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Comment 18 Oct 2018

You can not coach speed and that is what the Buckeyes lack at LB and safety.

I went looking for 40 times for our LBs but couldn't find that.  On the surface I would dispute this for a couple of reasons.  Other than Borland, all of our LBs are 4 and 5 star recruits.  You aren't graded that high if you  are slow.  However, your comment is inaccurate at another level.  Football speed is indeed coachable.  Because football speed comes from reaction time.  If a player is reacting faster, it means he isn't thinking.  He has instant recognition AND instant reaction.  This comes from experience and coaching.

Comment 17 Oct 2018

Moving the goal posts much?  Comparing the two programs is a head to head exercise.  Going back 10 years is just your way of framing a different argument.  Lets go back 50.  Or 100.  Lets compare all time winning percentage.  Or NCs.  

The conversation as about tOSU vs bama.  I said that head to head is all that matters there.  We got scoreboard until it changes.

Comment 17 Oct 2018

Actually, within a week of the plane crash, their record company confescated all the albums.  They had a new cover made up and re-released it with a more generic cover.  I know, because I was the Program Director of WVBU-FM (Your Progressive Alternative) and took the telephone call requesting that we return all copies of the album and that we would get replacements.  I can tell you that we didn't return ALL of them because I have one of them.

On October 20, 1977, I was doing a radio show at WVBU.  That year, I did the Thursday Night "All Live Music" show from 7:00pm to 11:00pm.  About an hour into the show, I heard the AP Teletype alarm giving the ten bell bulletin go off.  As soon as I got the next longer live song started, I ran into the news room to see what the story was,  It was the story of the plane crash.  No specific details were known at the time, except that there were some fatalities and that it was Lynyrd Skynyrd's chartered plane.

I took the story back to the studio and after the song that was playing ended I started up Freebird from "One More From the Road". turned it down and read the story over the air with the song in the background.  Then proceeded to play the entire album; breaking in every few songs to re-read the story and any additional details that came across the wire.  

Its one of my most vivid memories of my college days.

Comment 16 Oct 2018

Come on man, Tressel lied because he didn't want to lose. Let's at least be honest.

To quote LCT, this is nonsense.

Comment 16 Oct 2018

Tressel was fired because he lied to the NCAA.  Every Spring, a coach is required to sign an affadavit to the NCAA saying that they have not personally nor are they aware of any NCAA violations within their program.  Tressel  signed it knowing about TATgate.

Also, be aware that in 2002 when Maurice Clarett was in school, selling personal program stuff in exchange for goods or services was actually legal.  That rule changed not long before the violations.

Comment 16 Oct 2018

" Pressure is putting for a $100.00 bet with only $10.00 in your pocket."

                                                                                                     ---Lee Trevino

Comment 16 Oct 2018

On one level, I agree with you.  But I think that tOSU is in a special situation with all of the early entries into the draft the last few years.  THAT has created an extra challenge which, this year, has exasperated the problem of quality play in the back 7.  Add in another couple of players being hurt and injuries do have an impact.

I'd say the bigger problem, from an 11W pov, is Nervous Nellies whining and bitching instead of understanding the flow of seasons, and willfully failing to understand that constant perfection is unobtainable, only a high level of program equilibrium/constant playoff contention. Be a smarter fan.

THIS!  A thousand times this!  I don't think I have ever agreed with you more.  If you were up here I'd buy you a beer.

Comment 16 Oct 2018

Still you either enjoy the entire gameday experience or it's just not worth it.

That was my point before.  After describing what it was like attending the game when I started getting season tickets, coming to the game now ISN'T as enjoyable.  Its just been touched on, and I mentioned it before, but for me, one of the biggest issues now is parking.  I remember when part of the Lane Avenue lot at St John's was for RVs.  Now, those people, who are heavily invested into being fans, are forced to park at Jesse Owens and things like the Skull Session for them is out of the question.  One off fans, unless they are clued into the only really decent parking (pro tip: Student Union Garages) have to park across the railroad tracks halfway to Grandview and hire a Sherpa Guide to get them to the stadium.  

It used to be that the only hassle about Buckeye Football was getting tickets.  Now, thats easy.  Getting there is a pain.

Comment 16 Oct 2018

I know.  I should have typed that in italics to signify sarcasm.  But, I remember those days enough to remember how PSU was ripped for a weak schedule back then.  Paterno complained about it a little, but credit to him, he recognized that as Syracuse and Pitt faded as powers, he needed to do something and led the way to PSU joining the B10.

