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Comment 8 hours ago

There seems to be some impatience with this thread, so I'll be brief.

Your reasons 1 and 3 are really part of the same package. To isolate them is to ignore how the two complement each other. People know that Urban Meyer has led a similarly inexperienced squad to a championship before, so people don't, and shouldn't, discount his ability to do so again. As far as reason 2 goes, yes, there is faith in the talent fighting to earn a spot on the roster. However, for fans on this site, that talent is not a vague hope, or simply based on recruiting stars earned in high school. It comes through our fanatical observation of each player's development, and an understanding of how each individual fits the team. In other words, there are faces attached to the talent, and particular reasons to have faith in each. 

Without getting into a long breakdown as to why, I'd say I expect the offense to be better this year, and the defense to be worse. I don't discount the challenge that others present to the Buckeyes. What is amazing to me is that many seem to be discounting the challenge the Buckeyes will provide.

Comment 24 May 2016

If she goes through with it, will we be stuck for even longer in the boring storyline that is Braavos?

That's the thing. The only connection that Braavos has to the rest of the show is Arya, and the longer she remains there the more disconnected from the main narrative it becomes. To become a Faceless One is to renounce one's identity, and as soon as Arya loses her identity there is no reason to continue telling her story, unless it is to bring her back from that point, which is where I believe we are now. The farce being performed in the last episode was a clever way of reconnecting Arya with the greater narrative, of reminding her of her identity and how she came to Braavos. I think Arya will kill "Cersei" as assigned, but --rather than completing here transformation into a Faceless One-- the hollowness of it will remind her of her thirst for real revenge and lead her on her way back to Westeros.

Comment 24 May 2016

Great episode and a lot of great comments. Surprised that nobody has mentioned the amazing scene where Arya finds herself unwittingly reprising her spectator's role in her father's execution while the performers on stage mockingly reenact it. The question for the board is do you think that's enough to get her dig up old Needle, or will she go full faceless? Hint to Arya, never go full faceless!

Comment 23 May 2016

I too am intrigued to see, because right now, all I see is a coach being given a lot of credit for sorta, kinda, almost-but-not-really winning anything of note at the college level.

Comment 23 May 2016

4-8, 5-7, 8-5, is a rather low bar for respectability. I'd say those seasons land right on the fat mean of mediocrity, and as I pointed out in my post, his 12-1 season lacked a real signature win.

As far as his stint with the 49ers, if he gets credit for turning Stanford around in four years, does he get blame for leaving SF as an 8-8 team? Is Harbaugh a good coach? Maybe, probably. However, is he better than Dantonio? In the same league as the coach over on our sideline? I see no reason to assume so. If Michigan wants respect in Buckeye Land, let 'em earn it.

Comment 23 May 2016

In Harbaugh's much-hyped career at Stanford, the "Cardinal" --eye roll-- went 4-8, 5-7, 8-5, and finally 12-1. One of the most memorable highlights of his stint there, the upset win over USC in '07 was a season that Stanford actually finished 4-8. There was a reason they were a 41 point underdog. The 12-1 season included two regular-season match-ups with ranked teams, a loss to Oregon, and a win over a then #13 Arizona team that would go on to lose five straight to close out the season including a 36-10 drubbing to Oklahoma State in the Alamo dome. The USC team they beat by two points wound up losing five games that year, including a 36-7 beatdown at the hands of Oregon State. Impressive. And that was it. Has any coach ever been given more credit for accomplishing less? 

Comment 21 May 2016

Agree with OP that Sopranos stands above the rest, and if I had to pick a favorite moment it would be the moment where the whole tone of the series changes, the moment Silvio kills Adraianna. Up until that point the series always gave us an out. Sure, they were killers, but they were also fun guys, that we could laugh at and laugh with. And the people they killed? Well, they had it coming, mostly. One could look at the entire arc of the series as bringing us through the comedy, closer and closer to the vulgarity of their violence until the point where we become implicated in it. That is the moment Silvio kills Adrianna.

