Calling All Raconteurs

If you've always wanted to get your Buckeye thoughts out to an audience that numbers in the dozens, here's your golden opportunity: We are currently looking for someone to join the team as a staff writer. We'll be looking to bring someone in after the bowl game, so it ma...
20 Dec 2010
by 11W Staff

Oversigning Continues to Get Pub

What once was a dirty Southern secret is getting a little bit more attention these days. Oversigning, besides being a tricky word to spell, is essentially the act of signing more recruits than you have room for on your roster. The SEC is particularly notorious for this, bringing in classes that o...

Shazier Decommits from Florida

LB Ryan Shazier has decommitted from Florida today after his official visits to LSU last weekend and Ohio State this weekend. He will be making his announcement later at his graduation party in the Miami area and will choose between the Bucks and Tigers. Being that all signs pointed to this b...
17 Dec 2010
by Alex

ESPN College Football Playoff Simulator... got the bucks to win it in my first try - nice! okay, wow. i need 125 words in order to post a blog entry. hmmmm.... I know this pain Why do lock yourself up in these chains? No one can change your life except for you Don't...
17 Dec 2010
by Morgan

USA Today's Annual Coaches Salary Index

USA Today released their annual FBS coaches salary index today and below you'll find the $2 million club (for all salaries, refer to the link).  Ohio State's Jim Tressel is the 6th highest-paid coach in the land, just behind Les Miles of LSU and just ahead of Iowa's Kirk Ferentz....

Addendum To Yesterday's Recruiting Update

As an add on to yesterday's recruiting notebook, news came out that the Buckeyes have offered Cumming, GA long-snapper, Bryce Haynes. Haynes holds offers from UNC, Arkansas, and Utah State and is considered the nation's top at his position. The Bucks usually don't offer schollies...
07 Dec 2010
by Alex

Dane Sanzenbacher's Marketing Video

I don't know if anyone saw this or not but it was featured in the Toledo paper today.  Apparently, Dane made a video for his marketing class during Ohio State's bye week.  His friend figured since they spent so much time on it they should post it.  In the first week alone i...


As referenced by Luke in today's skull session it will be 2926 days since Michigan beat our beloved Buckeyes when the two old rivals square off next season.  2926 days, roughly 8 years, is a lot of time.  So I wanted to make a post to give us a little perspective here.  -Th...
29 Nov 2010
by btalbert25

Top 10 Michigan blog.

  Since there is a 125 word count minimum for a blog, I will have to fill in some dead space. Dang. I still need a few more words. Oh, there they are.   Top 10 Things Tougher Than Michigan's Defense 10. 1 ply toilet paper. 9.  A stuffed bunny, armed only wit...
25 Nov 2010
by painterlad

For a single point.

  I honestly can’t remember an age in my life when football wasn’t a factor. I have been playing it since I could run and hold onto a football, and I was watching it when I had no idea what holding or off-sides meant. But every year, as the season got older and the weather go...
24 Nov 2010
by painterlad

Pryor Against Iowa

[Ed: Bumped by popular demand.  Excellent work on these, Fry. Hopefully some context for Saturday's performance.] Throwing   Dead On Catchable Inaccurate Bad Read ...

Should OSU Reveiw Iowa Tape?

The greatest week of the year has arrived. While many current Buckeyes (players and students) were fairly young when Michigan last dominated Ohio State, it’s important for everyone to remember – this is the most important game of the year. Jim Tressel does his part each year to let th...
22 Nov 2010
by Buckeye

Niners game to be broadcast in central Ohio

Maybe this is old news, but you have to hand it to Fox! I assume this is purely because of Troy starting???   Notice the one outpost of blue on the last map with Cbus at the epicenter. Has anyone ever heard of an NFL game bein...

My Cousin Georgie: Cam Newton is doomed

This choice line from Newton's lawyer, George Lawson, is not exactly confidence inspiring: "I am a million percent confident that Cam Newton took no money from no one," Lawson said Thursday. "I would suggest to you he knew nothing about any solicita...
18 Nov 2010
by Roger

Amir Williams Officially In The Fold

  The last 24 hours have been good to the basketball Buckeyes, but things got even better today, as Amir Williams has signed a national letter of intent with Ohio State. Williams, a 6-10/220 center from Detroit Country Day School, became the fifth member of the class of 2011, joining...
17 Nov 2010
by Alex

Buckeye Basketball - Get on the Bus!

Nationally, people seem to recognize how good OSU basketball is. Locally, it will always play second fiddle to football. That's fine, and it's understandable. I just wonder when people will recognize that OSU has premier talent and premier coaching. Thad Matta has never won fewer than 20 ...
17 Nov 2010
by Buckeye