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Comment 15 Jul 2014

I can't believe that dumpster fire scored so much against us... I guess read and react D doesn't match up well with any offensive set.

Comment 24 Apr 2014

Spencer and Smith are far from the great receivers we need at OSU. For the most part they have been serviceable at best...time for much more new blood to take a good deal of their playing time.

Comment 20 Apr 2014

We did such a disservice to our line last year by playing off the receivers allowing a lot of QB's to get rid of the ball immediately...just by committing to press coverage more will give our line the opportunity to get so many more hits on the QB.

Comment 30 Mar 2014

Some of you want to rewrite history... He (Jackson) never said he didn't want to come to OSU until people were asking him about not getting an offer (his best offers after Wiscy, were Arizona St and Dayton)...Thad, like most other coaches at big D1 programs didn't see him or Trey Burke developing into high level guys. 

Not mad at Thad...he did a lot right. This past year could've been Sully, Craft, DeShaun, and Q...he's brought in the talent. Just not having your McDonalds All-American bigs develop along with no outside shooters stepping up, really limited the potential for this team.

Comment 20 Mar 2014

at the end of last year, Q looked like his ceiling could be a Robert Horry/ high level role player, who can hit the clutch deep shots. This year his over all game kept improving but his outside shot started falling a lot less...his draft stock is way down from the end of last year...needs to come back and show a consistent inside/outside game.

Comment 06 Mar 2014

I bet Kirk Barton learned a lot since his days trying at OSU and trying to make it in the NFL... He was a rude mouthy guy on the field which you don't mind on the O-line, but was frequently "that guy" off the field. 

Comment 27 Feb 2014

It's not weird unless he starts lining up under center with that thing.