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Comment 24 Aug 2016

I will never get over what happened at the end of that season.  And it started out so well.  I had an awesome 3 day trip (see: bender) at Austin for the game vs. Texas for which we had pretty good seats, and we had one of the best wins against Michigan ever. 

In 1997 when the Indians played the Marlins, I was ecstatic.  I thought both the Orioles and the Yankees were better than the Marlins, and I figured we would win.  I thought it was a very winnable series for us.

In 2006, I thought the same about Florida.  Chris Leak had routinely sucked, and I knew I didn't want to give Michigan a chance at redemption.  I thought it was a very winnable game for us.

After 2006, I vowed to never hope or cheer to get a championship opponent again.  Be careful what you wish for.

Comment 19 Aug 2016

Keep them, but the problem with sports cards is that way too many were made from about '87 on.

Comment 15 Aug 2016
Exactly. Excitement off the charts. Thread jack: are you, my man? I read a lot, but don't comment much these days. 15 month old owns me in a big way. Hope you are well.
Comment 24 Jul 2016

Their run differential is atrocious though.  Same with the Yankees, and I think this is why they aren't buyers.  But we shall see.  Does Moustakis come back this year?