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Grew up in central Ohio (Pickerington) as a Buckeye Fan, going to OSU Football games in standing room only - freezing my butt off sitting on C deck watching us/Woody and The Boys, destroy the Big Ten. Great experience as a kid- and getting to watch my big brother march in TBDBITL at halftime.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Any and EVERY time we play and beat that team up north. Been to a few of The Games- was up there to see Earl Bruce's first head coaching victory over them...it's such and honor to grow up a Buckeye Fan and to understand, and participate in, The Rivalry. There is nothing else like it, it's a reoccurring "best moment in sports" for me.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Zach Boren (current) Bob Brudzinski (past)
  • NFL TEAM: Da Bearz/or root for the team w/buckeyes on it.
  • NHL TEAM: NHL locked out my interest
  • NBA TEAM: Whoever has a Buckeye on their squad (& I'm watchi
  • MLB TEAM: SF Giants! Hmmmm Baby!
  • SOCCER TEAM: yaaawn

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Comment 04 Dec 2012

Man, I can't stand the guy and my first reaction is I'm glad he's gone. He doesn't have much class- huh, and he's going to the sec. Imagine that? I digress- It's another (cough cough-argh) good coach that's leaving the b1g...I don't think, at this time, we can afford to lose another coach that can at least coach a team that wins more than 50% of their games.

And I'm sure the sec will make a big deal out of stealing a coach out of the b1g...double argh.

But maybe I won't feel dirty and have to take a shower when I hear the words Wisconsin Football....


Comment 02 Dec 2012

Drew Sharp is a very sad person- I feel sorry for the guy. To live with such stupidity and to exploit your own stupidity every day? One can't take him seriously, so why bother reading anything he vomits to the public. He is a very sad person with a sad, little life. The best thing for him is to hit bottom and then, maybe he will start acting like a normal person. For now, he actually gets paid to be a small, little man, expressing his narrow views, in the eye of the media. 

Comment 02 Dec 2012

After calming down a bit from last nights "game" I agree with what you're saying. Although I was hoping the team with the better record would win. You're spot on. The one, kind-a-sort-a, positive from this is that Nebraska, the new kid on the block, didn't just walk in here and get a championship. Good call- very understated but as far as hating Wisky, I have to say it's OK for Nebraska to get a good old fashioned butt kickin' from an long time Big Ten school. 

That said- knowing how unprepared Brasky was, I'm not so sure IF they would have beaten Wisconsin, Stanford wouldn't have done the same thing- making it a BIGGER stage and even MORE embarrassing nationally. 

NOW we are the massive underdog (and laughing stock) in this game. It IS possible that Wisky takes it to Stanford. Doubtful but possible. So, eh- it's in the books now and on the bowl schedule...nothing to do but wait. Argh. 

Comment 02 Dec 2012

Couldn't watch the B1G championship trophy presentation. Talk about insult to injury. Argh. 

Gonna say good night here and turn on my recording of The Game 2012 or maybe the recording of us beating Wisky Tango or Brasky..... At least I've got that. 

Comment 01 Dec 2012

Thank GOD we're getting Rutgers! Maryland! Virginia! Annnnnnnd Georgia Tech! WTF is going on with our conference?! We will continue to be a football laughing stock conference unless things change, and change FAST. 

Comment 01 Dec 2012

Exactly. I wrote a forum about this and most people think he's safe. My "contacts" in Brasky say otherwise. I guess they have a new AD that would like to put "his guy" in....whoever that would be. I hear the Husker fans aren't thrilled about Bo's act anymore...and games like this? They looked totally unprepared, out coached, out played- and in a championship game? Times the disappointment by ten, at least. Very sad. 

Comment 01 Dec 2012

Now THERE is an idea! Let's go PAC 12! Nicer weather to play in at the away games for sure. Screw the sec, they don't deserve us. Plus, we have all our teeth and partake in proper hygiene (that kind of stuff makes those sec folks kinda nervous and alllll) and they may feel pretty bad about not being able to complete normal sentences when spoken to. Plus, the "pot leaf stickers" we have would go more naturally with the CA teams, WA teams and especially the state of Oregon. Yeahhhh, we'd fit right in! 

You, PENULT are a genius! An upvote/buckeye leaf/helmet sticker for you! 

Comment 01 Dec 2012

Forget about tonights game, it's sad. Very sad- we can only hope for the Husker's balls to drop and they start playing like men.

I submit this! Just think about how much more exciting the championship game will be in the future when Maryland, Rutgers, Virginia or Georgia Tech could be involved!!! That will make it so much ....more...ex.. cite....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 

Comment 01 Dec 2012

For your halftime enjoyment; Big Bert Bielama is soooo fat....he uses the equator as a belt. 

Ahhhhhh thankyouverymuch, ow....

Comment 30 Nov 2012

"Remarks from university president Gordon Gee." 

Is there any possible way they could SKIP THIS? I dread the possibility of hearing him say something stupid that will embarrass the university again...argh. 

Comment 29 Nov 2012

FYI: High West Campfire XO-

Just talked to a customer of mine that works at High West, in Park City- just told me to look out for the new High West Campfire "XO." Supposedly a bit more mellow because they do a second aging in Hungarian Maple barrels...not available in Utah yet (HUGE supervised look on my face) but it might be out there, outside of the Zion Curtain. Enjoy and let me know what you think, if you've had it already.

