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So You Want to Post a Picture/YouTube/Tweet

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February 17, 2014 at 3:35pm

Some folks mentioned they're having trouble embedding media into their comments. Our new system makes this very simple and straight forward, once you learn the ropes. I've created this post (a cross-post from the Micky Marroti Appreciation Thread) as a guide to help those in need.

Pictures/GIFs: When you have located your image, you can simply right click (or dual click if you're on a Chromebook/Macbook, w/e) and select "Copy Image URL." Once you have that, you come into the comment editor. You'll see this media toolbar on the right of the comment toolbar:

The Media Toolbar (located on the right of comment toolbar)

For GIFs/pictures, click the picture icon, located on the far left of the media toolbar. It will give you this screen:

Image Hub

Just paste the URL into the URL slot, hit "OK" and the comment hub will automatically do the coding for you. If successful, the image will appear in the comment box before you even post.

YouTube. YouTube videos are just as easy. The Youtube icon (second from the right in the toolbar image above) gives you a screen like this:

YouTube Hub

Just copy/paste the URL of the YouTube video you want to embed, and hit OK. If you want to select where the video starts from, you have that option at the bottom.

After that, click OK. We'll handle the rest of the code. It's that simple.

Tweets. Tweets are probably the trickiest, but they're still quite easy. Find the tweet you want to embed:

DPRK News Service: A bizarre, hilarious follow

See that "... More" tab near the bottom? Next to "Favorite"? Click that and you'll get this dropdown menu. Click "Embed Tweet" it will give you something that looks like this:

Twitter code

Copy that code text. Then come back to the 11W comment hub and click on the Twitter bird, on the far right of the previously mentioned toolbar. Paste the code in like so:

Twitter Code

Hit OK and BEHOLD:

It should be noted, if the tweet you're trying to embed comes from an account that's locked, you won't have the option to embed it. 

It's all pretty straight forward once you get the hang of it. If you guys are still having trouble, let me know and I'll try to help you out.

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Thanks DJ, but I'm still having troubles.  Please see my forum topic.

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Doc your going to have to go download a free google chrome web broswer.I just did it and works like a charm.

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I'm going to go try that right now.

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This is just a test.


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Holy shit!  It worked!  Thanks DJ and Colerain.  Chrome from now on for me.

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I love the randomness of the gif you chose. I think.

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You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar

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Testing (in HD)
JLaw at the beach


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That's an excellent test.

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I still don't see the water which you speak of.

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I'm shocked !!! .....Don't you see the water dripping off her fingertips ?!!!

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Stewie and Brian are also shocked...
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So we cannot upload pictures directly from our computer? We need to use a site like imagur and upload it using a URL?

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I've always wanted to post a youtuber too.  Here goes


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Hell yeah, Doc. I will mention, the one thing you run into w/ Chrome on here is sometimes the text will appear jumbled. This is fixed with a simple refresh. It's a Chrome issue, and should be fixed with its next update. Overall, the site runs way cleaner than on IE.

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It can also be fixed by resizing your window.  At least that's been working for me.

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DJ, thanks for your tutorial and your advice.  I'm enjoying the new ease of use of Chrome and the site.

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Good idea, Crimson. I'll edit it.

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Thanks Again DJ - You da man!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thanks DJ...bookmarked.

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On the old site, I could upload images from my computer (such as if we want to do a Photoshop Phriday); I can't figure out how to do that on the new site.  Help me please!!!

I'll only ask once, I swear.


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There's a new step.  Upload your photo somewhere (like a free account on and then post a link to it.  11W is saving on storage space this way.

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Will Ferrell being Will Ferrell

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Anyone else having trouble imbedding pictures & GIFs with IE11 ? ( work place computer so cannot switch to chrome which I did with my Laptop & problem disappeared)

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Will Ferrell wearing an Ohio Sweatshirt


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I just noticed that we are now unable to upload images from our computer/laptop/device and are relegated to having to post URL based images. Was this by design or was it accidentally left out? There are ways around it but I'm just curious.

Edit: I should read before I post. I see it was already asked above. Question now answered so never mind.


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Just a test

edit didn't work




Hey DJ - wondering if instagram is supported by using the 'picture' icon and pasting the link or not... sorry if you gave guidance on this already

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Is it possible to upload a picture for your desktop?

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No.  Go to  Click on "upload images" at the top, and use one of the options.  It'll give you a URL to it, and you can use 11W's insert image link to paste the URL.

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Let's see.


Paste it under the Youtube "embed code" option.

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 Just needed am excuse...

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Is it no longer possible to edit our posts once they are saved?  

Also, im still having trouble embedding YouTube videos and tweets from my Ipad.  Is it not possible either? Or do I simply need an update?

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Wondering if anyone else is having trouble posting GIFs from IE11.0.12 64-bit (Windows 7 Pro). I can get the popup window where I can enter the URL of the GIF, but pressing OK to insert the image just locks up the site for me. I must close IE and restart it.

And yes - I cannot use another browser due to work restrictions.   :(

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The youtube window that comes up says to copy the URL "OR" the embed code. I pasted the embed code and it is still asking me to paste a URL "OR" Embed code even though it is in there?

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I got it but it made me copy the URL and The embed code before it would work. It wouldn't take either one by itself.

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Dang it, didn't work

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I click on copy image location and then I go to media bar and click on image then paste the URL there. My picture shows up but then when I click ok and save, it doesn't show up on the post. It is blank like the last two

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Ok, I got it now. I had to use google chrome instead of mozilla firefox. Is there a way to use mozilla firefox instead though?

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Nice job 11 that's good

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Now this is getting frustrating. I just posted that picture of a michigan girl and tried to post a different picture and did exactly the same thing, and now my picture won't show up. OMG Holly Hell!!!!

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What if it a picture you have on ur phone and u want to share ?

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You'll have to upload the picture to a site like so that you can get the URL.

You used to be able to upload pictures straight from your hard drive on the old site, but they took that option away.

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