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In the 11W game since November 2006, Chris has seen the site grow from the days of one or two posts to the coverage bonanza you experience today. A lifelong Columbus resident, his love for Ohio State was instilled at an early age by a Pop that spoke of Ohio State football and basketball with a professor's insight creating a passion now channeled through our corner of the Buckeye blogosphere. When not at home with his lovely wife and daughter, Chris spends time at the golf course, collecting vinyl records and chasing Phish across the country.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: It's a tie. I'm a diehard Buckeye and Yankee fan so...
    1. Seeing Ohio State beat Miami for the one and only national title of my lifetime
    1A. Seeing the Yankees win the '96 series. It wasn't the first of my lifetime but the first since I began religiously following them in 1983 when Mattingly was called up for good from Columbus.
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Mike Conley or Bill Robinson
  • NFL TEAM: NFL is trash
  • NHL TEAM: Columbus Blue Jackets
  • NBA TEAM: Cavs, baby
  • MLB TEAM: New York Yankees

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Comment 19 May 2017

I remember that catch well and would've probably included it but alas I couldn't find video. That was some seriously unforgiving turf and Glenn laid out like a madman. He was fun to watch especially considering he came virtually out of nowhere to win the Biletnikoff.

Comment 19 May 2017

Thanks. As noted, the list is only about most acrobatic/ridiculous catches and removes importance of the catch from the equation. (I also only considered catches that I thought existed on video/youtube.)

As such, Holy Buckeye, as called out in the article intro, was obvioulsy a hugely important catch but from a difficulty perspetive - other than the pressure of it being 4th and 1 - doesn't measure up to others on this list in my mind, or even catches by Olive against LSU, Lanese against Michigan, Spencer's one-hander etc.

Comment 06 Apr 2017

Agree it can't be overlooked that Campbell was so young upon arrival, or that attempting to make him a true wide receiver probably wasn't the best plan. I felt like there's enough pressure to include him on this list because (1) Urban created that pressure for Campbell by always talking him up despite so little production beyond KR duties, (2) I like KJ Hill but I don't agree he's a "proven starter" or that EGW, despite being really talented would automatically be a great H-back at this level meaning OSU needs Campbell to be effective if the plan isn't for Demario to potentially be that guy. Just my opinion.

Prince might be fine. As noted, there have been other players struggle mightily in first year as a starter and become very reliable the next season. I'm not sure I agree he was much better after the Michigan game though.

Comment 06 Apr 2017

Good call on Booker. I debated listing him. As for Worley, I listed him based on the fact he's moving to the middle and what that entails as far as increased responsibility as the QB of the defense. I have no real concerns about his ability in pass coverage or tackling. Becoming even more physical as a run stopper is probably an opportunity with the position switch but more than anything, I listed him because he'll have the pressure - for the first time - of being that guy responsible for communicating with the sideline, ensuring everyone is lined up correctly etc. Big job for anyone, especially someone who hasn't done it before.

Comment 06 Apr 2017

I believe I captured why I listed him. It has nothing to do with past performance as an outside linebacker. It was about how he faces increased pressure this year as he slides to middle linebacker and takes ownership of the line calls, getting everyone lined up correctly, having to potentially play more physical in run support as the middle stop gap etc.

Comment 30 Mar 2017

We'll see. Arnette has been ahead of him so far though Sheffield is just getting his feet wet. I'm not bullish on Arnette based on what we saw last year either but I guess we should also remember how bad Gareon Conley looked in 2015 only to be a stud in 2016. My thought is that no matter who starts, it's always a three-man rotation (Ward saw plenty of time rotating in for Lattimore or Conley last year) so Sheff's gonna play no matter what, and not just in nickel/dime coverage.

Comment 25 Mar 2017

GoBucks72 is the grand prize as he was the 1st picker to post a 6-2 record. He gets an 11W drygoods t-shirt and I'll donate $20 to the Woody fund on his behalf. 

BSK33 and RosyCheeks also posted 6-2 records so I'll donate $10 each to the Woody fund on their behalf. 

Thanks for playing, everyone. Sorry for delay. Was traveling for work all week.