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Comment 07 May 2018

EGO.  its more important to be "right" and sound smart; when in reality, its a world ass guess

Comment 05 May 2018

Except that Urban Meyer has a higher winning percentage than Saban.  In my book, since its all about winning, that puts UM ATLEAST even with Saban.  And Urban doesn't refuse to travel outside of Ohio for non conference matchups.

Comment 04 May 2018

If neither QB has asserted himself as the starter, why would the head coach obstensively force one out the door?  would that be in the best interest of the program?  Would that be in the best interest of the seniors and three and outs like Bosa?  

Comment 02 May 2018

Great show.  I use the CC so that I don't have to turn the volume up.  Lots of "FOoks" my wife hates to hear.

Comment 01 May 2018

Think about it from the perspective of another coach.  You have to worry about job security so much, that you can't afford to focus on much more than winning.  Part of the success of this program is that Urban is and never will need to worry about his winning ercentage.  This frees him up to devote resources towards Real Life Wednesday that other coaches cannot afford to do.  just another reason to thank the Football Gods that Ohio State was able to recover so quickly from Tresselgeddon.

Comment 28 Apr 2018

Not underappreciated at the time; but Keith Byars and the 1984 tOSU v Biting Illini game.  Unless you see it, you won't understand that The Biting Illini deserved that title and that Keith put the Buckeyes on his back and won them the game.

Comment 18 Apr 2018

Is Haskins your cousin or something?  Or did Joe Burrow steal your lunch money?  I coach youth sports, and I haven't experienced a Mom or Dad lobby for their kid like you lobby for Haskins.  Its actually comical.  Your view is so skewed by your man crush that you can't see reality.

Comment 18 Apr 2018

Allow me to address your points:

1. He probably does read option better (right now) as that's a natural strength of JB. However, with time in the starting position DH will improve. Also, DH will likely run a different type of option with qb run less important due to better pass options in RPO package. Also, I am not as confident in JB running as with JT- B is not as thick and sturdy and I don't think he will last an entire season as an option qb in the B1G.  

Urban will not "let" a QB learn on the job.  If a player can't handle the playbook, he's sitting the bench until he can.  If DH needs to develop his RO ability, He'll be doing it in practice.  There's too much at stake, in Uban's eyes, to allow for on the job training.  He wants the guy that can do it RIGHT NOW.  That's the nature of college football.  Each year is a complete package because of the personnel turnover.  You can't tell the Nick Bosa's and Mike Weber's who are leaving after this year that you're going to use a guy who may in the long run be better, but isn't currently.  Urban only has 12 games for the seniors/early departchers and is obligated to WIN NOW, not develop for 2019.

2.  The "perfect blend" can also be not as good as either at what they do best, which I believe to be true. JB can play and play well but "well rounded" QBs aren't often national champions. And that is our bar  

HUH?  WTF are you talking about?  Tua Tagovailoa?  was a "Dual Threat QB" coming out of high school.  DeShaun Watson was a "Dual Threat QB."   In fact, the ONLY non Dual threats to PLAY for a NC were Jake Corker and Cardale Jones.  Neither one were the tip of the spear for their teams.

3. JB may (or may not) throw fewer picks, but the RB and OL argument works as well for DH not throwing picks or fumbling as well. The quality of DH arm (strength and accuracy) is significantly better than JB. Unless he proves to be a very poor decision maker (didn't see that vs scUM) he's an elite talent, not a perfect blend. 

Urban has said a couple of times that DH needs to work on his decision making.  The "magic pass" that everyone wants to talk about versus the weasels was only magic because the weasel DBs misplayed the ball and Austin Mack made a huge play.  Rewatch that play.  DH actually made a fundamentally poor pass but got away with it because of his cannon of an arm and weasel incompetence.

4. A tie goes to DH, not JB due to more years to play and knowing JB can be allowed to transfer without disrespecting his talent or contribution to team. If DH were to bolt (a bad move we all agree, but understandable if it happened) we would worse off than if JB transfers anywhere else including you know where. 

If future development and "blooding" young Qb's were a factor, JT wouldn't have been in late in most games like he was last year.  If you knew anything about how Urban operates his program, you would know that playing time is only earned in practice by DOING the RIGHT THING there.  You don't get to learn on the job.  So, more years is a total non-factor.  Its only listed here as an argument because you WANT it to be so.  Sorry its not.  That argument is just more monkey poo.

Comment 18 Apr 2018

I'm not forgetting Leake at all.  Urban inheirited Chris Leake.  He was already established as the QB when Urban took over in 2005.  The fact that he used Tebow as a frosh when he was a one trick pony shows you that Leake wasn't the kind of QB Meyer likes.

You keep talking about throwing ability as some facet of QB that Urban uses.  He doesn't.  He wants toughness and leadership first.  Football intelligence and athleticism next, and only then throwing ability.  AND he values accuracy ALOT more than arm strength.  He HATES HATES HATES turnovers.  He has always repeated the mantra that taking care of the ball is the QB's FIRST job.