Urban Meyer's Media Mastery and It's Impact On Future Recruits

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November 19, 2012 at 1:42a

I just recently revisited the youtube sensation of  the 'teach me how to dougie' video www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Y2JJITwzUo from ESPN's feature series during the 2012 late summer camp, which brought me to the next video of his 'circle drill' www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7GGqIQwjl4 . When I saw them the first time a few months ago I was amped up and charged about what kind of competitive, yet fun atmosphere Meyer brings to the table. Obviously it helped pay dividends over the course of the season along with a great coaching staff and S&G coach Marotti as we are sitting at 11-0 with a stomping of michigan upon us. In chronological order we first saw Urban arrive on campus and denounce (most of)the current Buckeyes as garbage. He then oversaw Marrotti whip these same lackadaiscal players into proper shape over the winter conditioning. Then came the spring game and the competitive fires were fanned (as the circle drill indicates). Next we have the summer where the attrition revs up from the 'posers' who just don't buy-in or can't hack it at this new level of excellence. Then we get to preseason training camp where Meyer allows ESPN access to all the trials and tribulation going on as the season looms. Losts of hard work, competitiveness, brotherhood, top-notch facilities and coaches......and FUN! When I saw the 'Dougie' episode I lost it and at the same time realized how much of an impact the series had on future recruits, 2013,2014, etc. The kids in high schools across the country saw that and appealed to it, believe me. They see a program with the best facilities in the country with the best coaches in the country who get the best out of each player with serious hard work but also in the downtime they can let loose and have alot of fun. The start of the '13 season should be just as fun, just don't expect to see Urban dancing to a Soulja Boy track and 'supamanning dat hoe'.

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It's marketing 101 my friend. Coach Meyer's bachelor's degree is in psychology, too. He knows what he's doing.

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Meyer realizes that recruiting and media rankings are about selling a product. As such, he wants as much press for the Buckeyes as possible, including all-access on ESPNU, Friday Night Lights, and his many controversial comments. The man has made OSU a sexy commodity, from his high-flying offense to his on-field actions. I present the following exhibits in support of my position:

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That last GIF (Urban hopping, then pointing) should be sent to every TTUN fan possible, both before and after the game.

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