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Comment 12 hours ago

Very clever post Ramzy!

I usually go light with the sugar - I dislike overly sweet Buckeyes.  I've also done them a couple of times where I start with peanuts and grind them into peanut butter - mostly for the fun of it.  

And I always go with very dark chocolate, in the 70% range.

Comment 27 Jan 2015

You'd think there could be an incredibly imaginative series of plays built around the Diamond Formation with the skill set on offense... not to mention a possibility to get all 3 QB's in the backfield at once. 

Comment 27 Jan 2015

I'm a fan of Beck and one of the most simple and creative plays I've ever seen was something he dialed up against Michigan back in 2011.  I just love the rugby-ish nature of this play (sorry I can't seem to embed the link...YouTube is blocked in our office...skip ahead if necessary to 5:16).


Comment 27 Jan 2015

Landscape Architecture #shoutout!

I met Eddie last June and was able to chat and bond with him for a few minutes about being fellow landscape grads and also about how he became interested in the field while at Ohio State.  

Comment 26 Jan 2015

I'm still basking in the glory of beating Oregon by 20+ while losing the turnover battle 4-0 (that Mariota interception doesn't count).

Comment 25 Jan 2015

They need to work on their offensive scheme.  They've timidly adapted some option/designed QB runs and some up-tempo.  But in their current state they simply cannot hang with an Ohio State or Oregon and it's not the fault of their defense, it's all on the offense.

Comment 22 Jan 2015

I feel like I'm here everyday since the National Title preaching (reminding) people of how damn good Braxton is!  It's getting old and there's still a lot of time between now and fall camp.

Comment 22 Jan 2015

Just a couple years ago I had been hoping for some really creative stuff in which we could get KG and Braxton on the field.  With the logjam of QB's with such great athletic abilities this is a great opportunity.  I think Beck is a pretty creative guy, maybe we'll see something fun next year.

Comment 21 Jan 2015

Good number breakdown.  I just recall seeing a solid number of passes throughout the season where he would show some inaccuracies.  It's probably splitting hairs.  My real point is that Braxton is a damn good passer of the ball.

I'm going to disagree with you about the last point.  Absolutely no disrespect to the 3 QB's - they're all very talented individuals - but to say that OSU suddenly has a handful of the best QB's in the country is going too far.  I believe - and Urban has said this - that Ohio State has a QB-friendly offense.  The between the lines reading of that is that we have a roster of QBs that are relatively similarly talented and an offense that easily allows for the substitution of the QB as occurs at any other position.  The schemes vary little from one QB to another, the entire offense doesn't require a different playbook based on who's taking the snaps.

Comment 21 Jan 2015

JT is not as accurate as everyone makes him out to be.  Braxton isn't as inaccurate as everyone makes him out to be.  And Cardale is more mobile than he gets credit for.

Comment 17 Jan 2015

Urban's one of the very few coaches out that they handles this correctly: you keep the guys on the field and keep attacking.  Mistakes will happen, the point is to remain aggressive in play-calling.  Tress would've never gotten a victory in a game with 4 turnovers against a team the caliber of Oregon.  He would've benched players, and clamped down.  Urban keeps the offense going aggressively.

Comment 17 Jan 2015

The massive problem with people saying things like "oh Texas wouldn't have a QB problem if they took player X instead of Z" is that it completely takes out of consideration the role of the coaches at each respective school.  Texas could very well still have a QB problem if they had JT - maybe their offensive coaching staff sucks.  Equally Tyrone Swoopes could've become the same Heisman caliber QB for OSU that JT was this past season - maybe Urban Meyer and Tom Herman know a thing or two about offense and making QBs great.

Comment 16 Jan 2015

Spot on.  Everyone has forgotten that the WR's were the most maligned unit when Urban arrived.  On the flip side we had Hyde and Miller, of course the offense was bent to run the ball 70% of the time.  If Braxton had played this season with the stronger WR corps I have no doubt his passing numbers would've been through the roof.  He can sling the ball.

Comment 12 Jan 2015

I think this is a great hire.  I've been following/aware of Beck since he took over OC at Nebraska in 2011 for Shawn Watson.  This play from the Nebraska-Michigan game in 2011 really stood out to me...it's very creative, kind of crazy (remember Urban's TE Shovel Option?) and almost like rugby (stretching the defense sideline to sideline).  I think Beck will learn a lot from the Urban and the rest of the staff at OSU and become a great OC.