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Comment 10 Apr 2016

I grew up in (one of the many) 'hoods in Cincy, lived and worked on the 'Westside' of Columbus for most of my life and just couldn't wait to get away from the trashy people. Granted the majority of the Westside population are great working-class people but the Wal-Mart trash just stuck with me and quite frankly got depressing. Next thing you know, I move to Hilliard and work 2 different jobs in Dublin and I find myself despising the snobby-ass entitled attitudes (and cheapskates) those people have there too. I'm sure the majority are decent  folks but I realized a lot of those people really piss me off too.

Point of the story being there are plenty of really crappy people out there no matter the socio-economic standing. Best thing I can do is try to ignore the shitty people and walk through life like they don't exist, while appreciating the majority decent people out there.

Comment 10 Apr 2016

I'm sorry if I missed something but who is Hayes and what does that cop who was hanging out with Smith last night have to do with Hayes' dad's murder?

Comment 10 Apr 2016

Buckeyes pursued and legit offered Williams because the writing was on the wall for some time that Walker was wavering. Not  that Walker is all that much better but when you have a 5 star early commit, you tend to stick with that until they start waffling.

Comment 10 Apr 2016
I think you mean manslaughter, not homicide. Homicide is murder.

Homicide is the umbrella term for a human killing another human. Murder is thought out and intentional. Manslaughter is unintentional or not really thought out/ accidental.

Pulling the trigger on an unarmed man while he's in his car is clearly murder.

Comment 10 Apr 2016
Keep a recorder in your pocket next ti.e you drink with her. If an argument comes up, hit 'record'. She will most definitely do it again. Especially if you convey your inner most fears to her (i.e. that she will hurt herself, blame you, etc.). At that point she knows its an effective weapon and will pull it out every time. All you need us one recording to protect yourself. Please do this and get as far away as possible from that psychotic bitch