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January 14, 2014 at 1:30p

So here is my thought after waking up this morning and hearing the good news. With all the discussion about National Signing Day and so many guys still on the wire, how are these new hires going to affect that? No only will players be giving a second glance at our new and improved defensive staff, but is it possible that players eyeing Penn State and Arkansas will flip to stay with the coach? Because if so that is even greater karma then Bret would have ever imagined. Personally I love the changes to the staff, with Ash as Co-Defensive Coordinator it will mask Fickell's liabilities ultimately creating a glorious marriage of defensive prowess. Then you throw Johnson's experience and recruiting skills in there and you might just have two defensive coaches that can single handedly turn this defense around. Johnson is one of the best DL Coaches in the nation making the sting of Vrabel's unsuspected and unexplained leave a little less. But an early sign of the defense to come should come on National Signing Day. In my opinion expect guys to flip from Arkansas (eat it Bret) and Penn State, along with players who are on the wire jump on board. Go Bucks!


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I'll create another thread so we can discuss why there are so many new hire threads.

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We should also revisit all the fire Fickell threads and see what people said they would do if Fickell wasn't fired.  We could start a new thread with all the results.

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Technically one is a post by the staff and they can do whatever they want, and this one is a blog, not a forum post.
Also, inside voices please.

When you reach for that ball under a pine tree, do you ever think about who just peed there a little while ago?

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Touche, sir; however, we could have posted the same comments on the staff post.  With regards to the blog/forum distinction, I say tomato, you say tomato.

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Sigh . . . when is the Spring Game?  The anticipation this year may be worse for me . . .

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I looked at my calendar.......
My calendar sucks.

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Change is good - Ash should - should I say - help improve the product on the field defensively.
LJSR is a damn fine replacement for Vrabel, love the fact he has excellent ties in the mid-Atlantic region for recruiting. That's a real punch in the gut for not only PSU, but Rutgers and Maryland as well.
I can't see any flips from either Arkansas or PSU, but Ohio State now has (greater) presence in both of their backyards.

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Hove... was there an intentional Foghorn Leghorn reference in your first line there? I appreciate you, sir... just pulling your leg.

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Holly if we miss on Thomas or other D line?  Other than Holly I just don't see any flips and that includes Mike G.  

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Why did that guy pick PSU over tOSU again? Still shaking my head.

What is this? A center for ants?!? How can we be expected to teach children to learn how to read if they can't even fit inside the building?

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No one could understand how Arkansas made Solomon Thomas' top 5. Perhaps he really wants to play in that Chris Ash defense, and now he gets to, AND without having to go to Arkansas!

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It's a win win for him. I doubt we get him, but you never know.

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Obviously it wasn't because of Bert or the school, must have been Ash! Ash has gotta catch 'em all...

What is this? A center for ants?!? How can we be expected to teach children to learn how to read if they can't even fit inside the building?

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I am new and please forgive me for my blatant and straightforward thinking.
I would take Vrabel everyday and twice on Sundays over LJ.  Vrabel played here and his passion for THE game; and his passion period will not be replaced.  His players simply loved him!
As for Ash; well if someone would have told me that ASH a Defensive co. for Ark would be our next hire to replace withers, I would have said...WHAT!?  WHY? that's our best man up??
Excuse me for saying what I must say;   MY OPINION.
Great caliber football teams ~ Hire Great coaches.
Meyer was, and is a GREAT Hire, however, where things get a little skimpy has always been on the Athletic Budget of tOSU.  OSU football brings in a TON of money ; to support almost all of the other sports programs , and their respective salaries.
That being said, please allow the Football team that contributes the most  money;  have what they need; to get the best positional coach's, and Defensive coordinators. So that they will win championships~ which of course then brings in more $$$.
You would think that this would be their (athletic Board of Directors) plan?  Unfortunately, it is NOT.  I know the budget that is set for hiring new assistants and Defensive coordinators, so Urban only has an allocated amount of money to work with because of the restraints put upon him by the Board of Directors.
Getting to my point, Ash is not the BEST or most prolific hire for what we need to build a championship caliber team nor is LJ, but they both fit into the amount of money that  tOSU is willing to spend.  Facts are facts people.  I just don't like to drink the cool aid if it has been watered down, I am selling not buying these 2 hires.  I am a huge Urban fan and a Buckeye born and raised, but let's face the facts ladies and Gents, politics runs deep, very deep in college football, and especially when you start talking money; and who get's how much, etc...
I am guessing teams like; Georgia, Alabama, FSU, USC, etc... just have Athletic Departments that are more focused on spending their money on the football program and elite coaches.
I will wait to see how these 2 new hires turn out but I am not holding my breath...
The whole Urban we trust thing needs to go as well, it is so over rated and so wrong. Trust is built over time and he has been here 2 full seasons, I love his track record and his coaching abilities but sometimes an individuals only has so much they can do from a personal standpoint.
Once Urban wins a BIG game (highly ranked opponent) or a BIG 10 Championship; (gets the MSU monkey off his back), then I will say we have arrived at believing that he has put together a championship team.  As of today, I am believing Meyer definitely wants to do both,; however is he swimming in a pool of spray colored gold fish.  The University needs to give the appropriate funds that he needs to hire the BEST, not someone's else's left overs (my opinion).
I will Trust in God and him alone.  Urban I believe will bring us a winner and I hope it is with these 2. We have all heard this before:
1) YEAR 1 (2014): It was their first season together, let's not jump to conclusions.
2) YEAR 2 (2015):  It will take a couple if not 3 years together for them to get the kids up to speed on their new scheme and defensive plans, etc..
3) YEAR 3 (2016): Well we seemed to get better, but not great, maybe it's just the kids are not really that talented... etc..
4) YEAR 4 (2017): Urban becomes frustrated ; his hands are tied , does not have the proper $$$ from the Board of Directors to hire whom he wants; and then , if he does leave it is because of that.
...just my  thoughts.

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I understand your thinking but let's review for a second. MSU won the Rose this year and ended as the 2nd/3rd best team in America. OSU would have won fairly handily, if not for a porous pass defense. 3/4 of that back 4 is gone now and the future (Vonn Bell, particularly) looks promising from game action already. The Orange Bowl could have went either way at the end and, again, would not have came down to that without a terrible pass defense (or a muffed punt). I know your record is what your record is, but the overriding theme here is ONE position group away from a NC game appearance. Would OSU have won, probably not. But this team is MUCH closer to elite football than it may seem, IMO.