Comment 29 Nov 2012

Don't know if you had a chance to read any more of the posts here but if you like the Blanton's, get Buffalo Trace. Buffalo Trace comes out of the same barrels and it's $25 cheaper- but you don't get the way-cool bottle and velvet bag...enjoy!

Comment 28 Nov 2012

You are cracking me up! Troll 2- last time I was back in C-bus he had it on when we went over for Massey's pepperoni  pizza- my ultimate pizza- man, I'm hungry. And yeah-if there is a worse movie than that, I'm not sure I want to even try to watch it! But I guess that's why there's beer!!!!

Comment 28 Nov 2012

I'm not the biggest fan of our AD- and I'd like to make it nice and easy and blame him for the bowl ban.  However, I think he did what he thought was right and fair- and he based that on what other schools have sacrificed when under the NCAA/College Mafia's thumb. I agree with him when he says there are other schools/coaches that have done far worse things and didn't get banned from a bowl. In this regard, I can't fault him for the decisions he made when considering previous  NCAA/College Mafia sanctions. 

Comment 28 Nov 2012

With all due respect- I can't stand the guy. Consistently increases tuition as much as possible. Recruits out of state kids more and more while making it more expensive and more difficult for Ohio kids to actually go to "their university." He ruined high street, and I can't forget he had something to do with saying a tie w/TSUN was one of our greatest victories in our history....and then having something to do with signing Coop to an extension...

I agree with some of the attributes you list about the man, but I'd rather the man be somewhere else. And I'm sure he has a LOT more to do with one of the universities largest money making machines than most presidents. He's elbow's deep in what goes on with football and there is no way both gee and our AD weren't partly responsible for the cover up . Tress was the fall guy.

That said, TOSU certainly isn't "all about football." When I look at some of the negatives he brought/brings to OSU I think there are other's that could do the same, if not a better job- and not consistently put their foot in their mouths, making themselves a national laughing stock.

Comment 28 Nov 2012

Great call HODGE and thanks for the scotch info. I had a friend in distribution tell me Four Roses was made in CO, which I thought was strange- very strange, so I'm actually relieved that it's made where it most likely should be made. 

Years ago I was more of a smoky scotch guy but lately I've preferred less smoky. Your descriptions are right on (of course!). And I think you are, again, right about the love/hate affair. It's the smokiest scotch I've ever tasted. You do have to commit to it...

As far as the Campfire, it's hands down, the smokiest bourbon I've tasted. As far as the smoky aspect, I enjoy it more than I thought- verrrry tasty. 

People around SLC are disappointed when they find out what's up concerning High West. But, as far as all the stupid liquor laws in the state, I found it interesting they would actually allow someone to make something so "evil" here! I like all of what they offer, but I think their prices are outrageous- but that's what you get when you have anything centered in or around Park City. 

I appreciate you sharing your knowledge about libations! Have a great day. 

Comment 27 Nov 2012

HERE! HERE! buckeyevstheworld is correct! Can't believe you didn't put "all of the above" cuz man, there is a lot of crap going down right now considering this team and their accomplishments! 

Or at least throw in a Shazier and Roby option together (both C and D)- cuz that just ain't right.

BUT, it could explain why the B1G is where it is. If the majority of the conference coaches can't recognize talent...well, that would explain a lot...and they obviously can't recognize talent, even when it kicks them in their keester. 

It's 11/27/12. 4:33 AM, MST and michigan still sucks. 


Comment 26 Nov 2012

Nice insight TENNBUCKEYE19, cool memories to share. I was lucky to actually be at Earls first michigan game- he is a good egg. I suppose we all grow up liking/supporting our teams and coaches are secondary as a kid. But that's what being a fan is about, gotta stick with them through thick and thin. You're a good fan! 

Yeah, ya start looking at "what could have been" and man, SO many opportunities blown. I always thought that if you're lucky enough to be the HC at TOSU, you would naturally be excited about the traditions and embrace them. I don't see how you couldn't or why you wouldn't. I don't know how much is true but the first negative thing I heard was that he and his family took every opportunity to pitch almost every product they could, which supposedly turned a bunch of people off. Then I heard he alienated a bunch of the Ohio high school coaches for some reason- so they weren't supporting OSU when it came to recruiting...I know we did lose some good players to TTUN during his tenure. He sure could spot talent though. 

Being a good person should be the top priority no matter what your job is  and making (his) mistakes doesn't make you a bad person, just a normal person. I try to learn from mine, sometimes I do, sometimes I don't -but he never seemed to get it, even after making the same mistakes over and over. I guess it does come down to having the ability to get the most out of your players for EVERY game, which is something Tress and Meyer could do and something Coop (and Earl) struggled with. Too bad- there were a lot of hearts broken during his tenure, but that's the way it goes in the big's- win the games that count or you're either forgotten or remembered as a choker. 

Have a good week- 


Damn, that's a scary picture of Bernie on that t-shirt, and it's hilarious. I saw him interviewed a couple years back for some NFL films show. WOW. NOT GOOD. Guess he has fallen on hard times, which is too bad. Now, talk about breaking hearts- the Browns take that to a whole other level!