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Comment 20 Jun 2017
There are historical factors which have caused blacks to be repressed throughout US history, whether people want to admit it or not (slavery, Jim Crow, etc) but to me, one of the most damning and little known practices is called 'redlining'. Blacks were categorically denied home/ business loans for multiple generations, real-estate companies would also steer whites and blacks to seperate neighborhoods. Not just the South either. It was California, Midwest, the Northern states, everywhere. Couple that with the 'forced bussing' in school districts creating even more 'white flight'.
Comment 20 Jun 2017
^^^Agree 1000%^^^ It absolutely starts in the home! It starts with males being real fathers, women teaching thier daughters to respect themselves and not be in such a hurry to get knocked up by losers and deadbeats. The drugs and poverty almost always follow suit. The church helps but it cannot make a man from a boy, only a dad can do that. Also, the way America's public school system is set up is dispicable and disgusting. Inner city publoc schools dont have the financial resources and stable home life that suburban schools have. But once again, that ultimately falls on the people OF those neighborhoods to change for the better. The gov't can never do that for you.
Comment 20 Jun 2017
Good points Hetuck. However sometimes it seems like white guys wielding deadly weapons are "talked down" to comply while black guys arent given even a chance to comply. Some cops are just biased into believing that black suspects are somehow more 'dangerous'.
Comment 11 Jun 2017
I understand what your saying Sharks, but Im sure Urban and the assistants understand socio-economic variances and takes rhat into account. If your poor, you can still take pride in yourself and show self-respect. That goes for h.s. programs, coaches, and players. That goes for your neigborhood too. I grew up in the hood and my pops always kept our sidewalk swept and clean. Had to be done every day but he taught us to take ownership and not let fools disrespect your property.
Comment 24 May 2017
And just to think, he wasnt even Urban's 1st choice as CB coach. We almost didnt have him. I cant imagine a single assistant coach in the country that would do a better job in recruiting, energy level, de veloping, etc. Add in his built-in relationships in Cincinnati and its a wrap!
Comment 23 May 2017

A 4 or 5 star prospect from Cincinnati is still "staying home" by going up the road to Ohio State. There's absolutely no reason for a high level recruit to choose UC over OSU when the Buckeyes really want and need that player. Much more likely Urban looses that kid to another power 5 school and championship contender.

The only way for the Bearcats to nab a guy or two like that would be if UC became a power 5 school, and even then it would take Fickell a few years to build that up. Plus he would have to lobby the UC board of regents to install a Skyline Chili in the athletic facility.