The Irony Of An Undefeated Season

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October 30, 2012 at 5:28p

This year's edition of the OSU football Buckeyes still have some valley's to cross in order to enjoy the glory of 12-0, but at 9-0 the odds are looking better.  I was pondering this week about another team in the not too distant past that had some commonalities with this Buckeye team. Consider the 1993 Auburn Tigers had: A new first year head coach (Terry Bowden), a post season ban, and reduction of scholarships due to the dreaded NCAA violations.  Bowden's team also bore the additional penalty of no televised games.  Somehow this team found the motivation and strength of will to run the table - and by beating their arch rival Alabama in Jordan-Hare Stadium on the final day of their season, put the finishing touches on an undefeated, 11-0 season.  I remember watching the highlights of that game afterwards. The passion and intensity with which the Auburn coaches and players celebrated after that huge victory is/was a good reminder that an undefeated season is very special, no matter what.

Auburn turned out to be the only undefeated football team in Division 1 football that year.  Their hated rival, Alabama, was sent to the SEC Championship Game as their replacement, where they lost to Florida (a team Auburn had beaten earlier in the season 38-35) 28-13.

The Tigers finished ranked fourth in the nation by the Associated Press but was named a co-National Champion by the National Championship Foundation.  Additionally they were named National Champions by several polls/organizations: Harry Frye, Nutshell Sports, Sparks Achievement, and David Wilson.

Obviously, it would be preferable to have a shot at playing in the NC game - but to say the Buckeyes have nothing to play for couldn't be further from the truth.  Go Bucks!


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Well said Rooster.  It seems this years team is really motivated and they are playing for something.  Urban said that guys that left winners come back when they are done, guys that didn't have great careers don't.  These guys are playing for more than we could ever know.

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Unfortunately, Bowden had the joy of coaching in the SEC, which as we all know is the "Greatest Conference Ever Created By Man" (ESPN) and if you go undefeated, you get recognition. We have the unbearable downside of playing in the B1G, the "Worst Conference Ever Created By Man and Should Be Left in a Dumpster To Die" (ESPN) and we will probably finish #5.

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But if we win out (that's a big 'if') - there is a strong chance that a team or two will lose a game.  If that combination happens - we will move up.  It would be ironic indeed if we ended up ranked 4th in the AP.

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To be fair, that exaggerated description of the Big Ten is actually a pretty accurate one for the conference this year.

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The SEC was probably the "B1G" of 1993... probably why they only finished 4th despite being the only undefeated team.

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I somewhat disagree with the notion that we are favored to go undefeated at this point.  I'd say we are favored in every game with Illinois being a huge favorite obviously but we aren't going to be huge favorites @Wisc or vs Mich so we are probably more likely to lose at least 1 than win all 3.  But if we do win all 3, most likely we will be 1 of at most a couple undefeated teams.  Everyone but ND has a conference title game to deal with along with the regular schedule and ND has USC left to play.  It's unlikely that all of the undefeated teams above us will navigate through all of that unscathed.  So IF we go undefeated we will likely be ranked in the AP top 3 somewhere at the end of the year.  If we are the only undefeated team then that is the only path to AP#1 imo.  Even then it will be controversial.

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Didn't say we were 'favored' to win out - but having a 12 game schedule and being able to cross off 9 games as wins to this point leaving 3 to go - the odds of being undefeated have definitely improved.  This team has already passed three games which many thought would be losses (Nebraska, MSU & PSU).  Granted, Wisonsin & Meatchicken remain - but I really like our chances in those games now.

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Agreed.  Wisely is the toughest, because it is in Madison, but they are damaged goods now.  Unless the back up QB can develop over the next two weeks.  AACC is at home.  I know we have had trouble with spread offenses this year, but if we can limit Denards running and make him one dimensional we will win. I always thought Sparty and Wisky were the toughest of the season this year.  I like our odds of going 12-0.

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Michigan is still a tough game due to having a good defense.  It could be a low scoring game that comes down to a handful of plays.  I like our chances but it isn't going to be easy.  Wisconsin will be similar to the MSU game although I think we will run the ball easier.  But crazy things happen in Madison...
We have lamented our bye week timing until this point but given the fact that we are undefeated, it could work out really well with Wisconsin and Michigan banged up and us getting a chance to get Sabino back and others to get healthy, etc.

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We will still be favored in every game this year. Though, I am worried about going to Madison.
We have zero chance of being the AP#1, though, unless no other team goes undefeated.

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I like our odds of going undefeated too - which scares a little bit considering how rare it is that it happens in back to back years....Still - I won't be rooting for our boys to lose anytime soon.

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The way it's shapping up with injuries and coaching problems .... an undefeated season is looking more attainable .... Go Bucks!


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The only thing that matters rightnow is stomppin' the livin' daylight out of them creeps from Sham Pain.GO BUCKS!

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

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To go undefeated and beat scUM handily, that's a hell of a season!


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OMG I can't think of anything worse than a TV ban!!! What would I do? Wonder if you could at least listen on the radio or internet.

Yes there are two Buckeyes in Ann arbor on this site!