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Comment 19 hours ago

I think these teams are pretty evenly matched. Both return a lot of starters from solid defenses. Neither are strong on offense. Look for a tight, low scoring game with the hometown Utes pulling it out in OT (they played three last season). Utes 20-13.

Comment 20 hours ago

Urban Meyer hasn't lost to the same opponent in back-to-back years since 2009-10 against Alabama, and VT of 2015 is nowhere close to Saban's killing machine of those years. Think Urban has enjoyed an entire year of admitting he was out-schemed? Won't. Happen. Again.

Comment 23 hours ago
  1. Which is the bigger loss for the VT game, Joey Bosa or all the WRs?
  2. Much has been made about how the Buckeyes were out-schemed in last year's loss to the Hokies. Is this year's game against VT more about the Xs and Os or the Jimmys and the Joes?
Comment 23 hours ago

And while on the topic of "zombies" I don't think that word has been used once on the show. 

Nor has the word "zombie" ever been mentioned on the Walking Dead. It is a central conceit of the show that these people live in a world where zombies don't exist in the pop-culture. This is why they use terms such as "walker" or "biter" to describe them. Think of it as a parallel universe where George Romero was never born.

Comment 01 Sep 2015

Just looking through that list of coaches makes me think that the B1G is finally getting its act together. Urban Meyer is legend. Period. What Dantonio has done at MSU is remarkable. Goofy as he is, Harbaugh is the real deal, and James Franklin might not be better than BOB, but he's still a vast improvement over the moribund necrotic rule of JoePa. Also think Mike Riley and Paul Chryst are good hires for their respective schools, and Jerry Kill is better than Minnesota deserves. Same goes for Kevin Wilson at IU. Fitzgerald has reached his ceiling at Northwestern, but so has Northwestern, and I'm still rooting for Darrell Hazell at Purdue. Not sure about the others, but firing Tim Beckman is at least a start for the Illini.

Comment 01 Sep 2015

Just to be clear, I am not one of those bemoaning the absence of zombie-clogged streets. The head-shots are coming. I know that soon there will knives and swords and all manner of beheadings. I am patient. I can wait. I have a pretty high threshold for tedium in cinema. For God's sake, I'm a fan of the early Jim Jarmusch. What bothers me, slightly (after all I'm still watching the show), is that their particular brand of tedium doesn't seem very imaginative.

Comment 01 Sep 2015

If not for the outcome of last year's match up, nobody would be giving the Hokies much of a chance in this game, and --frankly-- last year's game was anomalous for both sides. VT held the Buckeyes to 108 yards of rushing. That VT defense went on to finish 39th in the country in rush defense while the Buckeyes finished the season by putting up 281 yards against the number 4 rushing defense, Alabama. It is also worth noting that along the way the Buckeyes put up 268 rushing yards against the number 1 rush defense, Sparty, as well as 219 against number 3, PSU. I realize that there's a lot of apples and oranges there, but the simple and incontrovertible fact is that the Buckeye OL is almost immeasurably better at what they do today than they were a year ago. As excited as the Hokies are about their DL, can they really say the same thing?

My prediction is that VT cannot stop the run. The Buckeyes withstand the early emotional surge the home field gives the Hokies, and pull away against what is ultimately an over-matched squad. Buckeyes win 38-13. And yes, if not for the suspensions it wouldn't be that close.

Comment 01 Sep 2015

My main annoyance was how they are still not being completely straight with each other after all that they have seen.

It's because they can't be completely straight with themselves. People are seeing zombies, but zombies don't exist. In fact in the world of TWD they didn't exist even in the pop-cultural sense. There is no framework for understanding what is happening which is why the most common reaction is what is happening? The main point of the show seems to be to examine how the characters react to the encroachment of this new and horrific reality, and to that extent I actually like the show. Still, I have to agree with others that --particularly given the time the show has dedicated to trying to develop the characters-- so far the characters are kind of flat and tedious.