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Comment 5 hours ago

right, that was a stretch, but he was an NFL receiver.

Comment 6 hours ago

@ BAssdropper: DJ and several other 11-dubbers are going to beat your ass until you give 'The Wire' a full episode. Think of it as a gang initiation. You won't be disappointed. I realize 'The Wire' can take a while to get accustomed to, but if you are looking for a deep connection with character development, 'The Wire' is it for you. Be it the Cops or criminals. 

With the wide variety and depth of character of so many people, I would say 'The Wire' is like a composition of classic novels by some of history's greatest writers like Edgar Allen Poe, Charles Dickens, etc. Only modern day, but with the same seedy elements And character flaws. This show really does unfold like a great classic book. 

Comment 6 hours ago

Great points Bass. But you must include 'The Wire' in your future synopses to maintain 11W street cred.

Like you said, movies now days bore me as well, I usually can't even make it halfway through them as they typically suck anymore. 

Just like the music industry has been complete trash for 15 years (no offense Bass), the movie industry has gotten complacent as well. The T.V. writing, scripts, directing, and acting has been absolutely phenomenal though over that same 15 years. go figure.

T.V. is where its at right now.   

Comment 6 hours ago

Breaking Bad was 'Bad Ass'. Get it?  Ba..Oh nevermind.

Comment 6 hours ago

Oh, come on, FSU damn near accomplished that. We need to raise the bar to 30 straight blowouts. Given Urban Meyer and the Buckeye trajectory, that's really not out of the question. (aside from an occasional CFP game, of course). 

Comment 7 hours ago

OSU holds their own against any and all: (since 2000)

(no homer)

We got (in my best Alex Boone voice): [Jenkins, Ginn, Gonzalez, Holmes] are tier one; [Sanzenbacher, Robiskie, Hartline] are tier two.

Comment 7 hours ago

I'd still give it to the Irish. All they have to do is recruit Cincinnati's GCL league to load up on TEs. (Particularly Cincinnati Elder).

Big props to Jake Hausmann form Moeller for making the 'right' choice tho!

Comment 21 May 2015

QBs, RBs, O-Line, WRs, D-line, DBs, LBs, etc. Our future is certainly bright. 

Comment 21 May 2015

By 2020, Ohio State will be widely known as 'All of the above-U'.

And I emphasize the ABOVE-U part.

Comment 21 May 2015

I don't want to see ANY B1G East programs rapidly rise and be ultra successful, its already a crowded division. If I had to chose, from the East, it would be Indiana though (they are in the East right?) I think Kevin Wilson is a good addition to the B1G and they do have plenty of nearby resources in recruiting. If only he can land a top notch up and coming DC, they could be a force on the national scene. 

Overall, I would like to see Nebraska and Mike Riley really step it up and take control of the West and become a perennial top-15 team. 

I still have a lot of ill will towards Purdue and Wisconsin to ever want to see them as a national contender. Purdue and IU won't ever be national caliber programs so my dog is Nebraska.

Comment 20 May 2015

Upvote for the Grippo's. 

I just hope you realize that Bruce is worth an average prospect and an average bag of Grippos. If we get the 'full flavored' bag of Grippo's, we lucked out!
Comment 20 May 2015

Much less batting but Bruce (aka Superman wannabe) does have a good base stealing game. Of course you have to get on base to steal one...

Comment 20 May 2015

TCU is beneath us and them missing the CFB Playoffs would prove that. Us stomping them would do little to gratify my sick, twisted soul. I'll take the 'Bama rematch and the USC game consecutively in the Playoff. 

As for revenge, Clemson would do, Florida would do as well, but Alabama needs to be buried with a nail in the coffin first and foremost. Everything else is gravy. We do have some paybacks to give USC but they don't seem to mean shit anymore without (sneaky) Pete Carroll. And that West coast isn't in our recruiting footprint so I don't really have a hardon for them.

Maybe once the season starts and things start shaking up, I'll feel different.

Comment 20 May 2015

The art of molding a Buckeye recruit into the finest College Football player (and citizen) he can be...

molding champions
Upper movable mold half = Urban Meyer, Micky Marotti, Sarah Wick, (insert) position coach.
Charge = 3,4,or 5 star Buckeye recruit from a solid background.
Lower fixed mold half = The Ohio State University, it's faculty, and 1st class supporting staff members. 
Once the charge (#Teen) is properly molded and prepared for life as an upstanding young man/ champion footballer/ citizen,  the ejector pin promptly sends him to his next phase in life with a degree from OSU and/ or an NFL contract.   
Comment 20 May 2015

"Are you sick mister?"


"Yes I am sick. I'm very sick." 

Comment 18 May 2015

As for Hill, he's a bit  of a squirl

Hill will be straightened out once the Buckeye staff schools him on our recent history of producing beasty Rbs, backup RBs, H-backs, slot receivers, etc. He should feel VERY comfortable with his commitment. It's all about the 'pair and a spare'. And by no means has the order of that pair been established yet. Hell, on purely a 2016 class basis, DeMario McCall wouldn't necessarily be the 'spare' either. If he doesn't get split out wide or as an h-back, McCall could very well be the change of pace back. 

There's a very serviceable spot for all three backs in Urban's Ohio State offense. AS RUNNING BACKS!