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In the 11W game since November 2006, Chris has seen the site grow from the longer than necessary breast feeding years into the chill bro that you experience today. A lifelong Columbus resident, his love for Ohio State was instilled at an early age by a Pop that spoke of Ohio State football and basketball with a professor's insight creating a passion now channeled through our corner of the Buckeye blogosphere. Taking advantage of not knowingly having children, Chris spends too much time at the golf course, minor league baseball games and hitting concerts in between spending summers watching the New York Yankees.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: It's a tie. I'm a diehard Buckeye and Yankee fan so...
    1. Seeing Ohio State beat Miami for the one and only national title of my lifetime
    1A. Seeing the Yankees win the '96 series. It wasn't the first of my lifetime but the first since I began religiously following them in 1983 when Mattingly was called up for good from Columbus.
  • NFL TEAM: None
  • NHL TEAM: I'm supposed to type "Columbus Blue Jackets" here
  • NBA TEAM: None. But I do watch a lot of NBA. I watch players
  • MLB TEAM: New York Yankees

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Comment 24 Nov 2014

That's how my niece rolls. Way to go, Aislyn! Michigan does indeed suck butt. 

Comment 16 Nov 2014

I've just been working under the assumption that Urban is hesitant to give Samuel much action at other spots because he's the only backup to Ezekiel at this point so the priority is keep him healthy in case Elliott were to go down with any issue whether it be a short or long term thing. I know Samuel was dinged earlier in the season so that may be a contributing factor to that mindset as well.  

Comment 14 Nov 2014

I didn't DV you but the fact is, he's a better option at the 5 than McDonald or Lee, imo. It's not like Lee is a freshman who will improve with minutes. He's a known commodity at 6'9" and isn't a prototype defensive center or back-to-the-basket offensive player. He's a 4. And on this team, Loving will probably prove more valuable at the 4, even if undersized. Hence the zone. 

Comment 14 Nov 2014

Even though I prefer a Thad Matta team playing man to man in the half court, I love the 2-2-1 press look. Only time will tell if Thad thinks he has the depth to employ a full court press in meaningful games but I love it so far. I'm not a huge Amir fan but he's going to see the bulk of minutes out of all the bigs. Anthony Lee is nice but at 6'9" and a bit lanky, he's not a B1G body center. Plus, I think Loving is primed for a solid season out of the (albeit tad undersized) 4-spot, which is clearly a factor in why Thad is toying with a 2-3 halfcourt zone to begin with. He wants Loving's offense on the floor. 

And the combo of Scott and Russell in the backcourt is a better all around option than Craft and Scott. Might be blasphemy to some but it will be proven true. 

Comment 09 Nov 2014

EZE was definitely outstanding last night. His physicality sneaks up on guys, I think, and his vision gets better with reps. Loved seeing him finally break a long one last night. I like him in pass pro too. 

Comment 04 Nov 2014

I don't catch his radio show much but I will say Beau is a class act all the way. He's a huge fan of the site and has been very good to us from day one when most of the Columbus-based MSM was still singing the bloggers-in-basements bullshit.