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Farm kid from Southern Ohio, writing about the WrestleBucks at the best sports site on the interwebz.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Taking my dad to The Shoe for the first time.
  • NFL TEAM: Pittsburgh Steelers
  • NHL TEAM: Columbus Blue Jackets
  • NBA TEAM: The Los Angeles Lakers of my youth
  • MLB TEAM: Cincinnati Reds, I guess...?
  • SOCCER TEAM: Columbus Crew

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Comment 22 Aug 2019

The late Governor/Senator was one of the kindest public servants I ever had the pleasure of meeting.

We shared the dais on the courthouse square in my hometown my junior year of high school when he was in town stumping for school funding. Each of the five schools in the county sent a representative to speak, and I was the only student selected (the others sent a teacher, and administrator, a parent and a board member, as I recall), and the Governor really made a big deal of it. I still have a picture of the two of us together at the podium, and then years later he sent me a letter on his Senatorial stationary congratulating me on something or other I'd done in my early radio days, and I still have the letter in my office.

He was a blast at the State Fair, too. Insisted on maintaining the tradition of sleeping in the barns one night of the fair, took his grandkids all over, just a really nice guy.

Comment 17 Jun 2019

In this specific instance I included those tidbits so readers of Eleven Warriors would have some clue why this was a story worth their attention. "Non-revenue sport participant at another Big Ten school" might not make that connection obvious, and just mentioning his name may not have meant anything to the casual reader. So context/relevance, in other words.

Comment 16 Jun 2019

Knar, what that caption meant was that he’s been Team USA’s guy for five years in a row, which includes the 2016 Olympics. The Olympics is the World Championship at the Olympic weights that year. He will have to wrestle for his spot next year, but as mentioned by the previous commenter, he’ll have an auto-bid to the finals if he medals at worlds again this year.

Comment 14 Jun 2019

Keister hit it - permanent seating is close to 4k, but wrestling should be a bit higher because they'll have additional floor seating. I'm not sure if it has been approved or not, but there is discussion about wrestling every meet on a platform, which would allow for additional floor seating, and then there is also the possibility of standing-room-only ticketing up on the mezzanine level... Coach Ryan is hoping to push 5k for some of these big meets.

I do think in future seasons there will be meets in St. John and/or The Schott for teams like Penn State, Iowa or Michigan, but the focus on this year is to sell out season tickets and show off the new venue (which is spectacular). When it's full, I think it will be a really intimidating atmosphere for visiting teams.

Comment 03 Jun 2019

I can't find much fault in your predictions, honestly. My only caveat about Kerk not redshirting is that he mentioned in an interview at Akron about re-injuring his ACL a couple of months ago, and that he's basically been wrestling "without an ACL." Obviously that didn't slow him down any in Akron, but it's something in the back of my mind... there's no reason to rush if he has any lingering concerns or issues there.

Comment 02 Jun 2019

Most likely scenario is Kerkvliet taking the redshirt and Singletary moving down after Moore graduates. There is also the opportunity for some guys to take Olympic redshirts, which could also make for some interesting roster scenarios.

Comment 17 May 2019

the old Third Floor Larkins space was pretty baller... ;)

Okay, since you mentioned Larkins, when they do the final meeting in Steelwood, Tommy Rowlands is featured speaker - and he's talking about what it meant to his team to move from Larkins to Steelwood, actually! And then the team hops on the bus and heads over to Jennings. Pretty cool way to set the stage.