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Comment 09 Sep 2016

He has a degree in economics.  Could make for an interesting coach.

Comment 19 Jul 2016

One crazy thought I had about kickoffs and punts is to keep them but make some modifications to the rules and procedures.  What if for each you required the receiving team to have all 11 players on the line of scrimmage.  This would dramatically reduce the high-speed head-on collisions which cause injury.  In this scenario the kicking team boots the ball (or attempts an on-sides) and everyone is running more or less in the same direction after the ball - a few guys may turn around to start blocking immediately.  Someone will race down the field and may get to it scoop it up and begin a return.  Could actually be exciting.

Comment 06 Jul 2016

Logged on to make this comment.  I would change that game too!  That team was the best in the NCAA that year tournament be damned.

Comment 07 Jun 2016

Arguably illegal play too (I believe the ball can't hit the ground on a lateral).  Regardless, point remains that Ole Miss had the West won in that game and Alabama would've likely been locked out of the playoff rendering Bucksvstheworld's comment above completely absurd.  Saban isn't running a monopoly.

Comment 06 Jun 2016

Most definitely a move to quell some rumors about his job security.  Auburn after all is pretty well known for not hesitating to fire the top guy when a few clouds roll in.  

I still think Malzahn is one of the top coaches in the P5.  Everyone points to the fact that they struggled finding a QB last year - which was very very odd to watch happen given how good Gus has been at winning games with almost anyone under center (remember, Nick Marshall was a defensive back transfer from UGA).  But even in 2013 they didn't have great passing offense numbers, it's always been about the running game and they struggled in that department last year too.  With Herb Hand back working with Gus I would expect that area to improve greatly and ease the pressure on the QB position.

Finally he's struggled to find the right defensive coordinator - I think each year that position has changed over since he's been HC.  It really seemed to me that Champ had things headed in the right direction last season until South Carolina inexplicably hired him away.  They got what should be a great replacement, but at a hefty price.  

They'll be back next year if they can rectify the QB position somewhat, improve the running game, and continue the defensive progress.