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Comment 24 minutes ago

I'm sick and tired of these 'huge recruiting weekends' producing no bounty. Its past mid April and we are still sitting on three commits. I know this will turn into another top-5 class but damn, right now it feels more like we go deep into the summer before we get to 5 commitments.

Comment 13 hours ago

I suspect when Samuel lines up in the backfield, he won't be alone. There will be an Elliott, R. Smith, or Dunn ready to take it up the gut while Samuel does a sweep or short out in space to put a move or two on the edge defenders. Curtis should end up at least as fast as Wilson but with more power and jukes!

In contradiction to what I said above, maybe Samuel and Wilson will be competing to do the EXACT same thing.

Comment 14 hours ago

I became a master at 'shooting from the hip' on Nazi Zombies. With alot of training and and expertise, one can be deadly accurate from that position.

Comment 16 hours ago

Very good point TUSSEY. Also, I would like to point out that Dontre Has since been moved to the WR position group and won't really be in direct competition with Samuel. The competition for touches will be between a super athletic RB stable and a super athletic WR group!


Comment 18 Apr 2014

Holmes is a great get out of the D-line talent rich state of Virginia. If the combination of Urban and Vrabel was able to land Jalyn, imagine what Urban + Larry Johnson can do in VA and elsewhere for elite D-line recruits!

Comment 17 Apr 2014

Actually I think its a Stillwater school.

Comment 17 Apr 2014
Myron Rolle is a piece of shit.

@KB1: Rolle's view of comparing Emmett Till and Winston is skewed but calling him a piece of shit is bit much, you think?

Comment 16 Apr 2014
If your name is phil ivey, you go in there expecting to win.
Comment 16 Apr 2014

I don't care if the 2015 starter is Cardale, J.T., or Stephen Collier. They all bring different weapons to the table. Any one of the three could end up being the most prolific passer by 2015, which is what the coaches are looking for. Its all about who has the best understanding of the offense, takes command of the huddle, shows poise in the pocket, as well as making all the throws. Ohio State recruits the best dual threat QBs in the country to man the position, so being able to scramble or go ham on a defense on designed runs is a given for all three players. Its the other facets of the quarterback position that need to be honed and polished in order for a true starter to emerge.

Comment 15 Apr 2014

This is the year Tom Herman needs to show he is the dynamic, awesome coordinator that Urban brought him here for. Much like Fickell is under the microscope as defensive coordinator, Herman should be held as much accountable on the offensive side. He now has TONS of weapons at his disposal.

Comment 12 Apr 2014

Alabama and any other unscrupulous SEC school would take him without even flinching, ala Duron Carter. If any team out there needs a big, bad wide receiver, they take a chance on him. I just hope its not a B1G team!

Comment 12 Apr 2014

He should be eligible for the draft this year but probably wants to hone his skills some more. I don't see him transferring, sitting out a year, and playing one more year of college ball. If he does get to play in '14 then he won't be Buckeye bound. His troubles are counter-productive to what Urban is building and we have Mike Thomas, Jeff Greene, Corey Smith, Jonnie Dixon, and a host of others to lift our receiving game off the ground. 

Comment 12 Apr 2014

Imagine how many tricks and gambits the typical casino uses to lure people in and bleed them dry, yet when a patron uses something to his advantage, a card manufacturer error that the 'house' overlooked (dealers, cameras, bosses) they cry foul. Good luck trying to read Ivey's lips telling the dealer what to do. Probably can't pin him to it.

Comment 12 Apr 2014

I'm glad Harris is at the Spring game, I'm glad the weather's great, I'm glad ticket prices got right. Hopefully Urban's wish of filling Ohio Stadium comes true and Buckeye fans come out in droves to show the nation's best recruits we mean business!

'Aiight stop, collaborate and listen. Urban's back with a brand new edition...

Ok, I'll STFU now.


Comment 10 Apr 2014

Honestly, can you blame Butch for wanting to emulate the most successful college football coach in all the land?