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Comment 20 Jan 2015

BRICK!  You are the man!  Would love to see whatever you have if you can get it up on the interwebz somewhere - many thanks.  If we need an FTP site somewhere to upload I can help but that is probably more trouble than it is worth.  (for you not me)

Comment 20 Jan 2015

I am.  The day after the game I wasn't equipped to soak in all of the newscasts, radio shows, etc.  So here I sit, listening to the Jan 13th replay of Mike and Mike.  Can't we just go back 7 days please?

EDIT:  Make that 8 days so I can go to the game again and soak it all in a little more.

Comment 20 Jan 2015

On the walk, more people were ‘O-H’-ing random people in the airport, who would respond with ‘I-O.’ It was 8:30 p.m. on a Wednesday. I was fascinated by this.

You were?  Seems like it should be expected especially with someone of your background.

O-H !!

Comment 18 Jan 2015

Torrance Gibson is committed to Ohio State, but is reconsidering Auburn after a weekend visit.

"I'm committed (to Ohio State), but I'm considering Auburn a lot," Gibson said. "I don't have a problem redshirting, but sitting two or three years, that's not what I want to do. I want to come in and get a fair opportunity to play quarterback.

FAIR OPPORTUNITY?!  Apparently "fair opportunity" means only going to a school where he has a really good chance at winning the starting job in the next year?  He is implying that he wouldn't be getting a fair shot at Ohio State which is BS if you ask me.  Whatever, he is a kid and guess he doesn't know what he is saying.  Not worried about it either way but don't like the statement that not being good enough to win a job means not being given an opportunity.

Comment 17 Jan 2015

Mitchell injured

Plano West was operating without a full deck once again in Friday’s win over Plano East. Senior Mickey Mitchell missed the game with what West head coach Anthony Morgan called an ankle injury. According to his coach, Mitchell reaggravated the same ankle he had a procedure on earlier in the season.

Well, I guess that answers that.  I've gone to three games looking for Mitchell, missed him all three times.  Will have to try to hit the playoffs to watch him ... after seeing that freshman YouTube of his I've been wanting to see that in person.  Maybe the basketball gods are saying STAY AWAY.

Comment 08 Jan 2015

I think I am going to wait it out.  I live in Dallas, I am going to wait until Saturday, Sunday, maybe even Monday to see what is on StubHub and go from there!  Ticket prices have been dropping, not going up.  And there are lots available for digital delivery.

Staying away from scalpers, craigslist and ebay.  They may be totally legit but I'm not testing it.


Comment 08 Jan 2015

I put 2 on the waiting list and paid.  Did not hear anything as of this morning so I emailed them and I did hear back within ~4 hours.  I did not get them - I got the "we're sorry" email that someone mentioned above.

My ticket $$$ has not been returned as they said but no biggie, as long as I get it back at some point.