Frequently Asked Questions

The Site

What is Eleven Warriors?
Eleven Warriors is a website dedicated to covering Ohio State athletics, with an emphasis on football and basketball coverage.

Where does the name come from?
Eleven Warriors comes from the third verse of the Buckeye Battle Cry, one of Ohio State's fight songs.

How did Eleven Warriors come to be?
The site was born in 2006. For an in-depth dive into how the site became a force of nature, check out our oral history.

Who works at Eleven Warriors?
Our current roster can always be found on our masthead.

Who is Eleven Warriors meant for?
Ohio State fans, but our coverage is inclusive enough to include fans of other teams—even ones north of Ohio's border.

What does this site publish?
Eleven Warriors publishes interviews, analysis, game recaps, editorials, recruiting updates, and anything else related to The Ohio State University and Columbus, Ohio.

Does Eleven Warriors have a presence on social media?
Sure do! You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

How can I contact you guys?
You can contact us pretty easily through our contact page, or simply by emailing us at We try to answer as many emails as we receive!

Note: Please don't respond to any system emails sent through or the like as they don't end up anywhere and are only used to send messages from the site.

How can I support Eleven Warriors?
Shopping through our Amazon affiliate link, the Dry Goods, or purchasing a 12th Warrior membership.

What is 12th Warrior?
An elect sect of 11W Warrior readers who support the site through an $85 a year membership. It comes with a $40 Dry Goods voucher, invites to exclusive site parties around Columbus, access to the premium forum, a gold pants icon next to your display name, and the pay-it-forward knowledge you helped maintain an indispensable fountain of Buckeye information for the masses.

But I thought Eleven Warriors was free?
It is. We will never put content behind a paywall. If you don't feel like becoming a 12th Warrior, you're welcome here just the same. There is no caste system other than access to the Premium Lounge, which is amazing as it is real.

Where can I get one of those "85 Yards Through the Heart of the South" shirts?
You can purchase one of our most popular products at the Dry Goods.


Is there a commenting policy?
There sure is. It's a good idea to familiarize yourself with it before launching any hot takes.

How can I post images, tweets, and other media into my comments?
Our advanced commenting system makes this easy to do. For a full explainer, visit this forum thread.

Why can't I edit my comment?
Comments are locked from editing after 10 minutes.

Why was my comment/forum post removed?
If it was a comment, it likely violated the commenting policy. If you had a forum post removed, it either violated the commenting policy or it was a duplicate thread and had already been posted elsewhere. That, or the title or body of the post was low effort.

How is voting utilized on the site?
Members of the community can vote on both forum posts and comments, awarding (or subtracting) “Helmet Stickers” from the author.

When should I downvote a forum topic or comment?
You should only downvote forum topics and comments that violate the spirit of our commenting policy, are off-topic, or are otherwise bad. You should not downvote forum topics and comments because you disagree with the opinion voiced.

Why did I get downvoted?
Probably for violating the commenting policy or posting something bad. It's best if you take your lumps without complaining about it.

Why is my comment grayed out?
It's received too many downvotes and has a low score. Once a comment receives a score of -10, it's locked and dimmed from view.

Why did I get banned?
Members may be banned for egregious violations of the commenting policy may result in a permanent ban. Other violations may result in an account being suspended – or going to jail as we call it – for a variable length of time.

Why can't we talk hot button social issues or politics? Ever heard of the First Amendment?
If you think the First Amendment applies to private websites, you should really brush up on that. There are a million places to talk politics on the internet. Respectfully, this isn't one of them.

Why is that guy posting in italics?
Some commenters use italics to indicate sarcasm, while others prefer to traditional ending of /s. Others eschew any indication of sarcasm as a dilution of wit. Before down voting somebody, ask yourself, "Could this be sarcasm?"

How do I become a mod?
Build an impeccable reputation among the community. Be cool.

Why do people keep saying Tom Herman founded MENSA, an organization that started before he was born?
It's a running joke on the ubiquity of announcers using the "Tom Herman belongs to MENSA, the organization for geniuses" factoid during his time in Columbus as Ohio State's offensive coordinator.

Member Accounts

How do I sign up for an Eleven Warriors account?
Signing up for an account on Eleven Warriors is simple and free. Just head over to:

When will my account be activated?
You should receive an activation email within two to three days in most cases.

Why didn't I receive my account activation email?
If you haven't received your account activation email after three days, check your spam or junk email folder. If it's you still don't have anything, your request for an account could have been denied for a variety of reasons:

  • You registered with a username that impersonates another person.
  • You chose your email address as your username. You don't want to do this, so we save you the trouble.
  • Your name looks like an XBox Live handle. Stay flexing, ooBUCKEYEBEASToo.
  • You registered with an otherwise obnoxious username like TheTruth or similar.

There are edge cases where your account was approved, but maybe you didn't get the approval email for some reason. You can attempt to reset your password if you think this happened to you.

I forgot my password. Now what?
Resetting your password is easy. You're one click away.

If you are having trouble receiving password reset instructions, please add to your address book to prevent the emails from going into your spam or junk email folder.

Can I change my username?
Yes. You can change your site username for a $5.00 fee. Contact us to get the process started.

Why can't I see my new user avatar?
You may need to flush your browser cache.