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Comment 17 Feb 2020

All good - Martin's right, that's basic journalism to spell out acronyms on first reference. One of the pitfalls of quick-posting something in the forum is letting things like that slip past you in the name of expediency.

No harm, no foul - plenty of folks who read articles here are learning about wrestling, and a big part of my job is to do a good job of explaining how the sport works so we can all enjoy it together.

Comment 17 Feb 2020

WTF is WTF? Be clear in your snark.

I kid, I kid. Sorry about that Martin, you're absolutely right that I should have spelled that out (minor quibble that this is a Forum post, not "reporting" per se). RTC stands for "Regional Training Center." The Ohio Regional Training Center is the local arm of the Olympic Training Center where elite wrestlers can train locally as they work toward making world or Olympic teams.

From USA Wrestling:

The purpose of the USA Wrestling RTCs are to allow individuals to achieve their full human and athletic potential. The RTCs provide qualified youth athletes and Olympic Hopefuls access to elite level coaches, high level training partners and world class facilities in a safe local environment. RTCs should mirror USA Wrestling’s mission, vision and values.

A key focus is to raise the relevancy of wrestling on college campuses. Within NCAA rules, RTCs provide additional opportunities for college coaches to further develop and enhance their individual program. This cooperative effort strengthens the connection between the Olympic Movement and college athletics.

Comment 17 Feb 2020

NaTo is one of my favorite guys to come through the program, so I’m really excited to see him wrestle healthy. Humphrey getting back in action was awesome, too - hopefully some video will make it’s way to the interwebz at some point.

Comment 13 Feb 2020

Maryland is the perfect example as to why building Covelli was smart, and you hit it on the head.

I'm not sure what went into the decision of making it a ~4,200 seat space instead of 5k or 6k, but I suspect that the push for fans to invest in season tickets will be more prevalent and that "don't get left out" thing will be part of the call.

Comment 13 Feb 2020

I agree with this. While I'm 100% in favor of basketball moving back to St. John forever, Covelli is a much better environment for your average dual. When Penn State or Iowa comes to town, then it makes sense to move to St. John or The Schott (Value City was pretty lit the last few times the Buckeyes wrestled there).

Comment 13 Feb 2020

Quite a bit of variation across the conference:

  • Penn State's Rec Hall seats 6,502, though they also wrestle occasionally in the Bryce Jordan Center (15,261)
  • Iowa's Carver-Hawkeye Arena seats 15,500, and they've been the attendance leader for something like 13 years running, averaging more than 8,500 last season.
  • The Rutgers Athletic Center seats 8,000
  • Wisconsin's UW Fieldhouse is listed at 7,052
  • Minnesota's Maturi Pavilion seats 5,500
  • Nebraska wrestles in the 7,907-seat Bob Devaney Sports Center
Comment 11 Feb 2020

It's changed over the years... In the 2012 games they wrestled seven classes. There used to be only eight freestyle classes at world championships, and they expanded that to 10, but they the IOC opted to move from seven down to six for Rio and Tokyo. There was a big debate at one point if they should continue to wrestle at the Olympics at all, sadly.

Comment 10 Feb 2020

Niko has some good answers for sure. Since you can only wrestle 10 guys in a dual, the opens are great venues for some of the other 20+ guys in the room to get some live reps. And in some cases, like with Heinselman and Kinner, there's an element of improving their records for seeding the Big Ten tournament or getting them in the RPI (you have to have 15 matches at the weight to qualify for an RPI rating).

For Hoffman, he's already taken his redshirt season so there's no downside to not wrestling a tournament. 

Comment 08 Feb 2020

I was so glad they added Cleveland because I missed the boat on Pittsburgh, lol. Logged in to buy tickets and realized I had already dropped the ball on that one.

Comment 08 Feb 2020

I've seen Def quite a few times over the past five years. Can't say how they compared to the '85 version, but I had no qualms about buying tickets to see them again, that's for sure. Still put out a great show. First time seeing the other bands live, but I'm pretty excited.

Comment 08 Feb 2020

I'm generally pro-Oxford comma, but like most things in language there are times when rules are made to be broken, so I don't make it a "ride or die" kind of thing.

Thanks for reading! I'm grateful that we have such an active community of fans that enjoy the sport!