Meechy77-Stephen Collier

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June 22, 2013 at 10:04 am

I live in Cleveland. My greatest Sports highlight this year was Trent Richardson's comment(he of fine SEC education) "This is the goodest defense we faced all year!" Try getting over that! Anywho, I LOVE 11 warriors and the community that faithfully post the best content about my beloved Buckeyes: The Good, The Bad, and, The Ugly. 
One thing that has me scratching my bald head this week is the Contrast of comments between the Meechy77 and Stephen Collier Commitment posts. 
Maybe it's just me, but I think it's refreshing that in this day and age when recruits are looking for attention(Meechy77)Stephen Collier came to Columbus on his own dime to earn an offer with hard work, humility, and Grace. 
I think Demetriius Knox is a beast and would love to have him in Columbus, It's great he wanted a little attention. But I found it humorous that everyone on the thread kissed his ass and not one person put him on the spot about comitting as if one challenging question would offend him and influence his decision.
Collier commits and IS already focused on helping Our Team achieve the ultimate goal and the majority of comments are concerns about his offer list, star rating, and all the QB's that committed elsewhere instead of coming to Columbus to work out for the staff and earn an offer.

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