We feel Adrianna’s dread and terror as she looks into the leafless autumn woods. She cries, she pleads for her life; she clings to the steering wheel as Silvio calls her a cunt and drags her out the door. She crawls through the dirt and the moldering leaves out of the frame, away from the audience, as Silvio raises his gun. We do not see the kill shot, but merely hear its report. After Adrianna is killed, we can no longer yuck it up at the comic buffoonery of Silvio and the gang. These buffoons are also killers. The violence has been demythologized. Its sheen has been stripped away and we are left with simple brutality and the sorrow that should always accompany it.

Comment 20 May 2016

I'm hoping for the sweep and the rest. Disagree with those suggesting the Cavs 'need' to lose a game to get them ready for the final. Cavs lost 25 games during the season. They know what it feels like. Their coach got dumped in the middle of the season; they've dealt with adversity. This is a veteran team that knows what the finals are all about. If/when they get there, they'll know what they need to do. Most important thing now is to get there rested and healthy.

Comment 19 May 2016

Cersei: You're a clever man, but not half as clever as you think you are.

Cersei's fatal flaw has always been self-awareness. She overestimates herself which means she is always underestimating someone else. In this case, it's very likely the High Sparrow.

Comment 19 May 2016

As a fan, the over seems like an easy bet here. As a person who occasionally places bets in Las Vegas, that over/under makes me a little nervous. Despite the comments of a couple of posters, LV does not troll; they are in this for money, period. The popular misconception is that betting lines are set based on getting even money on either side of the line, as if the line were not related at all to the outcome expected by the odds-makers. Now, the line will certainly move to accommodate lop-sided betting, but it is set based on the best guess of very smart people who are trying to get it right. Anybody who doubts this should move to Vegas and try to make a living betting football. I wish you good luck, and can recommend a couple poorly patrolled parking garages where you can set down your cardboard box for the night.

*having said all that, 10 for Tennessee is a real head-scratcher. Lose to Bama and then all it takes is one loss to  UGA, UF, USCe, TAMU, and it's over (or "under" so to speak)

Comment 19 May 2016

The "roller coaster as life" metaphor is so apt and obvious that it has long been a pale cliche. Still, the parallels remain. The whole experience is dominated by tedium. You will spend a considerable amount of time confined with screaming children and unpleasant odors. There will be pain, and quite possibly disappointment. The air of catastrophe lingers over the entire enterprise. But. There is always anticipation, and there are thrills. I am wary of all those who disdain roller coasters, as these are the same who shrink from the messiness of life and real experience and would rather spend those few days allotted them on the uncomfortable bench beside the coaster, eating fried dough, and mocking those who ride.

Comment 17 May 2016

Real late to this thread, but I have to say I love his divisions. No more Rutgers or Maryland. No more Purdue! No more cupcakes to fill the schedule. Several posters have made reasonable objections, and the whole thing seems highly unlikely, but it's fun to think about. Every Saturday would have the intensity of a rivalry week!

Comment 16 May 2016

Most interesting things:

  • Buckeyes at 3 is higher than we're likely to see in any other poll.
  • Houston starting at 16. Tom Herman getting respect after one season, beating FSU in a New Year's Day bowl will do that, which brings me to . . .
  • FSU at 2?
  • Oregon starting at 24. And so begins their inevitable decline back to the obscurity of the Northwest woods.
  • Mitch Trubisky, the UNC QB out of Mentor, described as a rising star. I remember his recruitment and a few people here hoping he'd get a Buckeye offer. Always happy to see Ohio boys do well.
Comment 16 May 2016

Question for anyone who was able to attend the Columbus camp. How did Josh Myers look compared to Moretti and Jordan Reid? Everything I've read indicated that Myers did well, yet it is the 247 composite number one O-lineman who is still waiting his Opening invite. How are these invitees chosen? What did three-star Reid do that five-star Myers didn't?

Comment 16 May 2016

I love this as a first game and expect BGSU to test our inexperienced secondary. They put up 30 against Tennessee in their first game last year, and I expect them to get close to that against us, maybe 24. I never bet on Buckeye games one way or another, but damn, it's hard not to take BGSU with 29 points. Buckeyes win, 41-24.