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Comment 15 Jan 2020

Right - I glossed over the medical forfeits in counting the four matches he was slated to wrestle in his bracket at F&M, and should have made the point more clearly that the issue was weighing in three times in a week. The one-hour weigh-in is a big challenge for him making this cut.

Comment 04 Jan 2020

He’s in the room and working, but I’m struggling to see him in the lineup this season *unless* it’s at 157 and I’m less and less certain that’s on the table.

When I asked about 157 yesterday, Coach Ryan said Cleary has been “the most consistent” at the weight, but noted that Kinner was moving up to ‘57. By way of explanation he said he obviously wasn’t beating Luke at 41 and they’re not moving Sammy at ‘49. So that logic holds for Echemendia as well, I would think.

The reason I think he doesn’t go ‘57 is what you said - it’s an “off year” and he said on his Instagram story a few weeks back that he wants to wrestle 141/149, so I think he uses this as his redshirt season and follows Pletcher at 141.

All that said, anything is possible, really.

Comment 03 Jan 2020

Here's a nice primer from

An Olympic redshirt means that an athlete can spend a year training away from the team in an effort to focus exclusively on preparing for the Olympic Trials and Olympic Games. Athletes utilizing the Olympic redshirt will not compete in college duals and will not be eligible to compete in the conference or national tournaments at the end of the year.

However, like a regular redshirt, an athlete or coach can choose to pull an Olympic redshirt at any point throughout the season and enter the athlete into collegiate duals and tournaments. In 2016, Ohio State's Kyle Snyder initially announced his intention to take an Olympic redshirt year to qualify and win gold in Rio. But he and head coach Tom Ryan pulled that redshirt before the Nebraska dual on Jan. 17 of that year. Snyder went on to win the Big Ten and NCAA tournament at heavyweight, and then took home top honors at the Olympics.

There are some clear qualifications you have to meet to take an Olympic redshirt - not every Tom, Dick or Billy Bob can take one:

The Olympic redshirt is only available during Olympic years to athletes who meet one (or more) of these criteria:

1.) Past National Team members (Top 3 from the World or Olympic Team Trials)

2.) Top 8 at the 2019 Senior U.S. Open

3.) Top 3 at the 2019 NCAA wrestling championship or NCAA champion from a previous year and top 2 from the 2019 U23 World Team Trials (must accomplish both)

4.) Previous Cadet, Junior, U23 World Medalist

But since Singletary already wrestled in dual meets for OSU this year, he can't put the Olympic redshirt back on, and would have to go the medical route.

Comment 07 Dec 2019

J Jaggers said Thursday that "obviously we have some decisions to make at 133" because long-term, asking Kinner to keep cutting to 133 may not be in his best interest. The bigger question to me isn't so much if Koontz takes the spot, but if they pull Decatur's redshirt.

That said, if you'd told me Koontz would make it to the semis - and score bonus points along the way - I may have been just a wee skeptical. So anything is possible!