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Comment 51 minutes ago

That has always mystified me, but I say "your" as "your" and "you're" as "YER," so I've always been one hundred with that. Their/there/they're I usually keep frosty too.

But alas, you would be shocked at how many Ohio State graduates I know who routinely fumble even those, soooo yeah. We're Englishing hard over here.

Comment 1 hour ago

Thank you for the kind words. This job is weird. Sometimes, like last night, I sit down to write with a big ol "MEH" in my heart and I go to bed thinking I did a bang up job. Other times I thunder downstairs to write and leave my keyboard thinking "Meh." 

But then sometimes my "Meh" skull sessions are well received and the ones I think are good aren't. Breaks of the game, i suppose.

Comment 2 hours ago

I have no problem being corrected, but what drives me insane is people will just drive by and be like "You have shitty grammar" but then don't list or correct these supposed errors. 95% of Americans have bad grammar, so what exactly are you trying to solve other than the ultimate feeling of your own inadequacy?

I think I've proven by this point: I take my Crying Jordans, because I know I'm going to get got in this line of work. But if you're citing some ancient grammatical rule created by a tiff between two 18th century poets, then I will just point you to the nearest exit. If you want to say mean things on the internet to each other, we can go the route too. It's a PICK YOUR OWN ADVENTURE with me.

Comment 3 hours ago

People love hanging knowledge over other people's heads, especially when that knowledge is arcane use of the English language.

I've never cared to delve deep into thee intricacies of the English language because it seems like willfully putting yourself in your own prison. I have no interest in working myself up into righteous self-anger because some 23-year-old used the wrong form of "everyday/every day" on a billboard. Plus, the language constantly evolves and has been butchered since its inception, which is why it's the widest-spoken language on Earth. 

I prefer to look at changes in the language and create new grotesqueries at every turn. Sometimes its deliberate mangling, other times it's the product of my ignorance and working by myself on an internet island. One thing is certain, though: There will never be peace between the English masters and me.