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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 1998 UM/OSU. My first three years at OSU were marked by devastating losses to Michigan. 1998 we were riding high until the MSU game and expectations for the Game were at an all-time low. We won, I rushed the field and took home some turf, planted it and kept it alive for a few months, which is longer than most of my relationships at the time.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: My college roommate and backup long-snapper extraordinaire, Kevin Loadman. and Eddie George.
  • NFL TEAM: Steelers
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Comment 08 Jun 2017

I remember when Bob was a darling of the rumor mill, post-Randy Ayers.

I was a young and enthusiastic student at OSU who felt very strongly about how Huggins was a poor choice for OSU, and I wrote a 3 page email rant to Andy Geiger pleading my case.  Because, you know, he needed the input of some random Sophomore.

To my surprise, Andy returned my email. I remember his reply, word for word, to this day:

"I concur. -Andy"

Comment 23 Sep 2016

I know this thread is already pretty lengthy, but I thought I'd add my two cents.

I've been on the OSU campus since 1995 as a student or employee.  In my time, I have seen some extraordinarily stupid things.  I've also been guilty of a few.

I've been a pedestrian on this campus.  I've gotten annoyed by people who ride their bike down a busy sidewalk and refuse to slow down.  I've given the finger to drivers going 20+ over the speed limit down College Ave while classes are changing.  I also began to see red anytime 4 people decided to walk in a row at an abnormally slow speed, usually while having the most insipid conversation conceivable. In my mind, these people were all clearly morons.

I also made the occasional stupid decision to sprint across the street through traffic because I was running behind, and once I almost stepped in front of a car because when I looked he wasn't there, and then suddenly he was (having pulled out from the parked cars.) Turns out I was pretty stupid then too, but my anger was more outwardly directed at the other person.  Pretty moronic in retrospect.

I have been a cyclist on this campus.  For five years I used my bike as my primary means of transportation.  I was fortunate enough to live along the Olentangy bike path, so I could avoid drivers for a lot of my commute, but I still would have to hop on the road.  When I did, I did my best to follow the traffic laws, and I even put in the effort of riding at the posted speed limit.  Most of the time, I had ZERO problems.  However,  I cursed at drivers who felt the need to try and push me out of the way despite me going 25 in a 25 (I missed the rule about the biggest vehicle getting to do what they wanted) and I cursed at pedestrians for stepping out in front of me as though over 200 pounds of flesh and metal flying at them at 25mph wouldn't hurt.  I've had things thrown at me, car doors opened in my path, etc.  I cursed at all of these people and assumed they were morons.

I also made some dumb decisions (it's almost like 20 year olds have poor ability to gauge risk) such as running a red light on my bike because I was in a hurry, or I didn't see anyone, or the guy waiting for the green wasn't paying attention.  I've hopped onto the sidewalk and shot across the oval because it was faster and "everyone else does."

For the last 10 years, I've been a daily driver on this campus.  I have seen things.  Bikers going the wrong way down a street in the dark.  Pedestrians who didn't take a physics class and just step into traffic w/o looking because "right of way."  I've seen a rollerblader get run over because they tried to undertake a bus.  I've also seen angry drivers blow through stop signs, get annoyed with crosswalks and just roll through, go way too fast.  Last week, I almost hit a cyclist on 12th because they tried to sneak up along my right side while we all negotiate the 4 way stop at Indianola.  Morons.

As a driver, I have missed a stop sign, driven too fast, whipped around a slow cyclist, yelled and honked, etc.  Moronic.

I've known people who have hit a cyclist.  She just got off 315 at the Medical center, and the morning sun is blinding at that intersection.  She had a green light and hit a cyclist on Cannon.  Being in the right did not make her feel any better.

I've had friends get hit by cars in the crosswalk (with a stop sign next to them) by the Med Center.  The driver fled the scene, and my friend had to be pulled onto the sidewalk and assessed by a passing Doctor.  The driver was never identified.

One our graduate students was hit while on his bike by someone who decided that the red light didn't apply to them.  Broke his arm, hand, elbow and leg.  He had to take time off because he couldn't even bathe himself, much less teach and study.

The point of this very long rant is that there are three distinct travel groups on this campus that have to work with each other.  Each group has a subset of people who make dangerous decisions that they are able to rationalize because it fits their narrative.  We are all guilty of it at one point or another.  We all think the people we pass on the highway are idiots, and the people that pass us are lunatics.  80% of all drivers think they are "above average" drivers.  I'm sure cyclists and pedestrians feel the same way.

Whether they are trolling or not, the people in this thread who feel that they have some right above the law because their car is bigger and have expressed their willingness to cause bodily harm should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.  I don't even know what to say about that.

Each group has assholes in it who actively ignore the rules.  It won't make you feel any better about it when you hit them.

Except for those d-bags on the "hoverboards."  They are literally the worst.

Comment 13 Sep 2016

I mean, it's a completely different rule set.  Rousey was an olympian judoka, and she had to make some major adjustments to her strategy.

I'm sure someone with Snyder's work ethic, raw power and skillset could do well transferring if they applied themselves.  Snyder is a little different than the average former HS wrestler who steps into a dojo. :)

Comment 30 Aug 2016

2:25 can kiss my ass.

Comment 24 Aug 2016

Number of years I have playing in the NFL: 0

Number of NFL contracts I've read, evaluated and bargained: 0

Number of immediate family members I have who have played in the NFL: 0

Somehow, I think Joey, his agent, and his family all have some knowledge that I don't possess that makes this deal seem not right.  The league will chew him up and spit him out and offer him absolutely no loyalty.  I see no problem with him looking to protect himself.