Five Penn State Observations

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October 29, 2012 at 2:23p

1.  Defense.  I was more impressed with the defense than I have been all year.  Holding the PSU offense to 16 points is probably better than most expected - and if you consider that the defense held the Purdue offense to 15 points last week - I'd like to think we're trending upward on that side of the ball. 

2.  Ryan Shazier.  Kids' on fire!  In back to back plays he records a sack, then a pick six.  Seems we heard his name called often during the game.  Still think he has the potential to be one of the greats at linebacker for OSU.

3.  Handling the pressure.  Thought this team responded well to the 12th man at Beaver Stadium.  The noise obviously was a factor for them early on, but as the Buckeyes dismantled PSU in machine-like fashion in the third quarter - they showed some mental toughness in a tough environment to play in.  This season is starting to remind me of 2002 a little - minus the fun post season aspirations unfortunately.

4.  Passing game.  Still a work in progress - but what a beautiful pass/catch from Miller to Stoneburner.  It appears to me at this point that Miller might be slightly more accurate in his passing when he is on the run.  Several times Miller had a clean pocket and feet set - then inexplicably over threw/threw behind some receivers - some who were wide open.  When Braxton runs however - is there a QB better in college football than him?

5. Rod Smith.  I know he only had four carries - but they netted something like 48 yards.  He reminds me of a young Eddie George when he runs.  I think this kid has a very bright future at OSU.


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He reminds me of a young Eddie George when he runs.  I think this kid has a very bright future at OSU.

He'd better get on his horse then....clock's a tickin'.  

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I didn't say how young of an Eddie George he reminded me of ;)

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I think the Buckeyes needed to deal with that "12th man" for a half to settle down. That comes from good coaching and preparation. Team came out in "beast mode" for the second half and probably played their best half of football this season. 




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Let's not forget Roby.  His pass deflection in the endzone was nutso good.  He read the reciever's eyes and put a paw up to deflect.  The guy is surely coming on.  Here's to flexing some muscle on saturday and getting the backups some game experience.

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Another observation I noted - first quarter.  Going into the game, OSU had been outscored 56-51 in the 1st quarter in 8 games, and PSU had outscored their opponents 66-0 in the 1st quarter in 7 games.  We didn't become the first team to score on PSU in the 1st quarter this season, but I think being 0-0 after the 1st quarter was actually a win for us.  Getting to halftime at 7-7, especially responding to their TD was huge as well.  We weathered the early storm, and then took it to them in the 2nd half. 

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I thought staying tough in the 1st quarter was the biggest key to the game beforehand. Penn State has been great in 1st quarters but terrible in 3rd quarters this season, while Ohio State has been the complete opposite. Once we went into halftime tied, I was pretty confident that we were going to win easily.

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Shazier needs to stick with # 48, he lit it up wearing jersey and more power to him ... that was a great game and awesome he wore that number for his friend.


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I agree with most of your points. The defense played great and tackled well. I liked the fact the team held it together in a tough place to play and managed to operate with the roar of that crowd. I liked what Rod Smith did and he could be great if he keeps holding onto the ball so he can get some more playing time. Shazier was good but so was Roby, and what about Boren?! A great pass from Braxton to Stoneburner but the other receivers need to start making some plays too. Braxton ran well also!
Overall I liked about everything and I hope they put a whuppin on Illinois and get a good head of steam up for when we go into Wisconsin! Go Bucs!