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Comment 15 Sep 2016

Ok, I'm going to break the commenting policy and pull rank here.  I know and follow Texas Tech football, and have been in the stands for double digit Spike Dykes coached teams, double digit Mike Leach coached teams, and only one or two games in the post Leach era.  

Everyone loved Dykes.  He had a Frank Beamer type quality.  Go ahead and name the campus after him, but no one was sad to see him go from a coaching stand point.  When Leach was forced out, Tech fans went nuts and wanted the Chancellor's head on a platter.  Why?  They were a nationally relevant team.  Everyone wanted Tubs gone, and while Kliff is all the rage, he has yet to truly translate.

So there's the eyeball test.  Leach beat A&M like 7 or 8 times (Tech considers them their rival).  Everything else I mentioned above.  When you watched the Leach teams, they were just a lot better, period, and you could see it on the field.  Stuff you could see that Wikipedia research won't tell you.

Comment 15 Sep 2016

Kirk Ferentz gets judged on his performance more because of tenure and salary.  Not comparable.

Let's not forget that Texas Tech is the black sheep of Texas schools.  While they are a recruit-rich state, A&M and UT definitely haul in the better players, and others often leave the state.  Also, there's not much of a program history with Tech.  You've got Welker, Zach Thomas. Byron Hanspard...and Billy Joe Tolliver?  To do what Leach did with that team has not been replicated since he left, and regardless of what Woody above saw on paper, he was a significant upgrade to Spike Dykes. 

Under Leach, they had their only win over a #1 team ever, dropped 70 on Nebraska, had their largest margin of victory ever over A&M, upset #4 Cal in the Holiday Bowl, led the FBS in passing frequently...

You don't have to like him, but the talk about him being a marginal upgrade at Tech is absurd.  That said, he doesn't seem to have the same mojo at WSU.

Comment 14 Sep 2016

The first half struggles on the offensive line of scrimmage against Tulsa... Was it a scheme issue, or something that we need to worry about going forward, particularly trying to run the ball against Oklahoma?  

Comment 13 Sep 2016

We can agree to disagree. 

Ranked 5 times at the end of the season under Leach.  Hasn't happened since.  And again, you can't ignore the conference records which are the most important, especially since they always play an FCS team.

Are they or have they ever been a power house?  No.  But they were decidedly better under Leach (with at least a hint of a defense).  I went there for grad school and I have followed the team closely since I graduated.

Comment 13 Sep 2016

Texas Tech has pretty much maintained the level of success that he achieved. They didn't fall apart after he left

This is categorically false.

Under Leach - .500 or better in the conference every year except his first.

Since?  Not one season of .500 or better in the conference.

But upvote anyways because I agree with the rest.

Comment 13 Sep 2016

Half the responsibility lies with the players to run correct routes.  We don't know on which end the failure lies unless we're dissecting WSU games and there for practices.