War As They Knew It

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June 24, 2013 at 12:41 pm

I just finished reading one of the best books ever. It is called War as they knew it. It is about our forever loved coach Woody Hayes and his creation coach Bo Schembechler's ten year war. It covers a wide variety of issues from that era. The watergate scandal. The Vietnam war. Behind the scenes of each coaches life. It was full of information I had never heard before. If you have not read it I suggest you do. 
Yesterday was extremely hot outside. I mowed, weed whacked, opened the pool for the kids, then retreated to my ac cooled lazy boy. I turned on the boob tube. Flipped through the channels faster than a xbrax run. Nothing was on. Then like a little gift from the football gods the big ten channel had on their film vault. All golden oldies. Black and white, with only highlights from the entire year. Every team. I watched for a few hrs. Until the kids came back in. And that's what got me thinking. 
Do any of you 11w family members have any great books about our buckeyes? Do you suggest any good buckeye shows? I have always been a buckeye. Yet up until I graduated highschool (99) I only could tell you who the rb, qb, lb, or one or two wide receivers were. I have gotten more of an addiction since joining 11w. It's like I want to learn all I can. I want to look up my family tree, so to speak. I like being the guy my friends call for answers. I like knowing about our incoming players. 11w is the only place I get my info. I don't want any other web sites. I just want to know what good books, documentaries, movies, magazines, all that kinda stuff. 
I don't know if my punctuation is right. I cannot spell to save my life. I use my phone, ALWAYS. I never use a computer. So please feel free to correct me. Or let it go. I own my own remodeling business. And my secretary sends all invoices. I was taught at a early age that learning to count money was more important than learning to spell money. I enjoy to comment and post here at 11w. And I don't want to offend anyone with my poor spelling, and punctuation. I honestly couldn't remember if my paragraphs were in the right order. Thanks for your time. And as always GO BUCKS!!

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