Are teams going to be ready for our hurry up offense?

I've been watching some replays recently (big10 & espnu networks) and one thing that seems to stand out is how long plays take to develop/pace of play (especially in big10/especially us).     Does anyone know how many div 1 and/or elite teams run some form of no huddle?   &...
06 Aug 2012
by azbuck

Johnny Townsend Enjoys Friday Night Lights

Ohio State punter commit, Johnny Townsend of Orlando (FL) Boone made his second trip up from the Sunshine state to Columbus to check out Friday Night Lights. Here are some notes gathered after talking to the rising senior about his latest visit: Went up with his whole family and spent six da...
03 Aug 2012
by Alex

Lots of Mommy Juice (Beer)

As some of you may remember from reading "Letting it out," which was my last blog, that I am an Ohio State fan while my husband cheers for West Virginia.  You may also remember, or not, that I was planning a BIG get together for the first game on September 1st: ...
03 Aug 2012
by rcsvickers

Mark Emmert Tragically Misses Mark

About a decade ago, one of the biggest scandals to rock this country was just beginning to take shape. It involved an arrogant leader of one of the largest government funded institutions in the country. It is a cautionary tale of what can happen when too much authority is concentrated within a singl...
31 Jul 2012
by Deshaun

That's Mon-TAY. Not Mon-TEE.

Apparently Monteé Ball never bothered to tell everyone they were pronouncing his name wrong.  That's understandable. As an 18-year old freshman, you probably think your name means jack and the coach will call you whatever he wants.  Well, Bret BEE-lima is letting everyone know t...
28 Jul 2012
by Riggins

Good to Great

The subject of recruiting continues to be a contentious point surrounding Buckeye Basketball. Ohio States recruiting is good but not great so what makes recruiting great? The answer is people, not just average or enven above average people but great people with one focus. To contend with North Carol...
21 Jul 2012
by nltemple

Penn State Will Pay (Literally)

Somewhere in a parallel universe the winningest college football coach/philantropist/community leader/all around nice guy (along and his assistant, athletic director, vice president, & president) dial 911 before 13 years elapse. Even though he left the world in a modicum of controversy, ...
20 Jul 2012
by ziplock007

2014 Quarterbacks and More

Just a couple of nuggets I have on 2014 quarterback targets, Caleb Henderson and Kyle Allen to share with you all. As well as my thoughts on a couple other things. Henderson: I spoke to his father, Eric Henderson,  a couple of weeks ago and he had the following to say: Visit: "He...

Letting it out.

Yes, I am one of those people.  I wish summer away after a month because I get the fever, which may be a bit early this year thanks to the triple digit temperatures.   I really can't wait for vegetable soup. Beer. Chili. Brats. Artichoke Dip. More beer. Chips and dips. C...
18 Jul 2012
by rcsvickers

Projecting the 2013 Class

Hey all. I've been asked a lot of "Who do you think will commit next." and "Who do you see in the class?" type questions. Thought I'd throw together a quick mock class to answer these questions. Remember these are MY opinions. Quarterback (1): J.T. Barrett, Wichita Fall...

Thanks, Karen

The 2006-2007 school year, my freshman year at Ohio State, was Karen Holbrook's last year as president of the university. I quickly learned as an incoming freshman that Dr. Holbrook was not a popular figure on campus, mainly for her criticisms of the football culture at OSU, and in particular he...
15 Jul 2012
by Ohio1St81

Big10-Pac12 Partnership called off At least four Pac-12 schools ultimately decided they would not accept mandatory scheduling, has learned. One proposal called for eight matchups per year, featuring the willing Pac-12...
15 Jul 2012
by Seth4Bucks

Schadenfreude has its finest hour

I had the pleasure of witnessing the 2012 HR Derby in Kansas City last night and I have to say that the Robinson Cano exhibition was quite an experience.  For those who don't know the background of the situation or have been living under a rock Cano made a humongous gaffe when he stated tha...
10 Jul 2012
by Maestro

The Opening

As most of us who follow recruiting know, Nike's "The Opening" football camp took place at Nike HQ in Oregon this past weekend. The event featured 150 of the best high school football talents. 148 in the class of 2013, and 2 in the class of 2014. I thought I'd make a blog to give a...
09 Jul 2012
by Miles Joseph

Stranger Things Have Happened, ...

This blog post is the result of some feverish ideas that randomly struck me today whilst trolling on Twitter (our finest national pastime). I am NOT saying this will happen, or that I even want it to happen, but just that it has a higher likelihood of happening than anybody is willing to admit. The ...