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US Army career officer - Medical Service Corps. Been a long road since I enlisted back in the early 80's as a Private; had a nice government all expenses paid trip to Saudia Arabia in 90-91 and felt the need to return to the deserts of Iraq in 2004.

Overall can't complain, but the Army sure has changed in 30 years.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Too many to add (sarcasm font). Participating in regional Punt Pass and Kick in 1977 (took 2nd); going to districts in tennis in 1984; winning the 8th Army Softball Championship (unit level) in 1996.
  • NFL TEAM: Bengals (Brownies close 2nd)
  • NHL TEAM: NHL - what's that?
  • NBA TEAM: 80-90's Celtics; currently: San Antonio
  • MLB TEAM: Reds
  • SOCCER TEAM: Seattle Sounders

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Comment 3 hours ago

But what if Ronda Rousey came at'd just sit there at take a beating?

Comment 23 Jul 2014

The military, like any other corporate entity, will get out of their people what they can. That he was a celebrity of sorts, adds a special dynamic, but is really nothing new.  When baseball was king in the 30's, 40's and 50's, plenty of baseball stars left to serve in WWII and Korea. Vietnam had its slew of celebs.  A difference is Pat put himself in a direct combat arms rolls vs. a more PR relegated role as many celebs have done. Friendly fire is certainly unfortunate.  His sacrifice affects the general population more because you feel you knew him thru his football escapades.  My organization lost a 25 year old Nurse in Afghanistan this year who was very special to us.  She was bright, articulate, selfless. She died so literally others could live.  Her loss was strongly felt amongst her team and coworkers, and she did get some print due to being a female, but of course nothing on the level of a man who left millions on the table to serve his country.  Both are deserving of honor and gratitude from a nation which largely has spent the past 13 years of war in the mall and watching Kardashian's.   

Comment 17 Jul 2014

Great TD on Clemson, but Brax still needs to hit the TE/WR in stride; he had to turn around and lose momentum on the catch.  Good thing he has some wheels for his size (and that he was so wide open).

Comment 11 Jul 2014

I like anything on Saturday's in the fall, 55-60 degrees out and hearing the voice of Paul Keels - perfect.

Comment 08 Jul 2014

and because our Silver Bullet defense will actually play to their name, the offense will be getting on the field ALOT more after the defense racks up a bunch of 3 and outs...

Comment 17 Jun 2014

Hardest thing about it was the inability to communciate with the boy afterwards.  The Dad must have the patience of Job in the first place, but to go through all that and not be able to  Makes you really appreciate your normal, average to above average children - like every minute of every day.

Comment 13 Jun 2014

I find it amusing when I read comments like, "Campbell's, only offer was from the Indiana Hoosiers".  My son would have given his left nut to be offered a 4 yr full ride scholarship to play at IU, or any BIG school, or ANY FBS or FCS level college.  As it is he'll play at a Div III school and pay his way thru.  I guess I'm more sensitive to the costs of going to college since I have one currently embroiled in it.