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Comment 19 Sep 2015

The play calling and splitting the reps is what's holding JT back...we never really saw him struggle to move the offense much last year after VT and PSU (and we really got conservative in the 2nd half at PSU)

Comment 02 Jun 2015

I went to OSU in the glory days of Larkins Hall, which coincided with Coopers best teams. Freaks at skill positions (Galloway, Glenn, Hoying (State b-ball champ at St. Henry), Ricky Duddly (was b-ball first guy) and a skilled non-skilled position All State b-baller named Orlando Pace...Along with these guys from football, Randy Ayers had been recruiting like a fiend, he signed Jim Jackson, brought in Lawerence Funderburke, McDondonald's All-Americans like Greg Simpson and Derek Anderson.

If you'd played high level college basketball before OSU and went to Larkin's for pickup games you could easily find your self running with, or against these freaks of nature. One game post his ACL injury (I had one 2 years earlier too) I played a game as the opposite point guard against Galloway. We talked about the knees and playing it safe (especially since I was risking little and he had millions coming in a year or 2)...after a bad pass by their team, I had an easy breakaway lay-up, I took my time because I was several steps from the pack and knew knowbody would waste the energy to challenge in a pick-up game. I made the basket but still to this day I remember thinking "nobody is near me" as I was laying the ball up, but as I let the ball go and it banked off the backboard, surprisingly a hand slapped the back board at the top of the square way above the rim...Kinda late but letting me know he almost got me. Who could close that fast, jump that high, and why would they try in a pick-up game, post ACL surgery? Joey Galloway, more athletic than any of them...He and Orlando Pace were great basketballers... made me wonder why they risked injury playing a lot of pick-up at Larkins? One who didn't but just came to watch a lot was Eddie George...he was too cool, and too smart. He watched, laughed and talk smacked with the guys, but never once did I see him even step on the court to play around. Too smart.

Comment 24 May 2015

My 6 year old son has already developed a taste for Skyline, though it did take him about 4 tries to start liking it. He still says it looks like "poop-noodles".