Comment 16 Oct 2018

Well, since Malik didn't play Saturday, it would be unfair to blame him for the perceived failure of the LBs.  Borland has played hurt as he lives up to his name.  Browning is the disappointment for me.  But as we have witnessed 5 stars fail to get their black stripes removed the first month they are on campus, that's not always on the coaches.  I don't know the answer in his case.

I'm more concerned with the poor angles that the safeties take.  I was surprised how much more apparent AND COMMON it is when you see it live from C deck.  tOSU isn't always burned by the poor angles, but when the play is coming towards you in C deck and you watch the safety try to close on the play, its shocking.  Sometimes, the corner or LB finishes the play before one of the culprits is exposed.

Comment 16 Oct 2018

You're half right.  Experience is important, but not THAT important.  However, physical maturity and fundamental knowledge of the playbook and "how things are done" is very imprtant.  Some people lump that under experience.  That's the difference between between football circa 1968 and today.  The sophistication of the game today in playbook and weight training makes it harder (not impossible) for young people to come in and play.

Comment 16 Oct 2018

The issues with defense seem to be driving us some Buckeye fans bonkers to be irrational every Saturday. The forums explode after every game with disgruntle insane fans making valid idiotic comments about their observations and it seems as though patience is wearing thin. 


Fixed the OP for you.

I realize this was a long time ago and to some in a galaxy far far away, but its apropos to who was honored at last Saturday's game.  In 1968, Ohio State had one of their most successful teams in history.  Beating the numbers 1, 2 and 4 teams in the country on their way to the Mythical, yet unanimous National Championship (sorry Penn State), Ohio State was one of the youngest yet greatest teams of all time.  The following year, with most of the team back, Ohio State was the victim of what many at the time called the "Upset of the Century".  Woody always called the 1969 team the most talented he ever had. 

1970 was a strange year.  Just like Bo did in 1969 to start the 10 Year War, Woody spent the entire offseason and every practice focused on one thing and one thing only: Revenge.  This time against the weasels. The entire summer was spent game planning for November 21, 1970.  Game planning?  It consisted of weeks like "What can we do against Illinois to mislead the weasels?"  Despite opening the season at #1, Ohio State dropped out of the top spot in late October, after only beating a shitty Illinois team 48-29.  giving up 29 points to a team that would finish the year 3-7-0.  After beating #20 Northwestern only 24-10 the following week, they fell to #3.  

With the weasels looming on the horizon, the good guys travelled to West Lafayette to play the 3-5 Purdue Boilermakers.  It took a vintage Jack Tatum stop on the goal line late in the 4th quarter, when he timed his leap on 4th and goal at the Ohio State 2 yard line to meet Otis Armstrong in the air over the line of scrimmage.  Otis landed on the 5 and Ohio State survived 10-7.  Afterwards, the Buckeyes dropped to number 5.  To Woody and the team, it didn't matter.  They were focused on one game only; the one coming the following week.  The weasels were actualy ranked AHEAD of Ohio State at number 4 coming into that game; but had no chance as the supremely talented Buckeyes finally put it all together and knocked TTUN out of the ranks of the unbeatens with a thoroughly convincing (except for the score) 20-9 victory and finish the regular season as undefeated and undisputed Big Ten Champs.

The point of this history lesson is that even some of the most talented teams can struggle throughout the year; but as Chief Dan George says in The Outlaw Josey Wales, if you "Endevour to Persevere" you can still accomplish your goals.  So relax.  Watch Enjoy the best football program around win another game.  Savour it.  Because we may never pass this way again.

Comment 14 Oct 2018

Just like how I see any fans who want to "enjoy the ride" as people settling into medoicrity. I have no respect for people who can settles on watching that level of football and "enjoy" it as real fans. 

THis quote is in direct contrast to your PS.  Its your words from the post that I first responded to.  So you are either full of shit now, or were full of shit then.  Either way, I guess you're full of shit.

Comment 14 Oct 2018

Yes, you are entitled to your thoughts.  And if they are nonsensical, and you choose to put them here, then I am entitled to point out how they are nonsensical.  And frankly, you really aren't entitled to insult people just because you disagree with them.  (Man isn't it ironic that its ME typing those words? LOL)  

Comment 14 Oct 2018

Not surprised this is the respond I get. I can't make it any more obvious for you.

