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In the 11W game since November 2006, Chris has seen the site grow from the longer than necessary breast feeding years into the chill bro that you experience today. A lifelong Columbus resident, his love for Ohio State was instilled at an early age by a Pop that spoke of Ohio State football and basketball with a professor's insight creating a passion now channeled through our corner of the Buckeye blogosphere. Taking advantage of not knowingly having children, Chris spends too much time at the golf course, minor league baseball games and hitting concerts in between spending summers watching the New York Yankees.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: It's a tie. I'm a diehard Buckeye and Yankee fan so...
    1. Seeing Ohio State beat Miami for the one and only national title of my lifetime
    1A. Seeing the Yankees win the '96 series. It wasn't the first of my lifetime but the first since I began religiously following them in 1983 when Mattingly was called up for good from Columbus.
  • NFL TEAM: None.
  • NHL TEAM: Columbus Blue Jackets
  • NBA TEAM: None. But I do watch a lot of NBA.
  • MLB TEAM: New York Yankees

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Comment 12 May 2015

You nailed it. Cargos are definitely out. I can only wear/excuse them if they serving a clutch functional purpose such as going to a concert and needing extra pockets (and even then my girl clowns on me).

Comment 24 Apr 2015

Why is everybody hatin on Jeff Ross? I've only seen him roast people but he was great at it. I assumed fairly well-known comedians had celebrity status especially in today's watered down definition thanks to stuff like reality TV.

Comment 26 Mar 2015

First: Three Dog Night with my dad and uncle at Valley Dale Music Hall when I was probably about 10 years old.

Best: Phish 10/31/14, 12/7/97, 12/31/13, 8/17/96. In that order (out of 56 and counting).

Comment 05 Mar 2015

Yep. He switching. Again. Not saying he can't crack the rotation but I think it's a bit telling that he hasn't found a home where he actually sees meaningful minutes after all these years.

Comment 05 Mar 2015

yeah, thought about Hubbard. Just don't know enough about him to know where he fits. I believe he's skilled but have only heard how great he is without getting to see anything plus among Urban's drooling, he's has been in like 3 different position groups.