I always thought the SEC was a Conference.... Has it morphed into something before unseen?

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June 1, 2013 at 3:59 pm

I always understood the SEC to be a Southeastern Conference, an American college athletic conference whose 14 member institutions located in 11 states, are primarily in the southeastern part of the United States.  A growing and strange phenomenon has occurred over the last 7 years.  Now at games you can hear the chant of "SEC SEC SEC" being screamed at the top of their lungs even when the opposing teams are in the same conference.  This is something unique to that conference.  The two teams playing could be at the bottom of the standings both within conference and national polls, but they still try to make themselves nationally relevant by cheering their conference.  Are they cheering because they haven't been asked to leave? Or are they cheering because 4 teams in the SEC have been successful enough to win consecutive National Championships over the past seven years?  Do they now live vicariously through, what would in any other conference, be their most hated rivals?  Perhaps getting steam rolled year in and year out by the heavy weights of the SEC provides them with a sense of entitlement to the crystal balls that Florida, Auburn, LSU and Alabama have been talented enough to win.  Those four schools and their fans earned the right to call themselves the best.  The support for them should have been sung LOUDLY for the entire year, but only by their fans, not the rest of the conference, well maybe the commissioners' office as well.  The other 11 teams in the conference who've won nothing must feel they have done their part to get a sliver of associative glory.  Their claim to fame is being used as cannon fodder for the previous champions.  Do you think the coaches and their respective staffs were cheering "SEC SEC" at any game or any time after for that matter?  I do not understand the "We helped get you there by getting are asses kicked by you" mentality.  So in honor of those glorious losses, they cheer conference before school in hope that the power schools will appreciate them.  Then they can claim to be good and cool too. (Just pay no attention to their irrelevance and they'll cheer even louder)  Is it SEC syndrome?
My personal opinion on competing against rivals in our conference is that I never ever Ever EVER cheer for another conference member.  I love the rivalries we have and the (measured) hate and contempt that goes with it.  There is simply no way imaginable I would ever cheer for another member of the Big Ten conference, especially if they were to win a championship!  The thought of the team up north winning a National Championship, which would HAVE to be our expense, is HATEFUL to me.  I laughed hard when Bart was getting his backside handed to him the the Rose Bowls.  His tears and facial contortions were like love to me.  Even seeing the skunk weasels get completely BLOW OFF THE MAP by Alabama in the early season game in Dallas was cause for an enjoyable evening of drinks and laughing, mostly at Brady Hokestone's expense.
So I pose these questions to you all.  Has what was once the exception, now become the norm?  Are conference rivals becoming chummy with those they they wouldn't pee on if they were on fire, to create a harmonious love-in of the conference?  Is this communal love-fest an inbred aberration of the SEC (which would explain a lot) or are all of the "power" conference fans now choosing to advocate their conference as whole over the traditional support of one university?  If your team was to get steam-rolled year in and year out, would you adopt the theory of "if ya can't beat 'em, join 'em" philosophy?
My personal opinion:
I would rather slam my testicles in a drawer than ever wish victories for the skunk weasels in the piss and blue.  I want them to FAIL at everything!!  I would not cheer our conference name "just to be associated in the same group" with them, EVER.  The only thing we ever want ttun for is, to use them as the doormat they are, to wipe their bullshit from our shoes.

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