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Comment 18 Jul 2018

Andy - So are you saying Ramzy and DJ aren't significantly left of center?

Show me an article published on this site under either gentleman's byline that proves this hypothesis. I don't give a good goddamn if they're Whigs, Know-Nothings or Pastafarians, frankly, because the writing they publish on this site delivers on the site's brand promise and more important to me, is some of the best writing on this site.

That some readers can't get past political opinions those writers may have expressed on social media, I contend, says more about those readers than it does about the writers. And again, I don't care if Walter Cronkite was a member in good standing of The Galactic Empire, he was a damn fine news man... and that's the part that matters to me. Put another way, I don't care about my plumber's political affiliation so long as he fixes the leak in the basement, so why do I care about my sportswriter's politics either?

Comment 18 Jul 2018

As an engineer, I am bad at many things, including humor, sarcasm, personal hygiene and remembering not to correct someone when they say the sky is blue; but I am good at math.

You're better at humor than you give yourself credit for, Sir :)

Comment 18 Jul 2018

You make a good point about social media. I remember back in my radio days, a fellow farm broadcaster from Illinois ran for office, and everyone was shocked at the party she declared... She was the epitome of a journalist, so even-handed in her coverage that people of both parties assumed she must belong to their party.

some consumers are going to look for it in the site's content.

One might argue that this says more about the consumer than about the site.

Comment 18 Jul 2018

Fair point, old friend. I suppose I saw enough “Ack! Politics!” complaints over the coverage of the Strauss scandal that this pushed me over the edge. I’m going back to writing about wrestling shoes now, and will leave this discussion to the professionals.

Comment 18 Jul 2018

DJ, like 11w in general, seems waaaaaay left of your average person. 

Sorry, I can't let that like 11W in general garbage #take stand. I defy you to present a cogent argument that 11W is anything other than what it claims to be: "an independent site, committed to delivering Buckeye fans the news and analysis they deserve, all while remaining free."

The commenting policy specifically bans politics and hot-button social issues, to keep the focus on Buckeye sports news, and topics of interest to fans of The Ohio State University generally. "We've always believed the quickest way to ruin a good conversation is to bring up politics and you could say the same for a handful of other topics for other topics like religion, gun control, immigration, abortion, etc."

And while the MODs have understandably allowed a little more leniency in this thread given the subject at hand, I challenge anyone to present a cogent argument that backs up your assertion that 11W as a news organization is "waaaaaay left of your average person."

We're not left, we're not right, either - when sports and politics intersect in a story, we cover those stories in a non-partisan fashion. Take the example of a former Buckeye running for Congress (a Republican, I might add). Or when the national championship team visited the White House. Show me a political #take in either of those stories, please. And if your bone of contention is Ramzy's profile of former wrestler and apparent whistleblower Mike DiSabato, you clearly didn't read or understand the article, but rather latched on to its nascent mention of DiSabato's long-running beef with an Ohio congressman and former OSU coach.

Are some of the staff members left of center? Well, we know one who is, because he's putting the proverbial money where his mouth is and running for office. Are some of the staff members right of center? I don't know because we don't talk politics on this site, and that's the point.

So keep your trash #takes where they belong: in the trash.

Comment 17 Jun 2018

Caniff was a fellow son of beautiful Hillsboro, Ohio. His work is featured in an exhibit at Ohio State's Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum (yes, that is a real thing). Caniff enrolled at Ohio State in 1925, and worked for Ireland at the Columbus Dispatch from '25 until 1932 when the Depression forced the Dispatch to cut staff. He went to New York, and not long after created Terry and the Pirates, which he inked until the late '40s, when he created Steve Canyon. So he was apparently a student when he drew the 1928 cover. Good eye to spot his signature - I missed it the first time!

Comment 16 Jun 2018

Flo definitely upped the production value on the whole thing - and I know some folks snickered at the weigh-ins (and Logan and Joey certainly found the whole thing amusing, standing nose to nose like they were mortal enemies) and ongoing hype, but you hit the nail on the head: wrestling can use the promotion.

Jordan Burroughs had an interesting observation via our nation's site of record:

Is he right? Maybe, maybe not - but he raises a good point either way.

Comment 16 Jun 2018

If I were picking the match, I'd probably say it goes three matches, and Logan wins 2-1, but that's because I have a hard time picking against a world champ and 4X NCAA titleholder. But when McKenna looked me in the eyes and said he's young and hungry, I believed him. It won't surprise me at all to see him win at least one match tonight. It also won't surprise me if Logan wins it in two.