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I am not a reporter or a journalist. I am not a reporter or a journalist. I am not a reporter or a journalist. I am not a reporter or a journalist.


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Comment 7 hours ago

I remember seeing Bosa at 2012's Friday Night Lights and thinking "My God that dude could strangle an ox."

Comment 30 Jul 2014

thank you all for the kind (and not so kind words). i am just a humble man with a warped (mod edit) and a wifi connection who is lucky enough to make some ravioli money doing what i love.

Comment 29 Jul 2014

It's a true story.

Christmas Eve, 2011, I was at the OK Cafe in Marion, Ohio with a friend. We went outside to smoke a cigarette and I was approached by a longhaired cat. She was nice and seeking attention. I went back inside, had a few more drinks, and when we left, I heard this meowing coming from a dumpster.  It was the white cat.

So, me being a catlover and all, and it being Christmas eve, I got her out and noticed she had some lacerations on her chest and a lot of her hair was matted. She was way too nice to be out in the cold. So, I said fuck it and took her home. (Only realizing about a week later she was pregnant.)

I named her Starcat. She still lives with me, and is the gentlest cat I've ever been around: 

Comment 29 Jul 2014

Script, it was a two-month investigation and 23-page report. That's the opposite of "jumping to conclusions."

Please don't hyperbolize my statement to fit your draconian vision of blackbooted PC police kicking down your door. There's a difference between "sexual harassment/sexual hazing cant' be tolerated" and "anytime anybody has an issue WITH ANYTHING, then the practice needs to stop."

Of course people are going to speak out in favor of Waters. What's to gain by agreeing with his ouster? The stone is already cast, and there's nothing to gain by putting a target on your back and being ostracized amongst alumni.

The Crawl for Cancer isn't sexualized hazing, and isn't an institution within Ohio State. There is no hidden culture to it and the rules are clear upon sign up. That's a terrible analogy.

Again, I get that college students are awful (I was an awful college student) but that doesn't mean it's not an awful cop-out defense. This doesn't mean it should be tolerated by the highest reaching members of a very public institution within Ohio State. Like another commenter said, this is why fraternities and sororities get their charter revoked over lesser shit than this. 

Here's a legal expert detailing why Ohio State HAD to fire Jon Waters

Happy reading.