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Comment 03 Jan 2020

Fields did lead Dobbins too much. The pass was definitely not "on target". But the ground did not cause the fumble. Because Dobbins had to dive he never established possession in the field of play. Had be touched down with possession of the ball, then lost it when he hit the ground then the ground caused the fumble. By not touching down first it was not a fumble because it was not a completion.

Comment 25 Dec 2019

By looking at Rutgers with Schiano White is basically saying that he would rather get playing time even if it means not getting better and getting humiliated every game, than getting coaching that can improve him and being part of something exciting. He is saying that he has zero professional potential and just wants to have fun. Which is fine. And probably a good reason to leave OSU.

Comment 03 Dec 2019

I expect I'm in the minority but Fields did not have a great game v TTUN. He was too often late or off target, so receivers had to make difficult catches and did not get max yards after catch. There is something to be said for making throws catchable at all, but the really elite QBs makes things easier for receivers. No, I can't do it myself. No, I don't think Fields should be benched. But in grading performance a W does not excuse all faults. And faults that continue can hurt against better opponents.

Comment 02 Dec 2019

I'm not understanding the love for Fields in this game. He didn't turn it over, which is a huge improvement (sliding rather than taking on hits helps!) And he did make some very nice throws. But he was off target most of the game, missing open receivers, making catches harder, throwing late, and putting up what could have been a couple of INTs. That we scored 56 does not mean that Justin had a great game.

Comment 01 Dec 2019

While there was a huge difference in the success of TTUN's passing in the first half and the second that was not all Silver Bullets. Receivers were still open, they were dropping passes. We need to fix why opposing receivers were getting so open. What this suggests is that what makes our defense work is not lock-down corners or disciplined linebackers but QBs panicking from our pass rush. If our opponent's o-line neutralizes our rush it may be that our pass defense is pretty ordinary, too dependent on drops. This should not be an issue v WIS, it could be in the playoffs. Just as TTUN exposed weaknesses in our defense that blew up in our faces in 2006 yesterday might be a sign that all is not as well as we have been thinking. Or maybe it just means that our back-ups are not as good as starters who were out.

Comment 26 Nov 2019

We had a two TD lead at half. We got up 3TDs, 21-0. Then saw our lead shrink to 4 and we managed just one score, and really only one scoring opportunity, in the final 25 minutes of game time. That was from a team that had been averaging over 12 points per quarter. And Fields went down twice, including on his third fumble. You like that game plan? Day got away with it, but I think it helped PSU, who wanted a low-scoring game, more than it helped OSU. TTUN would love to see us play Tressel ball.

Also, if we beat TTUN by one while LSU crushes its opponent we stay #2 in the playoff rankings and have to face Clemson in the semi. We need style points if we want the easier semi, and TTUN is the best chance to get them. Because when we're playing MN LSU is playing GA, and that is all advantage Tigers.

Comment 26 Nov 2019

Stock down. 1) Day's game management. We can blame Fields for the fumbles, but Fields is not trained to hold on to the ball against monster defenders on a regular basis, and it was Day who put Fields in that position. If Day again calls a Meyer game we could lose to TTUN. And if we win but Fields gets hurt on his 20th carry the season is essentially over.

2) Fields' accuracy. He was off target all game long. He is getting saved by good receivers, but he is making catches harder and reducing possible yards after catch because receivers have to break stride. He has too often been less accurate than his numbers suggest. It was particularly noticible against PSU.

Comment 23 Nov 2019

Day "believes" Fields is fine? Day BELIEVES Fields is fine? This wouldn't even be a concern if Day had not called a play putting Fields - who holds the ball too long - in harms way, rather than just handing the ball to Dobbins and sending out the defense. That, and the Fields run on first down of that last full possession, were play calls that can kill a season even if we win the game. I can not imagine what Day was thinking up two scores with 2 mins to play letting the one guy we can't lose take hits.

Comment 03 Nov 2019

In past years I have wanted OSU to use these glorified scrimmages to work on things we needed to get better at, without worrying about style points. Meyer rarely took that approach - sometimes we looked good, sometimes it really backfired and we struggled at what we were supposed to be good at, either way the problems continued. Not always with losses, but no way we should have lost to Clemson by 31.This year there is little that needs to be fixed. So we should have two goals for the game: 1) no injuries, and 2) get back-ups a lot of reps in case they are needed. These are addressed with the same fix - put the back-ups in early. This might depress the winning margin but we don't need style points, we need to ensure we can win out starting with PSU. With healthy starters preferably, and with back-ups if necessary.

Comment 28 Oct 2019

I don't take comparison to Marshall as a positive. Marshall did have some exciting returns, but he also fumbled too much and had trouble judging the ball, far too often letting kicks hit the ground and roll towards our end zone. It was said that we would have averaged better field position with no one back to return punts.

Comment 18 Oct 2019

42-17 is a weird prediction, because it says that a bad offense will have a strong game against us. Is NW's 17 based on us turning the ball over a couple of times, giving NW very short fields or defensive scores? us getting up 42-0 and Day letting our back-ups struggle? or the Wildcats' offense actually outperforming itself? How does NW get 17 points?

Comment 06 Oct 2019

I also agree with Westside - I thought Victor lost control before he crossed the line, was not OOB with control, it was a live ball lying on the ground - and Buckeyes ran by it leaving it there. WHEN THE BALL IS ON THE GROUND PICK IT UP!!! And Victor, your #1 goal is not scoring, it is ball control!!! Victor earlier dropped a ball right on his hands, had a false start. He did make some nice moves on what was scored the TD, but as in this game his ups are matched by downs. I think Wilson should be getting the playing time.