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In the 11W game since November 2006, Chris has seen the site grow from the days of one or two posts to the coverage bonanza you experience today. A lifelong Columbus resident, his love for Ohio State was instilled at an early age by a Pop that spoke of Ohio State football and basketball with a professor's insight creating a passion now channeled through our corner of the Buckeye blogosphere. When not at home with his lovely wife and daughter, Chris spends time at the golf course, collecting vinyl records and chasing Phish across the country.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: It's a tie. I'm a diehard Buckeye and Yankee fan so...
    1. Seeing Ohio State beat Miami for the one and only national title of my lifetime
    1A. Seeing the Yankees win the '96 series. It wasn't the first of my lifetime but the first since I began religiously following them in 1983 when Mattingly was called up for good from Columbus.
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Mike Conley or Bill Robinson
  • NFL TEAM: NFL is trash
  • NHL TEAM: Columbus Blue Jackets
  • NBA TEAM: Cavs, baby
  • MLB TEAM: New York Yankees

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Comment 19 Mar 2017

Looks like the BUCKEYE IN ORLANDO, JUGDISH and PS IT'S all went 7-1. 

BIO lost the first game of the day, taking Notre Dame, but he cruised from there.

JUGDISH's only miss was taking Middle Tenn St. (+3.5) against Butler. 

PS IT'S looked he might take the title but a perfect 8-0 record was spoiled by his Iowa State pick coming up just short. 

BUCKEYE IN ORLANDO was the first person to have the best record so he's the grand prize winner. Sir, shoot me an email or a comment here with what shirt/size, beanie or hat you want from 11W Drygoods and I'll be making a $20 donation to the Pay It Forward fundraiser on your behalf. 

JUGDISH and PS IT'S, you put up a good fight tying BIO with a 7-1 overall record but since he was the first to post his picks, you fall into the consolation champs category. As such, I'll be making a $10 donation for each of you to the Pay It Forward fundraiser. 

Thanks to everyone for playing! 

Comment 18 Mar 2017

You beat me by a minute or two, Lamplighter: 

RIP indeed. 

Great summary of his life and career here by Rolling Stone.

Dude was a boss. I remember a quote from John Lennon that said something like, "If they renamed rock and roll, they'd call it Chuck Berry." 

He obviously had a major impact on music including other artists. A shit ton of big time bands covered his stuff:

Starting with his first hit, 1955's "Maybellene," Berry penned a collection of songs that, in both groove and teen-life mindset, became essential parts of the rock canon: "Roll Over, Beethoven," "Rock & Roll Music," and especially "Johnny B. Goode" were witty, zesty odes to the then-new art form — songs so key to the music that they had to be mastered by every fledgling guitarist or band who followed Berry. As teenagers, Keith Richards and Mick Jagger first bonded over their love of Berry's music, and over the last five decades Berry's songs have been covered by an astounding array of artists: from the Rolling Stones, the Beach Boys, the Kinks, the Doors and the Grateful Dead to James Taylor, Peter Tosh, Judas Priest, Dwight Yoakam, Phish, and Sex Pistols. As Richards said when inducting Berry into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1987, "I've stolen every lick he ever played."

Comment 08 Mar 2017

No to my knowledge but I can check with Amber when I head over there after work tonight. If nothing else, the 5/3 Bank in New Albany may be able to provide an option.

Comment 08 Mar 2017

He was definitely a phan. He took me (and Jason) to my first phish show way back in August 1996 -- the Clifford Ball. Since then I have attended numerous shows with him including just last summer at Deer Creek and a host of couch tours as well.

Comment 08 Mar 2017

We've definitely been leaning on each other a ton since Saturday afternoon. Just as you said, it absolutely helps - I can't imagine not having such great friends to rely on - but still an incredibly tough time.

Comment 08 Mar 2017

Jason summarized Corey perfectly.

Corey was, simply put, the nicest, warmest, most welcoming person I've ever met. To know him was to be his friend as he had no enemies and had time for anyone and everyone. He was a master at laughing at himself and seeking out the best in every possible situation.

He adored his wife Amber, who is proving to be one of the strongest people I've ever known, and I just hope and pray I can be even half as close with my infant daughter as Corey was with his 4-year old son, Zade. That kid flat out clung to Corey and they were quite the pair.

Jason and I run with a circle of friends that is ridiculously tight - many of us have been friends since grade school - and we are all reeling from the shock of the horrible and unexpected passing of our dear friend.

I thank the 11W community in advance for your well-wishes and any consideration you may give to throwing a few bucks into Zade's trust fund in honor of his dad, Corey, a fallen Buckeye and a class act in every sense of the word.

Comment 04 Mar 2017

I'm not sure, I would have to check with Jason and our counsel. Typically, OSU is super quick to get their panties in a wad over most things we try to sell so we'd have to investigate how we could get creative.