CFN/Phil Harrison on Urban Meyer's first year at Ohio State

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November 5, 2012 at 3:12p

"Two national titles, four conference titles, seven bowl wins, an .828 winning percentage, and multiple national coach of the year awards. Those are just some of the tangible accolades to describe the young, yet esteemed coaching career of Urban Frank Meyer.

But nobody makes it to the top of his profession by accident. Meyer is a tireless recruiter, schematic trailblazer, and maybe most importantly, a master motivator.

It is that last attribute that has been worth its weight in gold this year.

In most years, there is a big-prized carrot to dangle in front of a burgeoning team. It’s not simply enough to load a team with talent and then not provide dreams, goals and aspirations to plod, tweak, and keep a team accountable for its work on the field. And what better dream and prize to put up on the bulletin board in training camp than the chance for conference and national glory? How about an opportunity to travel to a bowl site, take in some sights, get some bowl swag, and waltz away as “champion"?

"But this year isn’t your run of the mill year on the banks of the Olentangy. There is no pot of gold at the end of the college football rainbow, no medal to bestow, and no bowl parties to attend. Ohio State instead, is in the midst of a season in purgatory. A season in which playing for pride alone seems more like a carrot that has been peeled, chopped, devoured and spit back out. There it is boys, go get it. ..."

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Excellent article.  Thanks for sharing.


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Good article except for the last paragraph which stated that this season would not be remembered despite potentially being Urban's best. While I can't speak to UFM's career pre-OSU, to say that this season won't be remembered is ludicrous.

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I'll sure remember this season.   I bet the rest of the big ten will too.  The year the whole team gave a collective middle finger to the world and went 12-0.   (Let's hope.)

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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It won't be remembered nationally, but will be forever revered in Ohio if they go 12-0.

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I won't remember this year as "what could have been". For me it's "what it is." Personally, this one is high on the list of "fun year to be a Buckeye."

An angry fan...rooting for an angry team...led by angry coaches

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This isn't neccessarily relevant to the article, but remember when people both on the outside and here in the fan base said Urban wouldn't have that same drive and wouldn't be as effective as he was previously.  Think they've changed their tunes a bit now?

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Yes, BT, Urban looks ultra-focused every minute out there.

"You win with people." - Woody Hayes

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Even when he's smiling you can tell he's focused on what he has to do next.


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Chills.  Special season.  Even if somehow we don't get the 12-0 ultimately, it's still a real special season.  There is a new vibe in OSU football, and I love it. 

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no medals, no pot of gold, no bowls, but there is that Leader's Division trophy! ;)

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This has for sure been one season I will not forget!

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In a way, I hope this season is forgotten to some extent.  I'd like to see its memory dimished by greater accomplishments in future years.  Sure, we'd still remember Urb's first season however it finishes.  But we'd be preoccupied with the more recent B1G and BCS Championship campaigns.  And 2012 would be but a prologue to all of it.