dec 2014

My significant other is an Auburn Tiger from the state of Alabama.  I'm pretty confident she'll be cheering with me for this game!

Comment 12 Dec 2014

Definitely went past your tl;dr aim, but I read anyway.  

I'm certainly in the minority here that says college football does not begin and end with recruiting.  Working hypothesis: I think it begins with coaching, talent sustains middle years, and then ends with again with coaching (as result of said coach failing to innovate and thus fading over the hill).  

I believe the rise of the SEC in the early/mid-90s began with the hire of Spurrier.  Then you had on the backside of the 90s the hires of Saban and Richt.  And then again in the mid-00's the SEC brought in Urban and the return of Saban.  Each time they hit the nail on the head with a coach bringing in new innovative x's and o's that won games almost immediately with existing talent, then the recruiting came in after.  

We'll see how the arrivals of Mullen, Malzahn, Sumlin and Freeze work out.  All are relatively young and very innovative coaches which fit the characteristics to the previous rounds of coaching success in the SEC.  The B1G needs a couple strong cycles of hires as the SEC has had (and some shitty rounds of hires from the SEC wouldn't hurt either!).

Comment 12 Dec 2014

I was excited last night when I read Pelini was in the mix for the UW job.  Less excited to see Chryst is probably the one Alvarez will go with.  Would've been such an awesome sequence of teams trading head coaches.....well, I guess Pitt could go for Pelini!

Comment 12 Dec 2014

Losing the forest for the trees here.  It's far more important to get the right head coach.  Besides, who's to say the right head coach, even if it's January, couldn't pull in a decent class?

Comment 11 Dec 2014

But from what I've seen between JT and Cardale I don't think that's much the case.  The offense is for the most part the same.  Sure, the details you point out are true, but I don't think there's much a coach can do from a gameplanning perspective if a QB has a tendency towards any of those attributes.  But you can't tell me that we're not going to run Cardale any more or less than we did JT, or that we're going to prefer to throw it any more or less with one than the other.

Comment 11 Dec 2014

Also all of these coaching changes to the B1G's stronger teams is probably going to lead to a disappointing bowl performance.  I like Wisconsin's chances against Auburn until this news and likewise Nebraska probably had a good chance against USC.  But with lame duck coaching staffs in place I'm skeptical those games will end well for the conference. 

Comment 11 Dec 2014

1. A lot of very good coaches have gone through Tulsa!  Gus Malzahn, Todd Graham, Herb Hand, and our very own John Cooper (among other very assistants I'm sure).

2. Losing Anderesen is an incredible shock.  I don't think the B1G is nearly as bad as you describe DJ (I get that you're a shock-and-awe type), but these changes at 3 of the premier teams in the conference is doing us no favors.  When you consider the crap-shoot that hiring a head coach is, for all 3 of these schools to hit home runs is borderline unrealistic.  Although maybe this is the message that was needing to be sent around the conference.  

3. Only have one game of film on Cardale is being blow out of proportion (unless Saban is losing even more of an edge than I think).  The thing is the offense doesn't change from QB to QB - which is why it is so tremendously successful from QB to QB.  I don't think it matters much which QB Alabama is watching on film, we're pretty much doing all of the same things.  And if that isn't the beauty then I don't know what is: you know what we're going to do, and you can do nothing about it.

Comment 11 Dec 2014

Lol....you're dead on!  Saban - who less than a year ago wanted to ban hurry-up - is seeing his new offensive coordinator go up-tempo and even (gasp) use their athletic QB in the run attack.  That Auburn game was a riot.  The QB threw a few pics, Saban wanted to bench him, he was screaming at Kiffin on the sidelines!  Kiffin surely fought to keep him in (the backup is a statue passer).  Who was right in the end there?  Answer: Kiffin.  Moral of the story: Saban is losing his edge.

Comment 10 Dec 2014

Here's an alternative link to the Chicago Tribune.

This news is crazy.  Too bad because he seems like a very good coach (B1G CG aside) who was going to take UW to a level beyond Bielema.  Hopefully Wisconsin can find an excellent replacement. 

Also, Oregon State appears to have come out of this a winner!