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  • SPORTS MOMENT: My children jumping on my back and knocking me off the front porch into the snow and then making snow angels with them while singing The Buckeye battle Cry at the top of our lungs after beating Miami for the National Championship
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: All Time: Chris Speilmann and Jack Tatum
  • NFL TEAM: Da Browns
  • NHL TEAM: meh. Rather root for the Crew
  • NBA TEAM: Cavaliers
  • MLB TEAM: Da Tribe
  • SOCCER TEAM: Stoke City, Columbus Crew,

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Comment 18 Oct 2020

Justified is my all time favorite.  But they ended it perfectly.  That softened the blow a little bit.  Although, I've always felt that a spinoff series on Tim Gutterman would be excellent.

The show I regretted the most when it ended was Longmire.  The last season or so, they really started to flesh out the characters of Matthias and Nighthorse.  I really would've liked to see that continue.  I really liked how Matthias changed over the course of the series.

Yellowstone is the only series I've sen to approach the quality of writing of Justified.  But they pissed me off this season with such a humungous cliff hanger.  LOL.  I cant wait for next June!

Comment 07 Oct 2020

Red herring and asinine statement.  That's not part of the discussion.  Way to deflect from your losing position.

Comment 07 Oct 2020

I have been a proponent of QBs staying longer for awhile now.  Haskins is a prime example.  He and Burrow were considered by Urban to be just a Rat's Pubic Hair different in ability when Haskins won the job.  So Joe transferred.  Then after their first year as straters, haskins left for the NFL and Joe Burrow stayed in school.  Now they're both in the NFL on shitty teams, yet the quality of their play looks to be light years different.  So Haskins took the money.  Ordinarily, the math says that Burrow will never be able to make up that monetary gap.  But if Haskins next contract is "backup money" and Burrow's next contract is "Franchise QB money", he will have more than made up the difference.

Comment 04 Oct 2020

Disagree.  Only half makes it meaningless.  Particularly for the damage done.  EVerybody wants to "follow the science" until it doesn't fit their narrative.  Then its do what they say no matter what.  

Comment 03 Oct 2020

Woody went 4-4 in the Rose Bowl.  Its not like he was, um, BO or something.  His 4 losses were:

1971- The team's emotional gas tank was empty after focusing their entire season on retribution.

1973- There's never a shame in losing to a team waaaaaay better then you.

1975- Lost on a late 2 point conversion.  Sometimes shit happens.   Bat down that pass to JK McKay and we win.

1976-  THIS is the inexplicable one.  Word was that before the team left for Pasadena, the seniors (including St Archie) approached Woody about lightening up the team rules this time so they could enjoy their FOURTH consecutive trip to  California.  Of course, when you fundamentally change the culture around a team prior to an important event, that team isn't going to function efficiently.  Result.....OOOOPS.  Woody later admitted to Grandma Buckeye that he was considering retiring after that NC.  Kind of going out on top.

Comment 03 Oct 2020

That theory was wrong.  Woody's problems in the Rose Bowl were because he was overly obsessive about the Rose Bowl.  The teams were wound too tight and/or burned out already from game prep.

Comment 29 Sep 2020

The NFL is not the NBA.  In the NBA, the coach tells you what to do and then you just ignore it and do what you want.  In the NBA you have to meet the expectations of the coach every freaking moment.   I'm convinced that in most cases, players should not leave early for the NFL-particularly QBs.  There is little opportunity to develop your skills in the NFL.  Compare Haskins and Burrow.  When they were both here, their skills and abilities were judged to be only a rat's pubic hair different. Haskins beat out Burrow but Urbz even said it was very close.  SO its sfe to say thqat they were at a similar level.  Then what happened?  They both started one year in college and then Haskins left for the NFL.  Burrow stayed.  Now, Burrow looks light years better.  Why?  Because he stayed in college and worked on his game.  He worked on his mechanics.  he worked on his football knowledge.  He developed the mental side of his game.  Theres alot more to playing football especially at the NFL level than just slinging the ball around.

Comment 26 Sep 2020

The fact that I'm a Buckeye fan has nothing to do with the fact that Danielson sucks Donkey Balls.  He is a blind shill for the SEC and says shit on the air that is absolutely not true.  

While Keith was THE college football announcer, he hated Woody and Woody felt the same way and told everyone he could why.  Being a family friend, we heard him rant about Jackson, so I'm prejudiced; but never liked him.

Comment 25 Sep 2020

I despise Gary Danielson..  I've mentioned before, but my favorite traditon is to listen to TBDBITL until its time to watch some football.  Grew up as a little kid hearing the band records playing every Saturday until the game came onto the radio on the Nationwide OSU Radio Network.  To this day the Nationwide is on your side  jungle reminds me of Ohio State football on the radio.

As for TV, to me, the voice of Lindsay Nelson was the sound of college football.  I don't know why either.  I mostly saw him doing bowl games.

Comment 25 Sep 2020

A giant version of this picture hung in the Jai Lai to the right when you first came into the building.  Underneath it said, "In All The World, There's Only One.  Yea Ohio."  Yea Ohio was often included in his autograph.

Comment 25 Sep 2020

until his last couple of years.  I actually think his call of the 2003 Fiesta Bowl was weak.  Of course, it hurt that he had such a buffoon for a color guy.