Recruiting quarterbacks is like a box of chocolates ...

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June 28, 2013 at 2:21 am

I generally agree with the list of "must-get" recruits. But. We have Mr. Collier now, and we should stand behind him. If Mr. Harris chooses wisely and joins Buckeye nation, Bonus! If not, we will probably still thrive, because Collier is underrated (for all you star gazers). Collier is 100% Buckeye, and that should mean at least as much as stars. The best part of a Harris commitment would be the assurance of optimal competition for both quarterbacks. Who knows, perhaps Collier surpasses Harris and leads the Buckeyes out of the tunnel in a couple years. 
Recruiting quarterbacks, unlike any other position, provides ample opportunities to find both diamonds and busts. While objectivity may be the one indispensable quality when recruiting QBs, allowing a recruiter to see past the hype and actually get to know prospects. And unlike any other position, intangibles matter. As we know, the QB represents a field general on the field, leader at practice, and motivator in the locker room. Physical tools (e.g. size, speed, arm strength, accuracy) are critical, obviously. But so is football iQ, a hatred for losing, loyalty to the team, and a love for The Buckeyes. In that way, recruiting quarterbacks is like a box of chocolates - we are wise to get to know some of the obscure flavors, because those around us often steal the popular ones. 
Go Bucks!

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