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Comment 7 hours ago

The repechage system is definitely one of the most... interesting... aspects of international competition. American fans frequently lament the lack of a full wrestleback system, for the very reason you site. If you run into the best in the world in your first match, you may or may not have the chance to wrestle back for bronze depending on how well your opponent performs late in the tournament.

Comment 22 Oct 2018

It's really unfortunate because the American team is really, really good. Consider the results:

  • 57kg: Thomas Gilman, 5th place (lost the bronze match)
  • 61kg: Joe Colon, Bronze
  • 65kg: Logan Stieber, eliminated
  • 70kg: James Green, eliminated
  • 74kg: Jordan Burroughs, Bronze
  • 79kg: Kyle Dake, Gold
  • 86kg: David Taylor, Gold
  • 92kg: J'den Cox, Gold
  • 97kg: Kyle Snyder, Gold/Silver
  • 125kg: Nick Gwiazdowski, Bronze

So out of 10 competitors, the team brings home seven medals, including at least three gold, and possibly a fourth. But Gilman's loss, coupled with a gold-medal win by Uguev sealed the team race for the Russians. FloWrestling put together this handy table:

Getting zero points from Stieber and Green definitely hurt the cause, because the Russians got points from everybody on their bench. The U.S. looks pretty top-heavy by comparison, with three or four golds to two or three for the Russian team, but with all but one team member getting at least 10 points for the team, consistency won the day.

Comment 18 Oct 2018

Thanks for making the point about the lack of bonus points in these preseason figures, because it does make a difference. Penn State's "secret sauce," of course, has been piling up ungodly amounts of bonus points, and they have at least three guys on the roster who still know how to do that in spades.

Comment 18 Oct 2018

You're 100% correct, BD, as usual. Coach Ryan told me last month that he's not going to burn Heinselman's redshirt just to get a couple of tournament points, but if he looks like he can make the podium, then he'll get the nod. I'm really interested to see how he looks against Mead tonight.

Comment 17 Oct 2018

Great point. Tomorrow night's matches will be really interesting, if for no other reason than to see how the young blood looks compared with the established starters, and then specifically with Campbell to see if he looks more on his game at the heavier weight.

Comment 17 Oct 2018

He definitely seems to be a guy who bill benefit from moving up. Coach Ryan told me that Campbell had the hardest cut of anyone on the team last season, and I think we really saw that at times down the stretch.

That said, he has to be more aggressive on his feet. The times when he got dinged repeatedly for stalling were pretty tough to watch. Once he gets on the mat, he's pretty solid, and lord knows he's strong enough to hammer home some back points. But getting guys to the mat was problematic for him the longer the season went on.

Comment 17 Oct 2018

Chase Singletary will be the starter at heavyweight this season. He was the top heavyweight recruit in his class. I'm not entirely sure why he isn't getting more love nationally, but I'll say that this is as open as 285 has been in a while, with Snyder, Coon, Kaspar, etc., graduating. There is definitely opportunity for a young guy to make a name for himself this year, and if recruiting rankings mean anything at all, Singletary has the tools to make some noise.

Comment 17 Oct 2018

Hard to say about a coaches' poll, but these four rankings are probably a good approximation of a writers' poll considering that all four are published by media outlets. I think it's just hard to rank a guy ahead of a guy who literally beat him twice in their most recent pair of meetings. It's not necessarily that they think one is significantly better than the other, but the results are what they are.

Plus, there's a case to be made that Conel was pretty underrated heading into the tournament. That clearly won't be the case this go-round. Everyone will see him coming now, even if they overlooked him before.

Comment 16 Sep 2018

Also, the only really bad swap I can think of is "The Houndie" being retired in favor of the more generic "Across the Shield".


Gosh, I haven't said that in years. Feels good to dust it off one more time. Thanks, Hodge!