BeeWunnGee. The Time Traveler's Take

On the eve of greatness. Beewunngee. Something has occurred to me that I have to believe has occurred to many other Buckeye fans throughout the year.  There doesn't seem to be all that "conference arrogance" during the current basketball season, like has been seen so recently de...

I'll just leave this right here.

In today's Skull Session, Nicholas reported on Jim Delany's idle threat to move the entire Big Ten to Division III. I agree with Nicholas that it is a ridiculous proposition. He makes several points - bulleted, in fact... Here are a few other problems with the supposed voluntary transiti...

Settling the Matta: Unfinished Business

What a difference eight games can make... Feeling somewhat like a sinner following a miraculous conversion experience, I find myself singing the indelible line from Amazing Grace: "I once was lost, but now am found, was blind, but now I see." Thad Matta is a helluva basketball coach. Fo...
18 Mar 2013
by AndyV

Coach Kerry Coombs, the Algebra Teacher?

A while back, I made a comment about Coach Coombs being my Algebra teacher my freshman year in High School. Jason asked if I would be willing to share my experience and share a couple of stories, so I reached out to some of my old classmates for their best Coombs anecdotes. The stories they shared w...
15 Mar 2013
by KBonay

Michigan Arrests Under Hoke VS OSU Arrests Under Meyer

According to many Michigan fans, Urban Meyer runs a dirty program filled with arrest issues. Michigan on the other hand is a clean program where their student-athletes perform with the upmost integrity, rarely if ever running afoul of the law.
13 Mar 2013
by lljjgg

Where Are They Now? The Walrus and the Peter Principle

The curious case of Wally the Walrus Jim Bollman and recent rumors/news regarding defensive guru Jim Heacock got me thinking about Ohio State coaches of olde; specifically, the men who coached at Ohio State during the tenure of Senator James Patrick Tressel. "Where are they now?" I p...
12 Mar 2013
by AndyV

Great article on Aaron Craft from ESPN

A nice article about Aaron Craft on ESPN, written by Wayne Drehs. I don't know if anyone else has had a chance to read this, but this is an incredibly well written article on Aaron Craft. A must read. I have been a fan of his since he came to tOSU. It seems that finally the national press is st...
07 Mar 2013
by Boxley

Hoops: Big Ten Top Teams vs Big Ten Top Teams

What a great win last night!  I was very impressed with the effort from the Scarlet and Gray.  After the victory I was thinking about the Buckeyes' split versus the top teams in the conference.  The Buckeyes have gone 1-1 versus each of the top four teams outside of our favorite...
06 Mar 2013
by Geraffi

Michigan loss? The Big10 is WIDE open.

Please post your crocodile tears here for our best friends up North after losing to the worst team in the conference.  I had to check that twice to make sure I saw that box score correctly.  I'm thinking there are at least 3, maybe 5 teams that could win the Big 10 tournament.  Il...
27 Feb 2013
by Idaho Helga

Sparty Doesn't Know

First, read this: Sources tell us Jim Bollman is expected to accept the Michigan State OC job — FootballScoop Staff (@footballscoop) February 27, 2013 Press play. Wait for the music to begin.   Read along: Sparty doesn't know, That Jim Bollman and me, Did it in th...

Shoving players: The end of the world as we know it?

To read a couple of California newspaper columnists last week, you would think that California men's basketball coach Mike Montgomery is the devil, a child abuser, responsible for global warming, and a bad dancer. You've surely seen the video by now: in Cal's Feb. 17 takedown of USC...
26 Feb 2013
by AndyV

Probability and Undefeated Seasons

Before I get into this - caution: nerd alert.  That said, there have been a few thread topics floating around the last few months about another undefeated season next year.  A common argument that such a season is likely seems to be "show me a game we are going to lose" or someth...
25 Feb 2013
by BUCKfutter

The Game: Ohio State vs. Michigan

I was reading responses in a forum earlier regarding the age old argument that Michigan leads the all-time series vs. Ohio State, although Ohio State has owned that team up north over the last decade and in fact has been the dominant team in the modern era.  So I decided to spend my Sunday m...
24 Feb 2013
by Geraffi