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Comment 5 hours ago

We have no team idenity...the only one we've had for years now is a tough man-D...that's gone and we really haven't developed any other identity. They've tried to label us as a great shooting team based, off the Sacred Hearts of the world, but it doesn't stick against any real competition.

it's hard to be as big as Amir Williams and only get 3 rebonds and 1 point... his stat lines look like Dallas Lauderdale's...at least Dallas looked like he was playing hard...he has no ability to anticipate where a rebound is going to go or when a pass is coming.

Comment 6 hours ago

we're into our 4th year with ZERO inside presence... we have no idenity on offense or defense. At least last year (and for many years) we knew we were team that could stay in every game with D... We shot horribly those years and this year has only been different when we play much lesser competition.

Comment 7 hours ago

I kept hearing we decided to go to zone because we are "long and athletic", but it's much more likely that we play zone because outside of Shannon Scott, this team doesn't have any great defenders...we made a big shift to have shooters on the floor this year, but as well as Russell, Loving and Cam can fill it up, they don't seem to be very aggressive defenders.

Comment 18 Dec 2014

From now on, this has to be called "pulling a Pelini" if you quit a job (or get fired) and you go ape shit, like the flight attendant dude who grabbed 2 beers and deployed the inflatable, emergency slide:


Comment 10 Dec 2014

DO NOT EVER Google "Dirty Kermit"...my young daughter once said my young son looked like a Dirty Kermit (the frog) because he went to school wearing all green for St. Patricks Day and got his clothes dirty at recess...the name had a funny ring to it and I figured it had to have been used before. Yikes!!!

Comment 09 Dec 2014

I've always thought Beilein was overrated...he lucked into Trey Burke and had a nice little run, but it's over.

Comment 01 Dec 2014

The best have played as teenagers in the NBA...14-15 isn't too young to offer for a 6-4 freshman guard who's pretty much expected to be the top player at a top level/big high school... Kids like Dane, Damon Bailey, Trajon Langdon and BJ Mullens, who get offered very early, might not always become NBA players, but they are rarely busts at the college level. Worth the risk.

Comment 24 Nov 2014

Accuweather and The Weather Channel...your government forecast doesn't show wind projections for Saturday.

Comment 22 Nov 2014

How about, Let's not EVER let Mich wear their home jerseys in the Shoe. UCLA and USC are both kinda "home" as they play in the same city. 

Comment 12 Nov 2014

Ed is awesome and he should be paid as high an offensive coordinator, based on how important the line play is, BUT why is it just assumed by most that great/specialized position coaches will make good head coaches? I know they all start as position coaches, but without seeing Ed be the man calling the D/ being the defensive coordinator  somewhere, what program will hire him a head coach and pay him more than tOSU will pay him as the O-line coach?