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Comment 12 hours ago

That thought had crossed my mind, but numbers are the numbers. To me, it'd be like saying "Well if you take out those three touchdown plays, we're right in the game!" Well, that's nice, but that doesn't matter anywhere else but your head.

I do like the idea of an article for next week looking at defense's rankings prior to and after facing OSU's defense.

Comment 14 hours ago

I was going to run something on this in today's Skull Session but these graphs were swayed me against it:

The relationship Pelini describes is ESPN’s partnership with the SEC in the SEC Network. But ESPN also has a relationship with Pelini’s own Big Ten. And the ACC. And the Big 12. And the Pac-12. And every other FBS conference.

ESPN is the cartel that’s proverbially pays off the police department, but they’re also in business with the sheriff’s office, the fire department, the mayor’s office, the DEA, the public library and everyone on down to the local PTA.

So yeah, can't argue with that. 

Comment 15 hours ago

lmao who told u i was a journalist, bc you got lied to. also, i have no issue with my usage of whom there, but ill listen to any argument u can present. sorry if this has ruined your day.

Comment 20 Oct 2014

Yup. I simply wouldn't go. Odds are they're getting divorced anyway. #IHateWeddings #DoNotInviteMe 

Comment 20 Oct 2014

TBF Ohio State hasn't seen anything like that since those riots.