11W 3.1 Release

FIXES Basketball schedule link at the at the top of the page now correctly reads "Basketball" instead of "Football" Comments per page has been bumped up to 200. We'll be moving to an AJAX (no page refreshes for non-nerds) comment setup soon, but this should h...

Great hands, dumb moves

There is a well established track record of wealthy WASP scions rebelling against their comfortable lives of privilege.  These “Trustafarians” often end up as jet setting self-absorbed leftists living a life of sequestered luxury all the while thumbing their noses at the very soc...
30 Aug 2010
by BuckeyeSaab

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Ok,  lets get something straight.  I am a crumudgeon.  I am also very old school.  New things I like are limited in number.  From a Buckeye perspective, they are things like: Stadium Refurbishment Throwing the ball more than 8 times a game (God Bless you Woo...