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Comment 26 Mar 2019

Our mutual friend has as good an insight into the situation as anyone, that's for sure. I can see a few different possible roster combinations from 141-157 with Sasso, Kinner and Hayes all in play. Hayes' ideal class feels like 141, but he did a good job getting up to weight for 57 (I don't think he lost a lot of matches due to size, in other words). If he can cut back down he should be one of the stronger guys in the class.

Comment 25 Mar 2019

The 6th-year thing with Penn State is really interesting, and I think folks are pretty much taking it for granted that they'll all be back. I'm wondering where Conel fits in the lineup; I guess I've been presuming he steps in at 197 and Rasheed drops down to 184 with Nickal's graduation, and if that's the case you're right it makes them the prohibitive favorite again with past or returning champs in Joseph, Hall and Cassar.

On Ohio State's redshirts there was some discussion prior to the season if you'd see McKenna, Myles, Luke, and Kollin take redshirts for the same reason. The fact that they didn't leads me to think it's more likely that you field the best team - Ohio State has enough guys coming in and will continue recruiting at a high level that you always try to finish in the Top 3 and forego the year of stockpiling resources for next year. You could argue, though, that Sanderson's roster management is part of the reason they've had this multi-year run, so maybe Ohio State has to look at playing that same game with redshirts and a down year.

Sasso and Hoffman are definitely guys who remind me of NaTo, Bo and Snyder, and if you throw Kharch, Kerk and/or Decatur in the mix? Lot of talent on the roster there.

Good post, BD, as always.

Comment 22 Mar 2019

I've been a pretty vocal advocate of Hayes because of the adversity he's faced with his health and spot on the roster over the past three years.


If there's one fair criticism of him as a wrestler that isn't purely technical, it's that feeling you get watching him that if he's not totally dialed in to a match, that he's phoning it in emotionally. In fairness to all of the guys, with most of the athletes we cover we don't see them much more than you do watching from the stands - we "get to know" them in five-minute chunks during weekly media availabilities and post-match interviews... So I can't say with any kind of certainly much about any given wrestler's true personality. But when you watch Hayes, you wish he had the killer instinct you see in guys like Kyle Snyder, Logan Stieber, J Jaggers, Myles Martin... guys who walk on the mat knowing they've already won the match.

That's a rare quality, I suppose, but I get why fans get frustrated with Hayes at times when he looks like he's already checked out of a match.

What I'm really interested to see is what happens next season. There is some chatter that he moves back down to his ideal weight at 141, but there's no doubt there are a bevy of young Bucks in the program who may also like a shot at that spot on the roster. We'll see. I think he's a much different story at 141 than he is at 157.

Comment 22 Mar 2019

While we're waiting, here are a few pieces of reading to whet your appetite if you're just tuning in:

And of course if this is your first NCAA Wrestling Championship, you may want to pick up the Preview and Primer. It has some useful information on things like tournament scoring.