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Comment 14 Sep 2014

I pretty much agree here, but I'm not ready to leave the conference yet.  The population shift over the last 20 years has had a huge effect.

Comment 13 Sep 2014

I actually thought the ND unis were pretty slick.

Comment 13 Sep 2014

That is not true.  Not even close.  It's not what  you say, it is how you say it.  For example:

"This team sucks!  Urban is a terrible coach and I've been saying this for months."  This gets you down votes.

"Why don't we use TE routes more?  It seems like we've obviously overestimated being able to reload the offensive line.  Has Urban lost some mojo?"

See the difference?

I've said plenty of things that challenge the team and coaches without getting down voted.

Comment 12 Sep 2014

Some of you need to re-adjust your ridiculous expectations. 

Chill the F out.


In regards to winning the B1G and the blueprint to beat us, I just get nervous when we overlook Michigan.  I realize they are a dumpster fire right now, but they still have some guys that can play.  And if they have a terrible year, a Michigan team coming into Columbus with zero to lose is very dangerous, not unlike us going to Michigan in 2001.

Comment 11 Sep 2014

Welcome aboard!  GLWS.

Comment 11 Sep 2014

I was there, yes.  15A.  No problems... people were standing, and we gave it hell for a while.  After the score that put it up to 28, it pretty much fell to a quieter level.  Overall, I was fine with our levels.  As someone stated already, though, the VT fans brought it.

Not the loudest by any means, but the fans weren't a problem.  I've been to enough games to see the "Oh no, here we go again" cheering levels.

Comment 11 Sep 2014

Thanks for posting this... wondered where the brick was.

Comment 11 Sep 2014

The 'Shoe can get quiet at times, however, I didn't find that to be the case this past Saturday.  

Comment 10 Sep 2014

Good luck with the sale, but do agree that is a bit steep.  If I was a buyer, which I frequently am, I'd be waiting until game day.  Supply > demand.

Comment 10 Sep 2014

I went through your old posts at put you over 100.  Good to go to upvote!

Comment 09 Sep 2014

I'm like Red in the Shawshank Redemption.  My form gets stamped "Denied" all the time.  You guys will let me in when I'm old with a few marbles rolling around upstairs.