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Since I'm hoping to make a career change soon, this may be my last year living in Columbus. This may be my last chance to see an entire season of Buckeye football in the Shoe.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: When the sousaphone player who dotted the "i" at the beginning of the 2009 USC game looked down, saw the camera man in his way, and did his sousaphone-twirling bow anyway, smacking the crap out of that camera. That dumbass camera man should have known better than get in the way of a man dotting the "i"!
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  • NHL TEAM: Columbus Bluejackets
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Comment 29 Mar 2014
Great article, Nicholas. You're absolutely right that this is all about whether you respect college athletes enough to treat them as adults. Adults should be given some say in the terms and conditions of their work. And if you don't think training to be a college football player is serious, hard, grueling work, you are just plain wrong.
Comment 13 Mar 2014
DJ, I'm going to start calling you "Skully," because it seems like you are doing nearly all of them. And doing them well, I might add. Keep doing what you do.
Comment 29 Jan 2014

Preach it, DJ!  Justice for the fans (who want to watch their teams in big games)!  Justice for the players (who want protection from being cut by the likes of Tuscalucifer)!

Comment 24 Dec 2013

Nice read, Johnny!  I agree with your premise that to be great, it's not enough to just be great at football.

Taylor Lewan puts the lie to the whole "Michigan Man" ethos.  If this is the sort of human being that people from Michigan want to cheer for, then they deserve their fall into mediocrity.

Comment 06 Dec 2013

It will be sad to see Gee sporting WVU colors, just as it is sad to see JT in Akron colors.  But you can't fault a guy for moving on...  Best wishes, EGG!

Comment 29 Nov 2013

Love the MGO commenter who replied to Ross's column, saying that Ross should have just said, "HALOL UR GONNA GET SO JAILSEXED!"  He admitted that that's what he would have done in Ross's position.

That guy gets it: his team sucks.

Comment 28 Nov 2013

It makes my porcelain time just purr when I wipe my ass with wolverine fur.

(Dead Schembechlers)

Comment 20 Oct 2013

I agreed with Jim Tressel.  Not kicking the 47 yarder on 4th and 10 was pretty silly.  Especially on the *second* 4th and 10.

Comment 20 Oct 2013

I've seen it called "Bucksquatch" here on 11warriors.  Since this super-fan doesn't wear his fan-name on his shirt/hat like some others we could mention, I guess it's up to us to name it.