A Classic Game

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June 29, 2013 at 4:15 am

I was recently on the BTN website and noticed that they added the 2005 Mishagain game to their vault of "Football Classics".  I had not seen the game in years ("The Catch" not included) and thought "what the hell why not watch this while I have some free time?"
My first thought was WOW, that shit really was classic.  The Santonio dive into the endzone to cut it to three points, the Troy Smith led drive with time winding down, and of course Gonzo coming down with that miracle catch after a display of exclusive elusiveness on the part of Smith.  I mean, what was better than going into the Big House, being down by two scores with seven minutes left, and WINNING? Nothing, I tell you.  You can see it all on T Smith's face as he dances towards midfield after the clock hit triple zeros, a sort of child-like excitement that only an insane comeback win in a huge game can give you.  All in all, it was a very satisfying rewatch of a game that is as enjoyable the 15th time around as it was to see live.
Anyhow, I have some thoughts on the Buckeyes back in '05 and how they might differ from this year:
1) They didn't really have a stable of running backs like this year's team does, but Pittman put the burden on his shoulders and manned the load that season.  It will be like that with Hyde to an extent, but he has SO many talented back-ups behind him to step in.
2) Troy Smith is still the best QB OSU has ever had.  If Braxton wins the Heisman and/or MNC this season, he will overtake the throne.  But, just watch the beauty and touch of every pass Smith throws in that game- he was a true pocket quarterback who could scramble like a linebacker's worst nightmare come to life. 
3) I MISS TED GINN!!! Hell, I would even take Gonzo at this point.  Where is our star, our speedster, our go-to-guy in the clutch?  We may find out (Philly Brown? or Devin Smith??) but it may turn out that we have no Ted Ginns on this year's edition of the Buckeyes.  But man 'o man Ginn really could fucking FLY around a football field.  He was such a baller and made both our offense and special teams insanely lethal.  It would be way cool if we found a Teddy Ginn on this year's team.
4) 2005 Bucks were clutch as hell in big games (lI think we technically lost to Texas by less than USC but I'm more thinking about Iowa, Sparty, Michigan, Notre Dame)... can the 2013 Bucks keep it up? Will Braxton deliver like Troy did when he was needed most that year?  I tend to think that Brax has it in him, we even saw it when he was a freshman against Wisconsin.
5) We need linebackers.  They are paramount in importantance to a cohesive defense.  Hawk, Schlegel and Carpenter kept our D as one of the best in the nation.  They frickin brought it every play, especially Hawk.
6) Smith vs Henne= David vs Goliath.  Henne was the big, bad *5* coming out of high school, God on earth, blah blah blah, while Troy was this plucky and short converted kickoff coverage specialist.  The thing is, David always wins.  He finds a way.  Plus, did you SEE SMITH ON THAT LAST DRIVE? Spinning and throwing, avoiding every sack, finding all sorts of guys but still getting the ball to the big play maker Ted Ginn.  He also squeezed out of a few tight 3rd down type situations.  I think that was 'The Drive' of Troy Smith's career as a Buckeye QB.
7) Oh and one more thing- you have to understand I HATE winged helmets and the colors blue and yellow mixed together as much as the next Buckeye-but Mishagain had some sick numbers on their jerseys that year.  I dont think I have seen that style since.

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