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Comment 01 Oct 2020

Anything can happen over the next three months, but a January start to a conference-only schedule seems like a reasonable expectation. If football goes as planned, I'll feel pretty good about the dual-meet season. What happens with the NCAA tournament might still be something of an open question, but again, lots can change between now and March.

Comment 27 Aug 2020

Wasn't he going by what the presidents wanted and isn't he in a situation that damn if he dose and damn if he dosn't?

So this is a fair point - ultimately it's the Presidents and Chancellors of the Big Ten who call the shots... not the Athletic Directors. My bone of contention with Warren is that he A.) Did a terrible job of getting other stakeholders (ADs and coaches) on board with the decision, and B.) Has done an abysmal job of making the case for why the B1G decision was the right one. Those two things are leadership 101.

Comment 14 Aug 2020

In talking with Tom Ryan earlier this week it's pretty clear they've been thinking about that since the NCAA tournament was scuttled back in March. They've given a lot of thought to things like who is training with who, who is on the mat at the same time or training in the weight room at the same time, etc., so a positive test/infection doesn't wipe out the whole lineup.

As far as the delay of the start date, Coach Ryan said that's something they've been talking about since back in March, too – he said the idea has been that we'd most likely be wrestling a conference-only schedule between January and March. To some extent we've been discussing the idea of making wrestling a "one semester sport" for a few years, but the mindset has largely been "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." So this pandemic has maybe forced a change that's been considered on some level for quite a while.

Will it work re: keeping spread in check? Just like what we've seen from the pro leagues operating now, that will largely be determined by how well the athletes and staff limit their exposure off the mat, rather than how they interact with each other on the mat or in practice.

Comment 15 Jun 2020

It's really hard to say how big a class this could be; The 2018 class was 13 guys (some of whom have already moved on to greener pastures), the 2019 class was 6,  and both were considered top 2 classes in the country. Then 2020 was basically two guys.

Since there are only 9.9 scholarships for the wrestling program, it's not quite so cut and dry as it is with football where you have more or less a scholarship for every guy on the team plus walk-ons... with wrestling you don't even have a whole scholarship for every starter, let alone the two or three guys you'd like to have on hand for depth and development.

But it's safe to say that the staff would like to get at least one more guy to go with Gallagher on the 2021 haul and would take two if they could get Figueroa and Van Ness, for example (hey, there's nothing wrong with having big dreams, right?). For 2022 it probably depends on how they finish '21 with regard to the lightweights, but it seems like they are definitely in the market for at least one or two upperweights among 2022 prospects.

Comment 15 Jun 2020

With sophomores and juniors there is plenty of time for them to grow into 125 typically, particularly if you assume that in most cases there's a redshirt year before they crack the starting lineup. As it stands, someone like Figueroa could conceivably start as a true freshman, depending.

Comment 15 Jun 2020

Heres a question that might be impossible to answer... are we going to have wrestling this year?

Man, that's the $64m question. If football happens, then I believe everything else happens, too, it's just a matter of fans or not, and then managing the health of the athletes and coaches. USA Wrestling, which is the governing body for freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling (Team USA, the Olympics, etc.), has a set of "Return to the Mat Guidelines" that probably provide some insight into how leaders in the sport are thinking about what meets might look like.

How the NCAA handles its business, of course, may be another matter entirely.

Comment 25 Apr 2020

It's a helluva note to think you have four different guys who could legitimately start at 141. I'm hoping that Decatur is able to master the weight - there's another guy with incredible upside if he can get his body right at the weight. I'd love to see Kinner in the lineup - he's a fun guy to cover, and just has that "brawler" attitude, which is fun to watch when it works.

Comment 25 Apr 2020

I was certain Echemendia would come in and be our 157 this year, until I realized the challenges of getting him admitted and through the clearinghouse and such. He's just incredible to watch on tape - really wild to think about his potential given the training and the system.

I've been pegging Kharchla at 165, too. It feels like Smith is the odd man out there given the season Romero had at 174, which is a shame given Smith's talent and guts. But I'm pretty excited to see Kharchla in the lineup, too.

Comment 25 Apr 2020

They have a logjam of talent in a couple of spots. I don't know what his "walking around" weight is, so I don't know if he'd work at 157. Echemendia is going to be the man at 141, so my assumption is it goes Echemendia, Sasso, and then either Kinner or Cleary, although there's also Isaac Wilcox, a Top-100 recruit in the class of 2019 who came in projected at 165, but who I think will bump down and try to take the 157 spot because 165 will either be Ethan Smith or Cason Kharchla.