Home Uniforms for "The Game"

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November 21, 2012 at 11:25p

I've been thinking about this for a few yrs now, and last week it came back into my mind. The battle for Los Angeles last week had both teams (UCLA - USC) wearing home uniforms. This is the second time in the past 7yrs or so that both teams wore home jerseys,  and it looks like the only downside is that the visiting team loses a 1st half timeout, but usually the home team will burn one at the start of the game to keep it even. What do you think about having Ohio State and Michigan doing this at least once? If some think that "It goes against tradition", well, so does our yearly Nike Pro Combat Uniforms. This should add a little more excitement, and give us fans a little change. I know I would love to see some scarlet uniforms rock the big house next year. The flip side is if Michigan ever came to our Stadium, we can forget to burn our time out ;) Also if possible try donating to Chris Spielman and his wife, Stefanie's Breast Cancer Research Fund. The 19th was the 3yr anniversary of her passing. God Bless.  Let's hear some feed back. As always ...GO BUCKS!!!! OH-IO  

Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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I'd be for an all-color game.  Somewhere I read that teams started having to wear white on the road when black and white TV came in ... folks at home couldn't tell who was who.  Pretty hard to think that's a big problem now.

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I'd prefer to keep my time-outs in The Game, thank you.  USC and UCLA do it because LA is "home" to both, so its symbolic. 
Aside from the "owning" of the Wolverines in th Big House, I'd prefer not to claim That whore of a city, AA, as the Buckeyes home.
although I will say the roads whites was a tv thing, so I ts pretty much irrelevant now.  Perhaps all teams should just abandon the road whites concept.   I don't personally know any officials, I wonder if it helps them when calling the game...

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We might want to think about it when we meet each other in Indianapolis in future games.

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I LOVE this idea. LOVE it... and I especially dig M Man's idea. Brilliant!

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I'm not a fan of changing our Uni's one time a year. I'm okay with change- we've changed them for the whole year(s) before and I'm fine with that. But changing them for The Game, The Game of vast traditions? I'm not for it. Not even to go with throwbacks. Just keep it the way it's been for decades. It's worked this far, I don't think we need a special combat uni or throwback. I LIKE seeing our boy's helmets covered in all those buckeye leaf stickers! They worked pretty damn hard for those- if I was a player, I'd be a bit bummed out that, on national TV, I don't get to show off my yearly work just a little bit....
And I would LOVE to see us go back to that (I think) 1968 uni- the one with the black numbers on the sleeves. Or just have black numbers on the sleeves- That would be a nice nod to history w/o really going nuts, as Nike is prone to do.
Go Buckeyes, beat blue!
Forgot- yes, mMan- I think that would be kind of cool when we play in Indi!

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I personally don't ever want to see those blue uniforms in the 'Shoe.  It would be cool to see at a B1G Championship Game, though, I agree with M Man (and I offically feel dirty now).

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