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Comment 9 hours ago

I'd love to hear either of our Andrews weigh in on the Oats situation. He had a very early offer from the Buckeyes, but is his offer "commitable"? If so, why no commitment yet?  Are the Buckeyes fighting with other schools for Oats, or is Oats fighting with other prospects for a spot in this class?

Comment 21 Apr 2017

If you're visiting this thread, you're probably a Prince fan. And if you're a Prince fan, you need to drop what you're doing right now, and watch this. Thanks for the music, you dirty-minded, little genius.

Comment 20 Apr 2017

Tier One: @ Michigan: Because it's the rivalry, it's at their place, and despite his overall creepiness, Harbaugh has assembled a top notch coaching staff. Oklahoma: Good, overall talent, top QB going against a very green secondary. They've been looking toward this game for a year now.

Tier Two: PSU: They might be the best team on the schedule, and the style of offense they broke out toward the end of the season will test our secondary. Only reason they're on tier two is because they're coming to our place after we have a bye this year.

Tier Three: MSU: Because they're MSU. Their team was lousy last year and they still nearly beat us. Watching OSU play Sparty reminds me of the way Cooper teams used to play Michigan. It just seems to matter more to them. Nebraska: because, I guess, they maybe, might could, beat us at their place? Probably not. Iowa: As pointed out earlier in this thread, it's a perfect trap game.

Comment 13 Apr 2017

Not all “offers” are committable. 

Which is a nice way of saying that not all offers are actually offers. Fact is that sometimes "offers" are used to help generate interest with prospects who are unlikely to commit any time soon. It's a way for the staff to throw its hat in the ring while determining their own level of interest in the prospect and seeing what progress can be made with other prospects who might be higher on their board.

Comment 03 Apr 2017

Two things, one about the season finale, the other about the season as a whole.

First, let's talk about those Sasha flashbacks. As I mentioned in this same thread after an earlier episode, the engine of TWD runs on blood, and this season's finale was going to have to give us a significant sacrifice. That person turned about to be Sasha, but she had never been a central character, so the hasty task of the last three episodes was to build her up. The flashbacks were intended to give poignancy to a death that the viewers were not invested in. Based on the reactions in this tread, and my own, I'd say they failed to achieve that poignancy. Sasha's death simply wasn't moving. It was obvious, inevitable, and in no way impacted the further development of TWD, either on the micro-level of individual characters, or the macro-level of overall plot and story.

The second, and longer point, is about the arc of this past season. The era of "prestige" TV has most significantly separated itself from traditional episodic TV by moving away from the weekly problem-resolution narrative. Theoretically, this gives the shows the time and space for more complex character development. Actors, when they discuss their characters, often talk about the "journey" of their characters. The way this plays out on a weekly basis is that certain episodes are dedicated to illustrating "states", particular points along the journey, whereas others are dedicated to transition points, moments where a character makes decisions or performs actions that move that character from one state toward the next. The great arcs of this past season were subjugation and uprising. On the character level this manifested itself by moving from a state on inaction to one of action. 

There were two particular challenges involved here, and I think they were ultimately challenges the show failed to meet. The first was how to make particular states of inaction interesting. For example, Carol doesn't want to fight again. Let's watch Carol not fight. Let's watch someone talk to Carol about not fighting. Let's watch Carol mull it over. The second was how to make what we all knew was an inevitable uprising suspenseful and surprising. Was there ever a doubt that Carol would fight? Will mopey, defeated Rick rise up against Negan? Well, duh. Will the Hillside join the battle, how about the Kingdom? Double duhs. Everything we saw in the conclusion was guaranteed and obvious. I'm not saying a season finale has to be packed with surprises, but if what happens is predictable, it should also, at least, be enlightening.My guess is that anything people found annoying, tedious, or just plain old boring about this past season was a consequence of the show-runners failure to meet those challenges.

Comment 31 Mar 2017

On the other side her bed was bounded by the window: she had the street in full view, and would while away the time by reading in it from morning to night, like the Persian princes of old, the daily but immemorial chronicles of Combray, which she would discuss in detail later with Francoise.

Comment 27 Mar 2017

Pulisic's passes always mean something. He's not passing scared, not passing simply to hold possession, but passing to open up the defense. Love the "cheeky" little chip into Dempsey, but that through ball was a thing of absolute beauty, perfect placement, perfect weight, and an anticipation and understanding of what Dempsey could do with the ball if he got it in that spot. Pulisic's technical skill is evident, but his attacking mentality and understanding of the game is what marks him as a truly special player. In all the Pulisic praise, let's remember that Dempsey was just lethal in his finishing with those passes. Hope Arena can keep finding players to pair with him. 

Comment 23 Mar 2017

Bicycle has been my primary transportation for getting around Chicago for 20 years now. I love it. Bikes would be a totally practical way for getting around in the zombie apocalypse. They just don't look cool on screen. That's about it.

Comment 20 Mar 2017

The engine of The Walking Dead runs on blood, and we haven't lost a major character since the opening episode. The producers are facing a choice: either kill off another major character, which I don't think they're eager to do right now, or try to elevate a minor character, or two, to major status, maybe by --oh, I don't know-- building an hour long episode around a couple minor characters on a suicide mission. 

Comment 10 Mar 2017

Seems like pretty harmless smack-talk to me, but if it gets Martell a little hot, so be it. If it drives either Martell or JT to raise their game even a little, so much the better. If you can't stand the heat, the Buckeye quarterback room is definitely not gonna be the place for you for the next few years.

Comment 09 Mar 2017

Can's speak to Spain or Argentina, but I spent six months teaching in Italy a few years back, and basketball was indeed very popular. The idea that it was more popular than soccer, however, is just plain nuts.

Comment 07 Mar 2017

The two first-team cornerbacks were Denzel Ward and Damon Arnette. It looked like Wade, Okudah, Josh Norwood and Rodjay Burns were all rotating with the second team at cornerback.

I would have said that the first big test for our corners would be 9/9 against the Sooners, but who knows if Baker Mayfield is even playing, and losing Dede Westbrook leaves them without an established threat at receiver. Penn State, however, is another story. They started slinging the ball around pretty well after our game last year, and they're bringing back everybody. Hope our guys are set and playing well by 10/28.