Oh, you made it very obvious.  You know it all and expect the fans to act like you and the team and coaches to listen to you.  Newsflash.  No one gives a shit.  Yes there are problems.  But this isn't Madded/NCAA on PS3.  The ratings for players like Pryor or Wint aren't static.  And you have NO clue whatsoever how players are performing in practice and what they are working on and how the coaches feel about what they are doing.  

THere was a guy behind me yesterday yelling about how Tuf Borland was lining up.  He had no clue what the play call was, but he KNEW that Borland was in the wrong place.  When Minnesota ran that slant for 12 yards for the  65th time yesterday, he was blaming Borland.  WITHOUT KNOWING WHAT Borland's assignment was on that play.  You're doing the exact same type of thing.  And don't sound any smarter.

Comment 14 Oct 2018

 Anyone fan or not can see a bad defense, it doesn't take someone on a high horse to point that out. It simply stating the obvious.

Exactly.  But you didn't leave it there.  You broad brushed attacked a whole slew of fans who don't react the way you demand.  Because, the words you used imply that you DO demand that mind set.  And THAT's what I responded to.  because your initial post was insulting, arrogant and frankly demonstrated a lack of appreciation of what is going on out there-which I concluded was because your experience was too narrow.

Comment 14 Oct 2018

Fuck it, why even listen to the us or anyone?



Comment 14 Oct 2018

You are all right.  I'm involved in like three threads at once and blew my coverage.  And I'm a veteran, not a first year poster!

Comment 14 Oct 2018

In 1978, when I left Bucknell, (involuntarily I might add) I went to work and realized that I could no longer rely on Mom and Dad for tickets to games.  So I took out a $35,000 life insurance policy (for $26/mo); gave it to the Vet School and joined the President's Club.  Not every game was on TV back then.  My first game as a season ticket holder was the Art Schichter debut vs Penn State.

Then:  Tailgating was pre Karen Holbrook panty twisting over alcohol at tailgates.  There were plenty of places to park that weren't taken up by $1000 parking passes.  For instance, all the lots in front of the Vet School were open to everyone.  So there were small but friendly tailgates EVERYWHERE.  If you stayed at your tailgate with a cup of beer or wine and didn't act like an asshole, the police didn't bother you.  

The In Stadium experience was special too.  It totally consisted of the game and TBDBITL.  No tee shirt cannons.  No Asinine PA announcer introducing Hang on Sloopy at the start of the 4th quarter.  No piped in music.  Just TBDBITL and the Buckeyes.  It was unique and special.  Nw there is very little difference to the in game experience to an NFL game

Like others have said, with HD TV, cheaper beer (and not the crap cheep beer at the shoe), private bathrooms (I am old after all) and something no one has mentioned, most games starting at 1:30 unless TV was involved, it made for a pleasant day.  Now, you might not know until two weeks before the game what time it was at.  If you're not from Columbus/Central Ohio, night games are a real hardship.  And as more and more home games were added, more and more shit teams were being played.  Here were the 3 non conference games at the shoe my first year as a season ticket holder:  PEnn State, Baylor and SMU. (1-1-1).  Ten  years later, the three non conference games (one on the road) were Syracuse, at Pitt and LSU.  Compare that to nowadays.  yet ticket prices are astronomical.  Its now a hard pass for me.  I'll buy tickets from contacts when I have a reason to.  Other than that, no thanks.

Comment 14 Oct 2018

He lost me when he went all Draymond Green in the second half.  He totally lost his composure and then proceeded to give up two more sacks because his head wasn't in the game.  he needs to start acting like an upperclassman and captain.

Comment 14 Oct 2018

If you look behind you, you'll see the post that went over your head and passed you by. You're right.  You, like I tell my kids, are blessed to experience this era of tOSU football.  But "setting the bar" is asinine.  That statement is proof of what I was saying.  You haven't experienced enough even know HOW to "set the bar."  Which is s stupid turn of phrase anyway.  What?  You gonna fire Urban if the team doesn't clear your bar?  Oh.  You don't have that authority?  So then what, you gonna drop tOSU as your team and go cheer for the next great dynasty or the weasels?    

What the hell difference is there to your rant if you name players or just talk about overall expectations?  its still a skewed perspective that brings an unwarranted and unneeded pessimism to the noise that is around here.