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Comment 26 Nov 2015

See I don't think it was Beck.  I think the current populist rage directed at him is the new #FireFickell.  

Comment 25 Nov 2015

I don't for a second believe that its trust.  That would mean that he entrusted a guy who hadn't started a single game to sling it all over the field in the B1G CG but he didn't trust him to throw against Northern Illinois.  No, I think the reality is that at his core Urban is quite conservative.  His coaching idol was Earle Bruce after all.  He struggled in the past to give Herman full control, but once he did things opened up and we were balanced and scoring points.  I think what's happened is he's taken back the reigns from Beck (Warriner should have nothing to do with play-calling, he's a career O-Line guru, just focus on that) and when he does that he reverts to a pound the ball on the ground approach which the defense knows is coming.

Comment 25 Nov 2015

I was a 'Dale supporter most of the season, and critical of the coaching.  I don't think putting him in would've made any significant difference on Saturday because the gameplan was simply flawed from the get-go.  But it does prove that it wasn't JT OR Cardale, it was something else.  

Comment 24 Nov 2015

use the pass to set up the run

+1 for that.

I'm 100% in the camp that teams should employ mobile/athletic/dual-threat - whatever you want to call them - quarterbacks.  But the post and your comment is very good in pointing out that it's the passing game that makes the ground game lethal.  I also think it's accurate to call out that Meyer actually quite often becomes very conservative in the play-calling (not just in QB runs but also often in RB runs (for example, we didn't need more Hyde runs vs MSU or Clemson in 2013, we needed more passing)).  

Throw the damn ball indeed!  Then run like hell.  

Comment 22 Nov 2015

Nice little discussion and debate, Eric and Vico.  I tend to go with most of what Eric said here.  While its good that there weren't more guys on the team saying disparaging things like this (Michael Thomas only had 2 receptions, he could've obviously complained), I wonder if Urban has a weakness in teaching and coaching the players how to deal and cope with defeat.  We've all seen him in the immediate aftermath of the very few defeats he's experience at OSU, he looks completely despondent (look at the beginning of the 11W video prior to Carmen from last night).  In contrast for all of Tressel's other shortcomings (schemes primarily), I think he was much more adept in this regard.  He took things in stride and I think perhaps it came through a bit more with the players as well (I distinctly remember Troy Smith's post-game interview following the NC defeat). 

Comment 21 Nov 2015

Must be a glitch on the site that we need to alert Jason of, you have 27 UV's to 0 DVs for that comment.  Can't be right.

Comment 21 Nov 2015

Thanks for that.  

I knew everyone would be coming on here pointing the finger at Tim Beck, and I was especially disappointed to see Ramzy's tweeting about showing Beck the door.  I don't think it's at all Beck.  And I think it's interesting that Urban is saying that he calls a lot of the plays himself.  Strikes me that this was not at all the case in previous seasons with Herman (most certainly not last season).  I'm afraid that he's not only bungled the QB situation this year, but also the responsibilities of the coaching staff.  Who's the real OC?  How many co's can a team have?  It struck me from the first day he promoted Warriner to co-OC that it was a seniority promotion more than anything else.  There's precedent for this too, just look at who he named OC at Florida after Mullen left (Steve Addazio).  My guess is that like in the early days with Herman he hasn't fully trusted Beck to take the reigns and do what he wants with the offense along with the fact that he's not made it clear who's offense it is in the first place.  

As Tress used to say, you learn far more from losing than you ever learn from winning.  I trust that Urban is a smart enough guy to figure these things out now through a defeat that everyone knew we had coming.

Comment 17 Nov 2015

Exactly.  However, again much like with the NCAA, a critical mass of players could boycott the draft and change the game.

Comment 17 Nov 2015

Don't the players have the simple option to not enter the draft and just make themselves available to sign as free agents?  

Comment 12 Nov 2015

Came here to say the exact same thing.  I've been very critical of JT on this from the start, I'm far from an apologist, but any one of us would ask the officer the exact same thing.  

The best thing about this video is that it shows the Columbus Police Department isn't afraid of Ohio State Football.  

Comment 09 Nov 2015

If we're thinking of the same play it was a quick drop and the ball was out fast.  I think he's best as mentioned earlier, on the move rolling left and right, and also in quicker passes.  The long drops haven't gone well all season, he hesitates to make decisions etc (probably same reasons he's not great at the read-option shows through in some of the passing game) - and the subsequent struggles have really hurt his confidence making it even more detrimental to be asking him to do that to begin with.  

Comment 09 Nov 2015

Understandable.  But it worries me that he's bending rules for certain preferred guys.  As someone mentioned above, a handful of guys didn't even travel to VT.  Now what we don't know is if we had played at Minnesota if JT would've traveled.  But regardless, I for one would've preferred to see Urban keep the punishment closer to equal for everyone.

Comment 09 Nov 2015

100% accurate, but not 100% ok.  Cardale is very talented and the fact that he's struggling so much is Urban and Co's fault.  This isn't a standard, oh well, player X just isn't good enough or doesn't fit the scheme right.  We all watched him play in the biggest and most difficult games last season and lead the team to victory.  Somehow then it wasn't a square peg/round hole problem.  So what changed?  Obviously Herman leaving seems like the biggest factor.

As for Saturday night's game I can't get over how surprising it was to me that they trotted out the same old playbook from his previous 8 struggles.  They want him to sit in the pock, make reads, and dissect the defense.  As the game went on, it finally started to seem as though they were finding that correct peg and hold for him.  They started rolling him out of the pocket left and right and called for a few designed runs.  As I recall from the Alabama/Oregon games (even VT) Cardale was at his absolute best when on the move and semi-scrambling for his life.  He's not his best in the pocket, so start working the play calling around what he's actually good at not what he looks like he should be good at.

Comment 08 Nov 2015

Agree completely.  I recognize it's unpopular to question Urban, but he and company have done a terrible job with Cardale this season.  Seems that Herman knew what he was doing maximizing Cardale's strengths and weaknesses.  

Despite what 99% of the fanbase and general observers think of Cardale, he's not a gunslinger from the pocket.  Everyone looks at his physical build and pigeon holes him into a Pro-Style pocket passer.  But he's anything but, he needs to be on the move, rolling left and right.  Left free to scramble when things break down.  He needs a number of designed QB runs (more than just a stupid draw play).  Everyone knows that he's not good with the read-option, that's fine, design other QB runs for him.  But he's also not a surgical pocket passer.  He doesn't make quick decisions reading and picking apart defenses from the pocket, like I said, he needs to be on the move.  Look at his most successful plays from the game, he was moving around, there was play-action, or it was designed runs for him.